Cavallo Horse Boots Reviews in 2024

If you are a horse owner, you know how annoying and disappointing it is to look for new horse boots every other day? And skipping afternoon rides, because the new shoes you have just ordered are arriving in two or three working days, isn’t good either.

I, as a proud horse owner, have lived through all these situations with my horse for the last eight years. We have tried every single brand out there, but nothing worked as long as we both wanted. And then, one day, out of frustration, I asked my coach for help. Suddenly, my problem was resolved as I have found a brand I can trust even with my eyes closed.

To save you precious time and money ( I know how hard it is to earn), I’m reviewing some of the horse boots of my favourite brand called “Cavallo.” All these boots are durable, comfortable, and easy to carry.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s have a look at the options first.

Cavallo Horse Boots Reviews

1. Cavallo ELB Slim Sole Hoof Boot 2

The Cavallo ELB slim sole hoof boot has been mentioned in many recommendations because of its affordable price and durability. The hoof boot is manufactured combining the needs and wants of the horses and their owners.

It offers excellent comfort and support to the horses while running, walking, and even trotting. The nylon construction offers a resting shoulder during rehabilitation.

The thoughtfully placed drainage slots do not allow the moisture buildup as it keeps the air circulation intact. The tear-proof and abrasion-resistant construction make it useful for the long haul.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Offers maximum protection and support
  • Tear-proof and abrasion-resistant construction 
  • Stay put design, velcro closures 
  • Aids in rehabilitation 


  • Sold individually 

2. Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot For Horses

The Cavallo simple hoof boots are made to offer incredible support during regular training sessions. The innovative shock-absorbing feature saves the horse’s hooves from sudden shocks and protects it from the uneven grounds.

The genuine leather covering gives the carefully manufactured shoes extra comfortability, and durability. Water and rust-proof finishing make it even more safe and easy to use.

The thermoplastic urethane sole, with offering support, does not restrict the blood circulation, thus aiding in speedy hoof recovery. The outer tread pattern does not let the mud, sand, and debris to limit the movement.


  • No inserts or shims
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Genuine leather covering
  • Sold in pairs
  • Durable


  • Need polo wraps to eliminate the chances of sore spots
  • Not so clear sizing chart

3. Cavallo Horse And Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot

The Cavallo horse and rider trek regular sole hoof boot is engineered to offer maximum support and comfort to the horse during extreme sporting and training sessions. The breathable fabric wicks the moisture and ensures uniform air passage.

Reach, and RoHS certified design is highly recommended for those who are looking for professional-grade hoof boots. The soft inner foam makes walking, running, and trotting a favorite thing to do.

Lightweight trek regular boots sit like a second skin without putting an extra burden on the horse’s hooves. They are highly recommended for senior horses and athletic activities.


  • Reach, and RoHS certified
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Does not support moisture buildup
  • Stay put design 
  • Offers unmatched support to hoof walls
  • Gives relief from swelling
  • Comes with a detailed hoof measuring chart


  • Expensive 
  • Sold individually

4. Cavallo Horse & Rider Regular Sole Hoof Boot

Cavallo Horse and rider regular sole hoof boot is another excellent addition to their horse & rider series as these boots offer a cost-effective solution to your common horse hoof problems.

They are manufactured to give superior protection from shocks and common hoof injuries. The ultra-versatile shoe structure aids in pain-free training sessions.

Velcro closure offers an excellent fit for both young and senior horses. Nylon formation makes it a perfect pair for occasional activities. The inbuilt tear-proof and abrasion resistance technology adds more durability to the life of these horse boots.


  • Works as boot therapy
  • Do not allow moisture, sand, mud, and debris buildup
  • Tear-proof, abrasion-resistant
  • Durable and affordable 


  • Does not come in pair
  • Useful for occasional activities 

6. Cavallo Simple Horse Hoof Boot

The Cavallo simple horse hoof boot is designed to meet the simple, not-so-strength requiring activities like walking on rough terrain. The dual velcro fastening system is placed to fit the horse’s hoof without any difficulty. It also reduces the chances of boot coming off on muddy and sandy roads.

It is proven to speed up the recovery of rehabilitation injuries, abscesses, contracted heels, sole bruising, punctures, laminitis, and navicular disease. Genuine leather covering reduces the risk of sore spots to a great extent.

The recessed center sole evenly distributes the burden to the whole hoof, making the hoof trimming process more safe and painless. 


  • Genuine leather covering adds more durability 
  • Recessed sole distributes the weight evenly
  • No sore spots
  • Ensures pain-free walking
  • Recovers injuries and hoof disease 
  • Don’t fall off


  • No noticeable con yet

7. Cavallo Horse & Rider Sport Regular Sole Hoof Boot

Cavallo Horse and rider sport regular sole hoof boot is manufactured to be worn to the high demanding sporting and athletic activities. It boosts the horse’s confidence and performance by giving a comfortable place to the horse’s hoof to rest.

The simple, industrial-grade wide velcro limits the putting on time and serves as a wrap-around to the area between the hoof and the leg.

Flexible, high-quality nylon covering does not restrict the hoof movement, allowing the horse to walk normally. It promotes a healthy hoof by improving the blood circulation between the foot and the rest of the body.


  • Durable
  • Shock absorbing buildup
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Wide velcro 
  • Does not restrict the hoof movement 
  • Comes in pair


  • Made from nylon, not as durable as genuine leather

8. Cavallo Pastern Wrap for horse

Cavallo pastern wrap is specifically designed to give unmatched support to the unduly sensitive worn off hooves.

Many experienced horse owners recommend and buy these boots because of their innovative pastern protectors feature.

It got several complaints that these boots leave a shoe mark, but it is not a con if we see it from a sensitive horse’s perspective. These boots also protect the hoof by keeping it locked in place.


  • Offers extra protection
  • Durable
  • Sold in pairs
  • Affordable 


  • No satisfactory instructions
  • Requires a complicated putting on the procedure to be followed
  • Keep falling off
  • Leaves a shoe mark

9. Cavallo Horse & Rider ELB Boot

Cavallo Horse and rider ELB Boot is another heavy-duty boot made to withstand extreme abuse. It is popular among the horse keepers for doing its job with utmost honesty.

The rightly placed velcro fastener keeps the hoof in place by holding the middle part of the foot competently.

The ELB boot series is designed to keep the demands of pet and domestic horses. They aren’t as durable as the leather ones but also not breakable for light to moderate running, trotting, and walking sessions.


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality velcro fastener
  • Does not leave a shoe mark


  • Does not come in pair

These were the promising Cavallo horse boot option. I won’t say the other brands are garbage; they would probably be doing better, but the reason why I am only recommending this brand is that they are performing quite well.

Before moving on to the buying guide, I would like to take few minutes of your precious time to make it clear to you why I am suggesting this brand.

So, why only Cavallo?

Cavallo is a trustworthy name in producing supporting and sporting accessories. It was founded in 1978 to serve the nation. They started with riding boots and horse boots, but as the popularity took over, they started working on more projects.

Their speciality in horse boots inspired me to try more, and trust me, I was impressed with the quality and the performance of the hoof boots.

Another thing that surprised me is that the slim fit and the regular size have got a noticeable difference. So, if you have more than one horse in the barn, you wouldn’t have to worry about the mixing of slim fits and regulars ones.

All these boots are either made from genuine leather or high-grade nylon. The genuine leather and nylon both are known for their longevity, abrasion resistance, and keeping their quality in time. Horse boots have great contact with the legs so only a skin-friendly material should be accepted for this job.

Cavallo horse hoof boots- Buying guide

Horses have to walk on challenging rough terrain most of the time; it keeps wearing off their hooves and their boots. So, thorough research and a careful decision would save you money and your precious time. So, here I am making the selection easy for you.

  • There are generally two types of boots constructed by the Cavallo: trek boots and entry-level boots. The first thing you need to know is that don’t get confused with the names. They are both equally comfortable and durable.
  • You need to check the size chart once you have selected a pair for your horse. Measure the hoof accordingly. I have seen several buyers complaining that they got a size bigger or smaller. It isn’t a companies mistake. It just that the buyer ignored the size chart. So, take the size chart seriously.
  • These boots are made to offer a snug fit as it is annoying to get down the horse every 15 minutes to adjust the boot. So, the shoe would take some time to adapt to the hoof. 
  • You have to let the horse wear these boots for a short time; as you notice the boot is adjusting according to the hooves, you and your horse are ready to enjoy long rides.
  • Shoe marks and sore spots may come to notice for the first few uses, but they would eventually disappear as soon as the boots are adjusted according to the hooves. To avoid getting shoe marks and sore spots, do not take the horse for long rides until the boot fits perfectly.
  • If the hooves need trimming, get them trimmed first. It would greatly help you in taking the measurements accurately.
  • If the trail your horse usually runs is hardy and tricky, go for snug fit horse boots but if the track allows you to go slightly loose, fitted shoes would be an excellent choice.

My recommendation

Lastly, I would love to announce my favourite boots from the above-mentioned list. Cavallo Simple Horse Hoof Boot has got this place because of its simple construction and dual-velcro closure. It offers extreme protection both on hard and even trails.


Many brands are burning the midnight oil to come up with the best horse hoof boots but Cavallo is my favorite as it has been making and upgrading the horseshoes since 1978. Out of all the above-mentioned options, I find Cavallo Simple Horse Hoof Boots best for the job because of their dual velcro system and durability.

Before making a hasty purchase, I suggest you go through the size chart twice to get the right pair for the horse’s hooves. Trim the hooves and take the measurement accurately to save yourself from disappointment.

It’s my job to guide newbies regarding things I know well. Just because I find these boots helpful doesn’t magically make them perfect for your horse as well. So, don’t solely go for my recommendation, be the judge, take professional help (if needed) to get the right pair for you. Lastly, I hope I can take the burden off your shoulder and have understandably guided you. Good luck and happy shopping!

Hi, I am Waqar and active in the horse world since 2012. I have MSc (Hons) in Agriculture from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I love to solve equine health care issues and note down in the form of research papers. I have written hundreds of equine health care, accessories, names, and history-related blogs. My equine related work is watering a lot of horse-related magazines and blogs.

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