10 Best Horse Riding Jeans (Men & Women 2024)

Horse riding is not just an adventurous sport; it is passion. Horse riding has always been popular for recreational and sports activities. Being on horse’s back and able to communicate with him, going on trails and sports with him, is extraordinary fun. But you cannot genuinely enjoy horse riding unless you have safe and comfortable riding gear with you.

You may find a lot of advice on how to get the best helmet, halter, saddle, etc. but what you need to wear is of crucial importance. Wearing the best quality horse riding jeans that are lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer rides and sports will keep you away from mental distraction and cutting your journey short. So, add it to your priority list to research and get the best pants for an extraordinary experience.

Here is our top list to follow the best horse riding jeans for both men and men.

Best Horse Riding Jeans Reviews

1. Wrangler Men’s Premium Performance Cowboy Cut Regular Fit Jean

So the wrangler is the best jeans on the list. There are some valuable points that make this jean the best one on the list. The main purpose of this jean was to keep you protected during hard and length work. These jeans designed in a classic silhouette with perfect fitting. When you are wearing your cowboy shoes, these jeans will leave room to fit in your shoes. Arc-resistant button waistband closure for added protection.

This jean is best if you are trainer because the thread is strong enough and comfortable for long activity. Jean has tripple needle stitching to keep you protected.

This classic jean has a unique design that can not be seen in any other on the list. Whether you’re riding a bull or working on the ranch, you need a jean that maintains comfort and breathability. So this one is best for you. This cowboy jean has deep pockets and copper finishing for long-lasting durability.

  • Regular fit through seat and thigh
  • Comfort waistband for comfortable movement
  • 100% Cotton Material
  • Classic Riding jeans
  • Seam placement issues reported
  • Costly as compared to others in the list

2. Stetson Men’s 1312 Modern Fit Boot Cut

Stetson jeans are made with 100% cotton. Best for saddling because of comfort fit and reliability. Stetson jeans are famous for their comfort and fitting. Jean has the right amount of room in thighs, crotch, and butt. Jean is best for outstanding style with a dark wash finish.

The color of these jeans is cool and catchy as compared to other ones on the list. If you want to look, perfect cowboy, this jean is best for you. It is good inside or outside the saddle.

  • 100% Cotton fabrics
  • Machine wash and button closure
  • Slightly lower rise with 5 pockets
  • Best for saddling but not specially made for riding

3. Wrangler Men’s 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean

First of all, it has perfect fitting because it designed with a functional fit in mind. These jeans will stack over your boots. Comfortable fit in thigh, seat, and waist. This jean provides long comfort in the saddle.

This is perfect classic jeans and worn by some world champions. Jeans made with heavyweight cotton and felled seams to prevent chafing. When you are working in the garage or out in the ranch this jean will provide you comfort. Mostly in horse riding training or long riding, we need a pair of jeans which is a flexible and comfortable fit, this jean is best for both tasks.

This classic jean has pure cowboy-style pockets. Pockets like front scoop pockets, watch pockets and back patch pocket finished with copper rivets for long-lasting durability.

  • 100% cotton and zipper closure
  • Best fit in thigh, waist and has a room above boots
  • Felled seams to prevent uncomfortable chafing.
  • The only drawback is with color, if you want a shiny look then go for black

4. Cinch Men’s Dooley Relaxed-Fit Jean

Best jeans that provide comfort and relax in the waist and thigh all day. These jeans are made according to the need for a cowboy. Fitted knee and bot cut opening make them more comfortable.

 non-ratcheting zipper slider and copper embossed rivets reinforced felled seam inside legs to prevent chafing. Pockets are made according to the comfort of the cowboy. This jean is best for long activity and keeps you relax during training and riding for long routes.

  • Double-stitched and perfect durability
  • 100% cotton for comfort
  • Boot cut opening and cut knees
  • Close-fitting as compared to other cowboy jeans
  • Color selection on base of available article

5. ARIAT Men’s M4 Low Rise Jean

That is the best stylish and comfortable jeans on the list. Fashion boot cut leg opening makes it perfect. Boot cut opening makes it perfect fit while the waist and thigh fitting are also above expectations. This product reviewed by hundred of horse owners and found it perfect in terms of fitting.

  • Cheap in price as compared to the list
  • Fitting is just perfect and durable material
  • Bootcut jean featuring whiskering at hips and placed fading
  • No-rub comfort inseams
  • High low rise
  • Looks baggy

6. Wrangler Men’s 20X Advanced Comfort Competition Relaxed Fit

Great pair of jeans for working in, mounting and dismounting horses is comfortable. Best jeans for cowboy because of some valuable reasons. First of all these jeans are not too baggy. Made with 100% cotton and best duty jeans for a long time at work. Jeans has W stitched back pockets.

Jeans are fit at waist, thigh and provide room above shoes. These are Relaxed-fit jeans featuring a straight leg and boot-accommodating leg opening. Stitching is perfect so no need to worry about quality and thread deformation.

  • Classic Five-pocket design
  • Fits lower on the waist
  • Cost is a bit higher as compared to other

7. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans

There are long training in horse riding. This one is the best recommendation during training or riding for a long time. Cotton material makes it comfortable and breathable. It provides enough room in legs especially if you work on knees for a long time. It covers boots perfectly and looks good during horse riding.

Jeans are very flexible and machine wash. Straight leg opening and the best fit in the thigh and waist. Unique fabric varies in color due to wash, finish, and dye. These jeans are best for all heavy-duty activities.

  • 99% Cotton material and zipper closure
  • Ultimate stretch and flexibility
  • Some waist problems observed
  • A little more snug

Women Jeans

9. Cowgirl Tuff Women’s Dark Wash Don’t Fence Me In Jeans – Jdarkw

These jeans are the best fit for women in riding. These jeans are medium-rise with a boot cut leg opening for a classic fit. Good design makes this jean unique.98% cotton and 2% spandex for comfort and long working hours. Featuring an embroidered design of barbed wire on the back pockets

These jeans are specially designed for riding. Colour and stitching material are strong, with no color loss even regular wash. If you have a good height than these jeans can be perfect for you.

  • Cotton material with 3-ton stitching
  • Relaxed thigh and waist
  • Costly as compared to other jeans

10. ARIAT Women’s R.e.a.l. Riding Mid Rise Boot Cut Jean

These jeans are made on the base of sgene technology.93% Cotton and 6% Polyester used for comfort and breathability. It is Bootcut leg jean in hand-sanded finish featuring thick contrast stitching. If you have waist issue with other jeans, this is perfect waist fitted jeans in the list. It has Mid-rise back with darts to lift. All measurements are mentioned in the product and description page.

  • 93% Cotton with perfect fit stitching
  • Slimming core control panels
  • Costly as compared to other jeans in the list

2 More Options to Consider in Cheap Price

WallFlower Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans Instastretch Pants

Wallflower is famous for extra stretch and comfort in jeans. They bring innovative designs and durable products. These classic five-pocket curvy jeans are perfect for horse riding. Wallflower provides extraordinary comfort which will not loosen the whole day.

contour waistband will prevent gapping and provides a curve fit. You can easily sit and these jeans will hug your curves. They will not fade or shrink after washing.

  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Affordable price
  • No cons yet

Rock & Roll Cowgirl Women’s Dark Wash Low Rise Trouser Western Jeans

These jeans are durable for long time work. These Low Rise Trouser Rock & Roll Cowgirl jeans feature a 5-pocket design that feels right at home on the ranch or out on the town. A waistband is also present to emphasize natural curves. If you want a high style western style pair with tank, tee or flannel top. A comfortable fit that perfectly skims the thighs and flares at the knee for a wide-leg 21.25″ opening that can be worn with boots.

It is different from all other jeans on the list because of the western style. This Rock and Roll cowgirl jean is made with 98% cotton and 2% spandex for comfort and breathability.

  • Durable enough for work
  • 98% Cotton for comfort and durability
  • Flatters every silhouette for all-season wear
  • Costly in the list as compared to other
  • Dark color available

How to Pick Right Jeans for Riding?

Some of us still get chickened out while hitting the “place an order button” for our favorite shoes and pants. It’s fair to get concerned or confused as we are, at the end of the day, going to spend our hard-earned money to get it delivered. Buying jeans or any other type of pants is just as scary as shoe shopping, just so you do not have to go through the tiring returning process, here is what you need to consider while placing an order for the right pair of horse riding jeans.


You can choose any of your favorite bottoms; breaches, jodhpurs, tights, or regular fit jeans for horse riding but the material should never be compromised at all. Just before hitting the “place an order button” double-check the material.

The material head in the features section must call it “cotton, polyester, and spandex” blend. The other jeans’ material blends are comfortable as well but for casual wearing, not horse riding. The cotton, polyester, and spandex blend would not cause irritation or any other kind of discomfort. The beginners and advanced riders can blindly trust the blend for riding.


After a thorough material inspection, your next concern should be to select the right size. The horse riding jeans should never be too tight that it starts restricting the movement or too baggy that you have to hold it while climbing up and coming down.

So, ordering the right size is super important. The sizing chart is usually listed with the images, write down your measurements, compare them with the size that seems to be made for you. If it appears perfect, do not hesitate to place an order.


As you are just about to get recognized for your extraordinary horse riding skills, make sure you steal the show wearing a well-known brand. Ariat and Wrangler are the two brands that earned the most recognition and fame from their exceptional cowboy boots and horse riding jeans. Some other brands are doing great as well but if the horse rider wants to make an entry in style, make sure the horse riding jean either has a Wrangler or Ariat tag.


Jodhpurs, breeches, tight-fitted jeans, yoga pants, and even leggings can also be worn for a comfortable horse ride but boot-cut jeans are truly made for horse riding. The said jeans style is immensely demanded as it is not just comfortable and versatile but appears sleek and stylish as well. The mid-rise waist makes the boot-cut jeans just perfect the horse riding purpose.


Lastly, you have to judge whether it is being sold at a fair price or not? The Ariat and Wrangler horse riding jeans would surely be expensive and they are rightly charging so but the least known brands should not be expensive at all.

Shortlist a few options, compare the price, and order what’s more affordable. If none of your chosen options are charging fair prices, dig a little more, keep searching you would surely find something worthbuying.

What to Wear as a Horse Rider?

Getting the right pair of jeans will help you sit- better, ride-better ultimately feel better. Excellent quality jodhpur, breeches or jeans will save you from a lot of trouble and misery. There are multiple factors to keep in mind before buying a pair of jeans.

Purpose of Riding

How you ride, a horse is the most critical part of selecting the best pair of jeans. If you are a passionate rider and pedal for 4-5 days a week on multiple horses, then you will prioritize comfort, durability, and all-weather capable jeans.

  • If you are a seasonal rider and climb on horseback once in month/year, then you might go for softer pair of trousers than harder ones.
  • If you are a sports player and you are in fierce competition, then a durable and flexible pair of jeans will suit you best for you. Breeches that have a good stretch, so you master your horse without any discomfort.
  • Trail riders would look for high-quality fabric that covers them while passing through bushes and allow minimal damage in case the horse gets anxious and kicks you down.
  • Summer riders will look for lightweight jodhpurs that allow air to pass through while winter riders look for warm stuff.
  • Dressage riders indulge in progressive training to master maneuvers will look for full-seat breaches that allow sticking to saddle.

There are popular brands that tailor chic, classy jean designs that will serve your fashions crave. Riding apparel manufactures are giving due importance to creating a perfect piece of riding trousers.

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English Style Riding Pants

English riding style is based on a lighter and smaller saddle that stays in close contact with the horseback. Its disciplines consist of jumping, dressage, equitation, and hunting. Its lighter weight and smaller size will not restrict you from attending competitions. English riding works best with a unique pair of pants, breeches, and jodhpur for English disciplines.

Breeches and Jodhpur

Jodhpurs are called Breeches in modern form, but there is a slight difference in their Style. Riders usually wear Breeches with tall boots or paddock boots, and these are form-fitting giving maximum comfort. 

Breeches are generally made of cotton that is best for the skin, but a man-made mixture can also be used. Polyester, spandex, elastane are human-made compounds whose combination with cloth feels good against the skin.

Jodhpurs is another comfortable wear for English riding in an old yet classic style. Pants are lost, baggy from waist to knee, and snug-fitting just below the knee to ankle offering great flexibility and free movement. Young riders love Jodhpurs more, mainly because paddock boots are less expensive whole length calf boots.

Many brands make Jodhpurs from the same comfortable and stretchy material they use for breaches. Because both are quite the same in terms of tight-fitting around legs to avoid chafing. 

Jodhpurs and Breeches are favorite among English riders, especially those who spend a lot of time riding a horse.

Breeches and Jodhpurs pants are products of technology nowadays. Fabric is breathable, stretchy, and lightweight.

Patches, Cuts, and Seams

English riding pants come with cuts and seams along the length of the legs. Cuts and seams made to fit breeches snuggly to the body. 

Women breeches have more seams and designs to align pants with body shape. There is a large variety of colors, and models are available to women than men. Jodhpurs and breeches must have a patch of flexible fabric around the knee. 

Patches consist of a variety of materials; for example, Clarino, a material made of durable synthetic leather. Some other articles may include Quicktek, Ultrasuede are sticky, stretchy, and softer, respectively.

Patches usually sewed at the knee and run up to mid-thighs, and full-seat patches are also available. Full- seat patches allow more firmness to seat and protect from chafing.

Western Style Horse Riding Jeans

Western riding consists of long jeans pants that fully cover your ankles to provide maximum safety. Many riders prefer extra-long pair of jeans that include the top of their boots. Because when you sit on a horse, the fabric gets caught in the knee and ankle; therefore, you need extra length to cover whole legs for safety. Moreover, pants have a western appeal, and you will imagine yourself as a star in your movie.

Many persons love Wranglers because of the roomier seat, which makes it comfortable to get jeans on and off. Wrangler jeans also have seams on pants, but these are outside not inside, so it will not bother your ride.

  • Jeans may not be stretchy and breathable like riding pants or breeches, but these are comfortable for seasonal riding. Wearing jeans while going on a trail is highly recommended.
  • Jeans allow you to go for straight horse ride towards your barn and back smoothly and efficiently. Especially designed jeans for riding will let you spend an extra second with your horse for routine tasks, and that’s a significant plus.
  • Jeans are handy if you are a new rider because you will ride with a more independent seat. You will have less contact down the reins and a stronger grip.


Your comfort is crucial while wearing pants or jeans. If you are not comfortable in pants while doing regular homely tasks, then you will not be satisfied with the saddle. Before buying a pair of pants, keep in mind to check its seams, whether they are inside or outside. Go for minimal seams on the outer side. Don’t choose a tight fit if you are going for jeans that are roomier and long. For tight fit pants, select a stretchy material to avoid chafing and restricted movement.

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