Horse Price in Pakistan, How Much Do Horses Cost in Pakistan?

Horse Price in Pakistan? There are many horse admirers in Pakistan who want to raise this animal. Little do they know about the costs associated with it i.e purchase price and raising cost. Horse dancing shows are quite popular in Pakistan where the horse tap dances to amuse the crowd. 

Many equestrian shows and events are held periodically, owing to the immense popularity. Thousands of people gather from different cities to see horses race, dance and perform different tricks. Many of them leave with a desire to own one. They must think on their way home how much do horses cost in Pakistan? Pakistan, being a developing country, most people do not have sufficient facilities or resources to keep a horse.

Horses have golden history and evolutionary lineage, history owes thanks to horses for their dedicated services. Being loved by emperors, farmers, adults, and kids, the horse is no doubt the most celebrated animal.

Back in the day, all eyes were on horses, people were heavily dependent on them for farm work, transportation, and warfare. Ever since machines took over, the horses became limited to racing, shows, or being pets.

Many Pakistani Horse breeds have made their marks on people’s hearts, Morna, Shiean, Anmol, Balouchi, Ghazi, Kaka Bralanwala, and Hizrai are counted among the notable breeds.(Source)Let’s break down the horse purchase price and cost analysis, so, you have a better idea about what kind of expenses to expect.

How Much Do Horses Cost in Pakistan?

Many aspiring horse owners are looking to find horse prices in Pakistan. They find little or no help online, so, they move towards the dealers for help. However, they do not get the right cost analysis which may lead them to regret their decision later.

So the horse price in Pakistan is around 30000 to 10,00,000 rupees or more.

The above-mentioned purchase price may vary depending on the different factors. It can be more or less than the said price depending on the health, age, lineage, sex, and show a record of the horse. Price witness variations in different states, you may find quite a difference in the price range. Near Urban areas, the cost of ownership is higher than in the countryside.

It would not be fair to value horses on the said pricing factors only, healthy horses with higher speed gets the highest bidding, health, training, and speed, that’s what Pakistanis care most about the horse. However, even though the prices are quite high, horse-crazy people find a way to pay for it.


Baby Horses Price in Pakistan

Those who are unable to buy a large equine, often opt for the baby horses. Also, baby horses make good pets and are loved by kids. Many people buy baby horses for their kids who like to saddle up and ride. However, baby horses should not be ridden in the first few months and after some training sessions, it would be safer to ride.

Baby horses are purchased in the price range of 20000 – 60000 rupees. These prices vary owing to the baby horse’s health and pedigree. They can also train a baby horse the way they want. So, once the baby horse is brought home, your wallet would not be empty and the kids would be happy too. If buying for a show performance, people usually go for an adult horse. For racing, two or three years old horses are in demand.

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Horse in Pakistan?

Apart from the upfront cost of buying a horse, there are many other expenses associated with owning and raising a horse. Horses, being big animals need a number of facilities to live and survive. Do not worry, we will tell you all about the upkeep cost of horses in Pakistan to give you a clear idea of what you are signing up for.


Horses are heavy eaters, they may eat up to 15 to 20 pounds if relying on forage alone. 

A horse owner must have to spend around 10000 rupees or more on forage, every month. If the horse is grazing on pasture, the feeding cost would somewhat cut down.

Hay of bale is not the only feed horse should eat, the big animal needs mineral supplements for strength and to treat deficiencies. Six monthly average costs of mineral supplements are around Rs. 5000, including loose mineral and dietary supplements, salt block, and concentrates.


Horses love outdoors but the weather can be cruel or almost intolerable sometimes. They need shelter, precisely a stall to protect themselves from heavy rains and hot sun. They need barn fans, windows, and additional costs. The pasture field must be fenced to restrict its movement around a certain property. Building a stall or fencing would be quite expensive, prepare to spends thousands of rupees, before welcoming the horse home. 

Farrier Cost

Horses’ hooves need trimming every couple of months. A horse owner needs to summon a farrier every six weeks and it may cost around 1000 to 1500 rupees or more if you want the complete shoeing. If you are an ace at trimming hooves, you have saved yourself some extra bucks.

Veterinary Care

Not just the horses, every pet animal needs veterinary care from time to time. The average annual horse care budget may stand anywhere between 5000 – 10000 rupees. It can be more if the horse has fallen sick or got injured. Horses need to be vaccinated for rabies, tetanus, equine influenza, and other routine vaccines. 

If the horse has encountered a deadly disease, expect this amount to be doubled, including medication and vet fees. The horse needs to be taken to the dentist every year for a dental cleaning or to fix any other issue. Horse owners have the option to get insurance for the horses but then they will have to pay a monthly installment.


Horses need deworming every 3 months. It may not be as expensive as some other expenses but it will surely add to the cost. 

Riding Supplies

If you have been purchasing the horse for riding, investing in quality riding gear or tack is a must. You can not escape your way out of this cost, buy saddles, equestrian clothing, bridles, bits, jeans, and brushes for riding. Riding gear can be quite expensive, just a heads up, have 10000 – 30000 rupees ready.


If you are buying a show horse, you would have to employ a trainer as well. If you know the tricks yourself, you will be saving thousands of monthly trainer salary. A trainer may charge a monthly salary to train and tame horses. Monthly salary depends on trainer’s experience and daily hours.

Other Costs

Other costs may include transportation, expensive medication, treating injuries, or pregnancy. Also, prepare yourself for some unexpected costs as keeping a pet can be quite unpredictable.

On average, you may have to spend around 1000 rupees daily to keep a horse and fulfill its needs. Upkeep costs may overwhelm you but keeping this majestic animal is worth every cent. 


Where to Buy Horses in Pakistan?

Rule out the online option as there are no legitimate websites selling horses online. You may find a few listings on and The only option is to find reliable dealers or breeders and check local farms. 

Many International Organizations allow citizens to adopt horses with a minimal monthly fee, but no such organizations are working in Pakistan. Finding out about reliable sources from your friends, local breeders and farriers is your best bet.

Factors that Determine the Price of a Horse

There is no such thing as a fixed price when it comes to the horse cost. Bear in mind that the price will vary due to several uncontrollable factors. Here is a quick look at some of the factors that influence the purchase price of a horse.

  • Age – When purchased for racing, two and three years old horses are sold at a higher price. Adult horses are purchased for dancing and other show performances in Pakistan. Older horses are available at a moderate price.
  • Lineage – Horses belonging to the famous horse breeds of Pakistan have higher purchase prices. Often horses are imported from other countries which are not only expensive but the owner has to pay a boarding fee as well.
  • Training – Most people do not want to deal with the training fuss and pay the trainer’s salary, these people have to make up for it by paying a high purchase cost. Untrained horses are fairly cheaper than the trained ones.
  • Health – The healthier and faster the horse, the higher the purchase price. A horse that has sustained no injuries and runs fast is everybody’s favorite.
  • Gender – Female horses are a bit more expensive because of the breeding purposes as compared to male horses.

Putting it all together, The initial purchase price should not concern you as it is the cheapest part of owning a horse. The cost that should really bother you is the upkeep expense. Costs add up quickly but die-hard equestrians care less about it. 

It would be worth all the expense if it is your dream to own a horse.

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