11 Best Paddock Boots in 2021

Best Paddock Boots? The only thing I have spent a good couple of weeks researching as me and other fellow horse riders at the horse club have arranged a riding competition and style should never be compromised. Riding attire is not complete without a good pair of Paddock Boots.

Proper footwear is mandatory to enjoy comfortable rides and paddock boots surely make no compromise on comfort. Paddock or Jodhpur boots are short boots that extend up to the ankle and are perfect to wear for riding or a night out at the barn. Often paired with Jodhpur and Breeches, these boots offer maximum protection and help prevent sliding through the stirrup.

The search continued to find the best paddock boots for a couple of weeks, taking into consideration user reviews and expert opinion, I gathered enough information to guide you through the process of buying the best paddock boot.

Best Paddock Boot Reviews

These picks stand out from the variety of options available in the market for being the user’s favourite for functionality and high-end performance. So, Without further ado, let me introduce you to the best paddock boots based on user reviews

1. ARIAT Women’s Scout Paddock

Ariat needs no introduction as it is the most sought after brand when it comes to rider’s accessories. Be it footwear, clothing, and other add-ons, Ariat has made its consumer happy with the quality and standards of the products.

With the equestrian-inspired design, long-lasting durability, and genuine leather construction, these boots are built to last many seasons.

Elastic twin gore panel at collar allows freedom of movement, padded top collar adds comfort, four-layered footbed provides optimal cushioning, and Duratread™ rubber outsole makes the boot resistant to wear and tear.

A front lace-up design with flexion notch, speed laces, and a top lace lock not only complements the style but also promises a secure fit. Armed with 4LR™ technology that provides optimal support during long rides.


  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Phenomenal everyday performance
  • Stabilizing Shank
  • Padded four-layer footbed


  • Tapered around the toe area

2. TuffRider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

Would it be fair not to add this gem to our list of Best Paddock Boots? Absolutely not. This TuffRider Ladies Paddock boot is Amazon’s choice and user favourite for its good looks and high functionality.

Made from synthetic leather with soft and breathable inside material to make riding a memorable experience for the wearer. Synthetic Leather ensures easier cleaning just wiping out with the damp cloth and the boots look good as new.

These traditional looking boots feature spur rests, front zip, elastic side gussets, and punched toe caps. Advanced manufacturing makes it easier to wear all day every day 

With detailed stitching and quality build, these paddock boots hit all the right cords to be the next big thing in the riding attire world. Be it summer, snowy winters, and wet monsoon, the boots are vigorously tested to survive it all.


  • Durable
  • Rubber outsole
  • Water-resistant
  • Easier to clean


  • Elastic side gusset stretch out with the use

3. ARIAT Men’s Devon Nitro Paddock Paddock Boot

You will be seeing a lot of Ariat paddock boots accomodating the list as the brand is synonymous with high-quality riding gear. Ariat’s collection of men’s paddock boots is equally awe-inspiring as of women’s. 

Made from premium full-grain leather with a waterproof finish the Devon Nitro Paddock boots are the showcase of peak performance. 

Front zip design with dual stretch gore fit system secures the snug fit and easy putting on and off. Nitro footbed provides cushioning and relieves any soreness from the long rides. 

Features Nitroâ technology which provides flexibility, comfort, and stability, Shock Shieldâ absorbs shock, and Revolutionary Shock Shieldâ diffuses impact at the heel area. 


  • Leather lining 
  • Waterproof 
  • Maximum shock absorption 
  • Perfect for everyday wear 


  • Pricey

4. ARIAT Men’s Performer Nitro Paddock Boot

This Ariat Men’s performer nitro paddock boot will cover you from the trail to the street. Sophisticated styling, superior craftsmanship, and advanced technology promise high-end performance for many years to come. 

Beautifully crafted from full-grain leather upper with waterproof finishing makes the boots wearable for a long time. Durable built makes it a tough boot to beat. 

Front lace closure with ankle flexion notches guarantees a secure fit. Locking speed lace hooks with lace lock at top Padded collar and tongue ensure easy putting on and off while looking effortlessly stylish. 

Laced with multiple shock-absorbing technologies and nitro footbed to diffuse impact to the maximum. Shock diffusing technologies absorb impact specifically at the heel and forefoot area. 


  • Breathable Lining
  • Rider friendly outsole
  • Optimal cushioning & stability 


  • Expensive 

5. HORZE Classic Leather Jodhpur Boots

If you are a fan of traditional paddock boots, then the Horzee classic leather Jodhpur boots are just for you. Traditional design serves as a reminder of the good old days. 

Simple, sleek, and stylish Jodhpur boots are made from premium quality leather for longevity. Advanced manufacturing and detailed stitching give the Jodhpur boots a lifetime of maximum functioning. 

Slip-on design with easy on/off back loops ensures easy application and removal. The stretchy elastic sides add extra cushioning and comfort. 

Horzee Jodhpur Boots are available at an affordable price and comes in a variety of sizes. 


  • Easy break-in
  • Traditional looks
  • Leather built


  • Not very shock absorbing 

6. Dublin Ladies Kalmar SD Paddock Boots

Started their equestrian accessories line with Jodhpurs and today Dublin equestrian is known as a popular brand of rider wear and accessories offering rider gear at competitive prices. 

Kalmar SD Paddock Boots from Dublin Equestrian comes in unique colors and design unlike the other boots on the list. Crafted from leather with RCS memory foam and PU leather footbed for durability and extra comfort. Double padding provides optimal cushioning. 

Breathable mesh lining and rubber ripple outsole allow air circulation and secure grip. YKK Zipper on the back allows for easy on and off. Easier to pull zipper with stylish suede tassel. 

Stretchy, elastic side panels give a bit more to play and to prevent rubbing. Rubber ripple outsole provides grip and endurance. 


  • User-friendly design 
  • Memory foam padding 
  • Stylish and durable 


  • loosely fit 

7. HORZEE Spirit Kilkenny Jodhpur Boots

These ready to go Spirit Kilkenny Jodhpur Boots from Horzee got all the features that a rider look for in a paddock boot. Available at a competitive price, these Jodhpur boots are a perfect hybrid of the above-mentioned boots. 

Crafted from a soft, synthetic leather-like material makes it easier to care for. Easy to break-in and clean, these boots do not demand extra attention. 

Faux fixed laces at the front for a cosmetic detail and the zipper on the back for easy on and off. The easy application guarantees the rider is ready to go in an instant. 

These Jodhpur boots by Horzee got the look and feel of a traditional design. Perfect for everyday use, riding, or a night at the horse barn. 


  • Quick zipper closure 
  • 100% PU leather 
  • Easier to clean


  • It may not be as durable as genuine leather boots

8. Dublin Childs Elevation Laced Paddock

This boot from Dublin Equestrian is loved by many riders for its colour and stylish design. The Elevation Laced Paddock boot design represents a style for the modern-day rider. The unique style is a departure from the traditional looks while giving the rider a style more current and relevant. 

Made from superior quality leather with moisture-wicking lining so the wearer does not have to compromise on durability and comfort. 

Quick lace-up closure with YKK zipper on the back and branded nylon pull tab ensures easy application while giving the boot an edge. Punched toe cap and stitched design on the forefoot adds an attractive finish. 

Features an RCS footbed with a cradle which provides arch support, wicks moisture and allows air circulation. Ergonomically designed rubber outsole offers grip, stability, and endurance. 


  • Moisture-wicking lining 
  • RCS footbed with cradle
  • Arch Support
  • Rubber outsole for stability and grip


  • Shoe sized may differ from the size chart

9. Ovation Ladies Vionix Duoflex Zip Paddock

How can our list of best paddock boots complete without any addition from the Ovation? Ovation provides exceptional equestrian products at competitive prices. 

Crafted from the Top grain Brazilian cow Lining so that boots may serve you decades. Superior Ultra-soft calfskin material and advanced manufacturing allow these Vionix Duoflex Zip Paddock Boots to last many rides and withstand everyday use. 

A punched toe with a MemoryFlex insole provides cushioning and diffuses impact. Shock-absorbing authentic rubber outsole makes the zip paddock boots long-wearing, abrasion-resistant, and acid and oil proof. 

Zipper and button closure ensures optimal grip and side elastic gussets prevent rubbing. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra Soft Calfskin material 
  • Shock-absorbing insole and outsole


  • Pricey

10. ARIAT Women’s Kendron Pro Paddock

If we would have to choose the most stylish and elegant paddock boot from the list? This Kendron Pro Paddock boot from Ariat is it. The boot offers unmatched performance, durability, and comfort. 

Crafted from premium calf leather which adds years to the lifetime of the boots apart from giving the soft feel. Comfortable leather lining with cushioned footbed provides cushioning and stability.

European-inspired double zipper closures with dual-stretch gore side panels ensure easy on/off and give secure and flexible fit.

Features rounded square toe, leather spur rest, the padded collar at topline, and rider-friendly outsole.


  • Elegant design
  • Double zipper closure
  • Premium calf leather construction


  • Narrow toe box

11. ARIAT Women’s Heritage Breeze Lace Paddock

These boots come in full grain imported leather. Ariat women’s heritage boots are very comfortable and durable. The shiny point about these boots is that they are very stylish and durable so you can use them as work boots or in office.

It provides a breathable lining and sock liner. These shoes are not simply material footwear as they cushioned footbed which prevents shock absorption. You can stretch more than normal leather. These boots are best for wide feet even as provide space inside.


  • Most comfortable
  • Stylish and durable
  • Best for wide feet


  • Higher in price

What makes Paddock Boots different from other Horse-Riding Boots? 

There is a variety of horse riding boots available in the market with different styles and heights. Paddock boots are short boots barely a few inches above the ankle often worn for casual riding. Tall boots go above the rider’s knees but paddock boots are a popular choice among riders as one can wear them in any setting. 

Unlike tall or other Horse-Riding boots, paddock boots are less expensive and they have quite a fan following among children and youngsters. These boots are easier to care for and do not require extra maintenance. 

Paddock boots are versatile with many styles and rave reviews. Made not only for rides, but paddock boots are also perfect for casual wear as well. 

Paddock Boots are perfect for English style riding 

Paddock boots are perfect for riders beginning down the road of English riding discipline. Paddock boots are available in the pull-on, zipper, or laced styles. Laced up paddock boots are popular with riders as the ankle support can be adjusted as desired. 

Paddock boots are usually crafted from genuine, synthetic leather or both. Genuine leather paddock boots ace in durability, however, they are more expensive than synthetic ones. Synthetic Paddock boots are easier to care for and you don’t have to break the bank to buy them. 

What to pair Paddock boots with? 

Paddock boots are also termed as Jodhpur boots because they are often paired with Jodhpurs. Apart from Jodhpurs, these boots are paired with half caps and breeches. You can pair boots with jeans or any other party dresses.

Buying Guide for best Paddock boots

There are several factors which a buyer needs to be aware of before purchasing a Paddock boot. So, without further ado, let’s get to it right away. 

Riding Discipline 

Unlike tall boots, short boots are worn for casual rides. Paddock boots are commonly worn during English Horseback riding. If the type of riding you would be engaging in is different, opt for the right boot so you don’t have to face disappointment later. 


A superior quality material build is synonymous with durability. The material that is generally used in the manufacturing of paddock boots is leather, calfskin, synthetic, rubber, and leather-like. Your choice to pick a certain material should be influenced by the weather conditions you should be riding in. 

A rider living in a damp climate should look for water-resistant material. A rider living in harsh winter temps should go for boots with some fleece or other warm material lining. If the weather is hotter, a boot with moisture-wicking properties would do. These boots can work as an alternative to farming muck boots because of their durability.


Just like all other horse accessories, fitting is the key to a comfortable ride. A perfectly fitted shoe is going to help in the long run. A boot too tight will be suffocating for the feet whereas a loosely fit shoe will make the legs and feet swimming in them. Look for a snug fit shoe with elastic inserts which will ensure a flexible yet secure grip. 


Comfort is not something to be overlooked when buying a shoe. Comfort, just like the fit, can make or break a good deal when buying a paddock boot. For shorter or day-long rides, a rider does not like to get distracted by uncomfortable boots.

Insufficient padding, narrow forefoot area, no shock-absorbing foam at the heel area, and many other reasons may ruin a good ride for a rider. Uncomfortable paddock boots, if worn for a long time may cause pain and swelling. 


There is no compromise on durability for a rider. As the horse riding boots are worn for a good portion of a day, the rider wants nothing but long-wearing shoes. Riding boots are a bit expensive than regular shoes and many riders cannot afford to buy a new pair every month or two. 


Riding is not all things sweet, it can turn hazardous if the rider is not being careful. The Paddock boot should not only showcase style rather safety as well. Look for the safety features, if there is a turn of events, would these paddock boots help? Does the heel help the boots lock in place? Do the boots have a reinforced toe cap? If the answer is yes. That is the boat you should buy. 


No matter how good the shoes are, how big the promises, or how many rave reviews they got, a casual rider would never go for an expensive option. A casual rider always looks for durable riding boots at an affordable price

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Paddock Boots good for riding? 

Yes, casual rides, to be precise. Paddock boots are perfect for children, beginners, and novice riders. Many riders prefer short boots for riding, however, tall boots are good for equestrian events. 

What is the difference between Jodhpur and Paddock boots? 

Many people think both are just two names for a single type of boots. It is not true there are two differences which will tell them apart i.e Jodhpur is crafted with finer leather and meant for riding only whereas Paddock boots are suitable for many settings and have a thicker sole.

What is Paddock Boot for a horse? 

Paddock boots are shorter in size, they are barely a few inches above the ankle. Paddock boots are good for everyday use and casual riding.

In brief

Paddock boots are a hot favourite among many riders and are widely loved for their style and elegance. We have picked some best paddock boots based on user reviews for a novice buyer to get an idea of the best options in the market. A rider can buy a boot that meets his needs and budget.

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