Do Donkeys Eat Carrots?

If you are a donkey lover or owner, you should know how much donkey loves multiple treats. From grains, fruits vegetables to leaves and herbs donkeys can eat everything. Donkeys have a very efficient digestive system and can digest every bite. Fruits and vegetables ( carrots, potatoes, squash, rinds) are healthy diets for your donkey.

So carrots season is coming and this nutritional treat is best for your donkey. If you provide chopped and cut treats, it is a healthy addition to his diet. Most of the donkey owners confirmed that their donkeys love carrots more than any other treat.

Make sure you prepare them correctly and provide an allotted amount daily. So the straight answer to the question can donkeys eat carrots? Yes, donkeys can eat carrots as a treat and they are 100% safe for them. Carrots contain an adequate amount of vitamins which is essential for donkeys.

Benefits of Carrots for donkeys

Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin K, vitamin B6, fibers, proteins, carbs, and fat. They are very low in sugar which makes them safe for donkeys with insulin resistance. Carrots have Vitamin A and C which acts as an antioxidant for the immune system. fiber supports strong digestive system of donkeys.

Feeding carrots to donkeys

Give Treats in Moderation

Always give in a moderate amount. The main favor with the moderate treat is the donkey’s digestion. Donkey’s digestive tract has a balance of microbes and functions. Too many carrots can disturb their digestive tract. Cut down in small portions and feed one by one. Miniature donkeys are very sensitive to large pieces.

Do not force to eat

Never force your donkey to eat carrots. Even some donkeys do not like healthy treats. Give them after chopping or cutting and they will love to eat.

Feed correctly

Try to feed through a bucket or trough. There is a little risk feeding with hands. If you feed them by hand, make sure you hold the carrot on your palm. Lay your fingers down and keep them below his mouth. Make sure donkeys can see treat or slowly raise towards his mouth. Do not carry treats in other hands or pockets otherwise, donkeys can nip on clothes.

Make homemade treat

A feeding recipe recommended by wikihow to add oatmeal and carrots in one place.Ad one cup oatmeal, one cup flour, one cup chopped carrots, one tablespoon sugar, one tablespoon corn oil, and a half cup of molasses. Place them on a cookie sheet, bake for 50 minutes until golden brown.

Do Donkeys Eat Carrots tops

Feeding Carrot Tops

Yes, carrot tops or leaves are safe for donkeys. Make sure you provide in a moderate amount. Always provide after washing and removing dirt from leaves. Carrot tops are normal as carrots for donkeys.

Different Color Carrots for Donkeys

Maybe we are aware of orange color carrots but they can be purple, black, yellow, and red. These carrots have different nutritional values.

  • Purple carrots provide inflammatory action and act as antioxidants.
  • Orange carrots are high in beta carotene
  • Yellow carrots are rich in lutein which is best for eye health
  • Red carrots are high in lycopene which is best for heart health

Ponies and donkeys are more resistant to insulin resistance than horses. Carrots contain very low sugar amounts so you can feed a carrot in a day to your miniature donkey or any breed. It is recommended to concern your vet before feeding a donkey with metabolic disorders.

Donkeys with dental disorder issues should not be fed carrots. Diastemata is a very common dental disorder in donkeys. Carrots are a bit crunchy which are hard to chew for donkeys with dental issues. If they do not chew them properly can cause a choke by larger pieces.

Do miniature Donkeys Eat Carrots

Donkey Nutrition Requirements

Donkeys need fewer calories to maintain their body weight as compared to ponies or horses. Donkeys’ metabolism is built to compete with harsh environmental conditions. They can survive for a long time with less food.

Now in many countries donkeys are pets, not working animals. Obesity is a serious threat to donkey’s health. According to research donkey’s healthy diet should be straw. In addition to fiber diets, they also need minerals like sodium, chloride, potassium, and sulfur.

Other treats like apples, oranges, pumpkins are also good for donkeys. One thing ”moderation” in treats is very important for their health.


Can Donkeys eat carrot Tops?

Yes, donkeys can eat carrots, carrot tops, and even leaves. Feeding carrots in a moderate amount is the best treatment. Carrot tops are rich in nutrition which adds the best value to the diet. Make sure to feed after washing and cutting into small pieces.

Can Miniature Donkey eat carrots?

Yes, miniature donkeys can also consume carrots as a treat. Recommendations are the same as other donkey or horse breeds. Miniature donkeys will love to eat a moderate amount of carrots.


Feeding carrots in a moderate amount is best for donkeys. Carrots are rich in vitamins and essential minerals. Carrots, apples, or other similar threats are most loved by donkeys. Follow a proper diet plan and recommendations.

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