5 Cheap Cowgirl Boots Under 50$ in 2021

Cowgirl boots come in different shapes and colors but always attract if you are cowgirl by heart. These boots are specially made for riding and appear in the shape of the 1800s. Maybe they have unique in design and look like fashion boots but they have practical value in the old wild west.

It is specially designed to face the harsh conditions of the American West. These cowgirl boots have separate parts to build unique wear.

Here are some basic parts of cowgirl boots.

Parts of Cowgirl Boots

Upper portion

The upper part or exterior of cowgirl boots is usually made from leather and consists of the following parts.

The long shaft or funnel

Cover from the lower leg to the ankle. That is the part where you can add custom designs or stripes for attraction.

Hindquarter encloses the calf while the front quarter covers the shin and the point where both quarters joined is called quarter stitching.

The Counter

This portion is located right above the peel and the rearmost part belongs to the upper section. Pull straps are also present on the mouth of shoes for pulling on.

The crown

The crown covers the ankle joint and covers the inner curve (instep). The flat part above the metatarsals is known as Toe Medallion.

Here clean leather top encloses toes are called interior insole and joining point of the interior and the exterior insole is called welt.

Different Types of cowgirl boots

There are different types of cowgirl boots depending on work. Cowgirl is usually made from leather, metal, fabric, and wood material.

The leather of different types like an alligator, buffalo, cow, snakes, and an elephant is used. Now faux leather is also very common.

Western work boots

Western work boots are specially made for riding horses.

Many horse lovers or people who work in rodeos use these shoes. they also come with angled heels but with two inches in height to prevent slipping.

Sole is made from soft leather to give sticking ability.

Western work boots

They have lower heels as compared to other cowgirl boots.Western work boots come with cushioning midsoles to provide extra comfort.

Their main aim is work and durability not exotic leather that’s why they are cheap in price.

Classic cowgirl boots

They come with an approximately 12-inch shaft. It is ionic style and mostly used in cowgirl boots collection. The proper heel is best for dancing, working, and every day work. They are made of leather and durable in quality.

Cheap Cowgirl boots under 50$ Reviews

It is hard to maintain quality and price at the same time but we collected 11 best cheap cowgirl boots under 50$ with the best quality and durable material.

Best Overall: Deer Stags Ranch Unisex Pull-On Western Cowgirl Boots

Comfort: Roper Texas Square Toe Cowgirl Boot

Best Stitching: Roper Kids’ American Patriot

Synthetic material: Roper Kids’ Glitter Breeze Western Boot

Unique Design: Roper Unisex-Child Cowboy Western Boot

1. Deer Stags Ranch Unisex Pull-On Western Cowgirl Boots

Deer stags western cowgirl boots are made from 100% leather. the upper portion is durable and made up of double-topstitch decorative embroidery.

Cushioned insole provides comfort and outsole comes with traction.

The sole is slip-resistant. It provides stabilizing support to the shank. These boots are best for school, horsing, camping, and any other work activity.

Deer stags unisex boots provide grip in snowy areas. The stitching is very durable.


These shoes come for toddlers (1-4 years), little kids ( 4-8 years), and big kids (8-12 years).

Deer stages provide four different colors ( black, brown, pink, and tan).

Its shaft measures approximately 9″ from the arch. It provides Heel height 1.25,  shaft height 8.5, and circumference 11.75

Why to consider

Deer Stags Ranch Unisex are versatile boots which are comfortable to wear in party, school, camping, and riding. It comes with a very comfortable sole.

These boots provide 100% leather quality and long durability.

They come in different sizes and colors selection. All these features make these boots dependable and durable.

2. Roper Texsis Square Toe Cowgirl Boot

Roper Texas Square Toe Cowgirl Boot comes with faux leather. The upper portion consists of a classic western stitch.

It provides a pull-on design where the boot pulls at each side. Roper taxis provide man-made insole and upper portion lining.

The synthetic Trp sole prevents cruelty to animals. The inner and outer flow layers are stitched together which provides support to leather. It provides a lightweight rubber outsole.

These unique boots are made with faux leather and reinforced by embroidery. The outsole is made with rubber which provides grip and traction on the surface.


Its shaft measures approximately 7″ from the arch. Roper texas heel measures approximately 1 inch. It comes in two types of sizes (one for 2 to 4 years toddler and the other 4 to 8 years children).

Why to consider

Roper is one of the largest and trusted brands in footwear. They provide a unique design with durable quality.

These roper texas cowgirl shoes are very comfortable and durable for school, camping, and any other work.

3. Roper Kids’ American Patriot

It comes in premium brown color. Proper Kids boot is made from an imported rubber sole. The upper portion is made from faux leather.

Boots are inlined properly for comfort. A detailed American flag stitching is provided all through the shaft.

Proper kids come with padded insole for long time comfort and work use. They are wide enough to wear for thick feet.

Lining in shoes is moisture-wicking which prevents smell or sweat. They are versatile your kid can use them for school, dance, or party.


The shaft measures 5.35 inches from the arch. Boot opening measures 8.5 inches around. They come in brown color and single size for toddlers.

Why to consider

If you want to buy shoes for a toddler (1 to 4 years) then never ignore this masterpiece. They are perfect in fitting, stitching, and leather. These versatile shoes are very comfortable and durable.

4. Roper Kids’ Glitter Breeze Western Boot

These beautiful style shoes made with imported leather. Rubber sole provides comfort. The Interior of these shoes is soft to make them comfortable. Soles are perfectly rugged to prevent slip.

They are made with rubber soles that hold well. The product is crafted with western stitching and a light blue design can also be seen in front.

Roper Kids provide a perfect fit for every kind of foot. Your kid can use them for parties, school, or any other function.


Its Shaft measures 7″ from the arch and the heel measures 1 inch. Roper Kids’ Glitter Breeze Western Boot opening measures around 8.5inch.

It comes in two sizes, one for toddlers and the other for kids. Only tan color is available in these shoes.

Why to consider

Their thick rubber sole is perfect for grip which helps your kid to not slip. This unique product is made from imported leather. They are lightweight and provides excellent traction.

5. Roper Unisex-Child Cowboy Western Boot

These pink shoes are made with high-quality synthetic material. If you are looking for a modern or trending design then consider a Proper Unisex Cowboy western boot. Roper called them unisex but they are best for girls.

These cowgirl boots come in excellent western design. Roper provides a comfortable padded insole. These boots are perfect to display your southern spirit.

Roper design boots are made with Western-inspired embroidery. Boots provide a round toe profile.

These boots provide a wide opening which makes it comfortable to off your boots. If you want to purchase for dancing or school then consider these boots.


These boots come in pink colors. Its Shaft measures Calf High ” from archBoot opening measures  10″ around. They come in two different sizes, one for toddlers and one for a big kids.

Why to consider

These unisex boots come in a unique pink color. Classic western-style made with high-quality synthetic material. These lightweight boots are durable and comfortable.


There are a lot of cowgirl boots are available in different designs and shapes. Some famous brands like Ariat, Roper, Rocket dog, and Durango are working to provide quality products. It is hard to decide the best boot for your girl but myhorsenames recommend Deer Stags Ranch Unisex Pull-On Western Cowgirl Boots.

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