The 11 Best Hoof Supplement for Horses 2024

Healthy hoof reflects inside the health of your horse. Horses need a regular supply of supplements for better hoof growth. It is easy to find the best hoof supplement for horses after reading this guide.

Horse hooves made up of different layers each have a specific function.

Three bones inside the foot have three different tasks.

Small pastern bone is the longest bone in hoof. Coffin or pedal bone is the longest bone and navicular is small bone.

Laminae carry blood to all parts of the hoof. There is a cushion below this laminae, which is a rubber pad that works as heal and prevents shock.

Hooves are very important for horses, as all functions are associated with them. The weak or diseased hoof will be a problem for your horse. Abscesses result in a case of soft hoof and severe pain felt by the horse in the infected portion. Hoof wall cracks, Navicular disease, Quittor, and thrush can occur if you do not care about your horse.

Horse hoof supplement will help your horse to grow with a healthy hoof. Supplements fill up his nutritional requirements and prevent deficiency cracks. Acquired immunity build in horse against many microbes. But the selection of a good supplement is not natural for you. Here are the best supplement criteria to select.

Here is quick pick

Best Hoof Supplement Components


Biotin is water-soluble, and the main function is to convert food into energy. The basic concept of biotin is also associated with the development of nails in humans and hoof in horses.

Biotin is also called vitamin H, which stands for haar and haunt meaning nail and hair. Your horse has two ways to get biotin naturally.

  • Biotin is available in most feeds and green forages.
  • Bacteria in the gut of the horse also make available for the horse.

There are specific conditions to follow when you feed biotin as a supplement.

➊ If your horse is recovering from any hoof disease, you need to give biotin with a mixture of some other supplements. This will help him to grow better.

➋ If your horse is taking antibiotics for a long time. Antibiotics will alter the population of bacteria in the hindgut.

➌ If your horse is old, there is a loss in function or less population of bacteria in hindgut so biotin supplement will help. In some cases, the thoroughbred horse needs biotin when they feed an established diet for a long time.


Methionine is considered as the second most crucial vitamin for the horse. Horses can not build it, so there should be a methionine rich diet for them.

In the case of a horse hoof, methionine connects cells, and all three bones function in the presence of methionine.

Methionine also helps in detoxification and healthy foot.Cysteine(Precourser of methionine) is present in the hoof wall and contributes to bonds of sulfur to strengthen hoof walls.

Horses can get methionine from forage, but forage should be grown according to sulfur balance. Low sulfur level in the soil will suppress low methionine in the grass. Methionine in the form of the supplement will improve horse hoof, hairs, and immune systems.


Everyone knows calcium is essential for bones and tails. Calcium to phosphorus ratio is 2:1, which is ideal for your horse.

According to NRC, a perfect weight horse eat 20gram calcium daily. This amount can be increased for a racehorse or with activity. Grains have less amount of calcium as compared to forages. Only Alfalfa has twice the amount of calcium as compared to forages. Calcium should be added in the feed as organic or inorganic.

Calcium helps in absorbing protein. Absorption will help to build healthier hoof and bones.

Zn and copper

Zinc is essential for hoof and bone development. Copper is also suitable for cartilage development. Zinc and copper help in keratin development which prevents damage to epithelial cells.

Zinc is a central part of 100 enzymes. Most of them are the backbone of carbohydrate and protein synthesis. The highest concentration is present in horse horns and muscles. An ideal weight horse needs 400 to 500-milligram zinc per day.

Copper has different functions.

➊ The primary function is connecting cells and tissues

➋ Helps in melanin pigment synthesis

➌ Act as antioxidant and iron store

An ideal weight horse needs 100 to 200 mg copper daily.

11 Best Hoof Supplements for Horses

1. LIFE DATA LABS Farriers Formula Double Strength

Worried about your horse’s health and wellness? Let Life Data Labs farrier’s formula share the burden. It’s in Amazon’s choice as the best farrier formula for hoof health.

It is specifically formulated to provide all essential nutrients that horses may not get otherwise(in desired quantity). As per the company’s claim, it’s a great source of protein, phospholipids, omega fatty acids, and uncountable vitamins, and minerals.

This is the best selling product for hoof care on amazon. Farries marked as a best seller for 12 consecutive years. Recommended by the smart pack is the best hoof supplement. It has a combination of all vitamins that will help to grow connective tissues.

The supplement provides phospholipids omega fatty acids vitamins minerals. It has a protein that helps in the production of building blocks for a healthy hoof.

Farries formula is effective against many diseases or to recover from cracks, abscesses or bruises. This supplement should be given to every horse according to the above vitamin recommendations. Thoroughbred or horses with mentionable daily activity need this supplement.

Application and dose are also important. If your horse is recovering from disease dose should be given according to the recommendation, but you usually can give ½ cup daily for a healthy hoof. The supplement is available in 3 different dose sizes — 11 pound Pail, 44 Pound Pail and a bag of and 11-pound bag.

Major Ingredients

  • Crude Protein
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Crude fibre
  • Calcium
  • Zinc and Copper
  • Taste is good, and every breed loves to eat
  • The dose is in the form of the pallet so easy to feed.
  • All major vitamins in the single supplement, so no separate supplement needed.
  • In severe case or presence of microbes in hooves will delay the effect of supplement and can take time to show the impact.

2. Farnam Horseshoers Secret

Horseshoer’s Secret is a highly nutritive formula for healthy hoof growth. Farnam helps to strengthen all bones associated with the hoof. It helps to connect tissues. All vitamins in this supplement work as enzyme and catalyst pathway, help each other to heal damaged tissues and growth of new tissues.

The rubbery pad will redevelop after feeding this supplement. This product will take 3 to 4 months to recover diseased or damaged feet. The period for recovery is until less than above ferries formulas. Regular use of Farnam horseshoers secret will strengthen his feet.

Hundreds of healthy horse owners give credit to Farnam Horseshoer’s secret pellet hoof supplement for their horse’s hooves’ health and wellness. It has been proven to improve hoof condition in just a matter of months. Besides fixing the horse hoof health, it helps in generating resistance against the cracks and other hoof issues.

Enclosed scoop holds 6 ounces. Feed 6 oz per day for 6 to 8 months. Change to maintenance level 6 oz per day. If the problem persists, resume feeding 6 oz per day. Adjust the supplement dose according to the weight of the horse.

Major Ingredients

  • Crude protein
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Biotin
  • Zinc and Copper

This product delivers 15mg biotin.1704 mg lysine, and 2724 mg methionine per 6 oz serving.

  • In the form of pallets, easy to digest
  • The quick growth of the damaged hoof
  • Major Growth vitamins covered
  • Rated low in taste as compared to farries strength

3. Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement

Biotin, MSM, Methionine, And Zinc are significant ingredients of this supplement. It helps to grow new hoof faster.MSM is a feature of this equine hoof guard that works with other vitamins to show quick and effective action. It helps to improve structural proteins.

Methionine present in the supplement will work with other nutrients energetically to develop proteins. The presence of zinc in this supplement will provide resistance against cracks.

If nothing is working, let Horse Guard hoof supplement handle the job. Besides improving the horse’s hoof health, it is made to build healthier coats as well. One Horse Guard hoof supplement is enough to supply hoof health-boosting nutrients for at least 80 days.

Horse Guard’s line of hoof supplements (including Biotin Hoof Blast) is the only hoof supplement on the market that includes MSM. MSM provides the basis for structural proteins to aid in contributing to stout, flexible hooves. It is soybean-based so also develop a shiny coat.

Top dress feed grain or hay with 1 ounce per 500 lb body weight per day. 2-ounce scoop included. A 1,000 lb horse will receive a full scoop; feed less to smaller horses.

Major Ingredients

  • Biotin
  • MSM
  • Methionine
  • Zinc
  • Easy to feed, highly concentrated
  • Verified and made in Oregon USA
  • Some supportive vitamins are missing as compared to top supplements

4. Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement

Need a biotin-rich dose to improve your horse’s hoof health? This least-known Durvet Biotin Daily hoof supplement is the answer. It is made to boost hooves, coats, and digestive systems. This biotin overloaded supplement does not just boost hoof health but helps in hoof growth as well.

Flax meal in duvet will help to grow hoof which is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. If horse hooves are chimping off in summer and cracks or microbes are invading in infected feed, apply a dose of this supplement.

Durvet’s daily dose will help to give the proper shape. Durvet contains methionine which helps to build protein blocks that strengthen connective tissues.

The good thing about duvet is flavour. It comes in sweet apple flavour in the form of pallets.

Durvet contains biotin and highly digestive. Durvet is one of the best selling hoof supplement on amazon. Yea Saccreg 1026 to help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

Major ingredients

  • Biotin
  • Yeast Culture Dehydrated
  • Flax Seed meal
  • Corn Distillers Dried Grains With Soluble
  • Dehydrated AlfAlfa meal
  • Supports normal skin and coat color
  • Easy to feed apple-flavored pellets
  • Supportive vitamins are missing
  • Trace vitamins are missing

5. Farnam Horseshoers Secret Extra Strength

If the horse hooves are not recovering but getting worse day by day, the Farnam Horseshoer’s extra strength is what you need. It is a specific hoof supplement that assists in achieving healthy hooves, ligaments, and tendons. Besides improving the hoof appearance, it promotes hydration and moisture retention as well.

Fresh tenders and ligaments are also essential for strong hoof growth. If you want to provide a vital nutritional dose to the horse, this Farnam supplement is applied with extra dose to provide connective tissue’s strength.

This formula is ideal for all horses, especially those that need more support than others due to a genetic predisposition, environmental or rigorous performance demands. When your horse needs extra help, trust the brand recommended by farriers and veterinarians. Built strong from the ground up.

Farnam Horseshoers Supports cracked hooves & strengthens weak walls and strengthens walls. This helps in moisture retention. Initially feed 4 ounces per day for 6 to 8 months. For maintenance feed 2 ounces per day.

Major Ingredients

  • Biotin
  • Methionine
  • Lysine
  • Easy-to-feed nuggets that support proper digestion
  • Grows healthy, tough flexible hooves
  • MISSING supportive or trace vitamins

6. AniMed Hoof Medic Hoof Supplement

Animed is the best veterinary company to produce quality supplements for horses. This product is specially prepared for hoof development. Animed hoof medic hoof supplement concentration is specially made for the absorption of nutrients.

AniMed’s Medic hoof supplement comes in a 4-pound bucket specifically to serve as a hoof health booster. It works exceptionally well for thin-walled weaker hooves. If used as prescribed it can accelerate growth and create more malleable thick-walled hooves.

Horses can not make most of the essential vitamins and they can not absorb effectively from an external source. Some supplements are needed for the absorption of essential nutrients.

Animed hoof medic hoof supplement helps in the absorption of Methionine and trace elements. Cracked or weak hooves can be recovered by using this supplement. A combination of nutrients in Hoof Medic work together to support cracked feet and strengthen hoof walls.

An additional thing about this supplement is that it is equally useful for donkeys. Nutrients in supplements also make skin shiny. It is better to use it with grass hay or omega shine for donkey.chronic abscess problem can be suppressed by continuous use of animated hoof supplement.

Microbial diseases or dirty hoof cause crack or loss of hoof. This methionine rich supplement will help to compete against these microbes or recovery from illness.

Major Ingredients

  • Active soy
  • Brewers Yeast
  • Folic Acid
  • Methionine
  • Calcium Fibre
  • Enriched with main vitamin (Methionine) for hoof growth
  • Good for Healthy coat and skin
  • The trace element is missing
  • The flavor is not good as compare to other brands

7. Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement

Sho-hoof Provides 20mg of Biotin the optimal recommended daily amount to help maintain hoof condition.

Supplement Helps horses to develop strong, healthy hooves, Contains Biotin and Chelated Zinc for hoof growth.

Enriched with Omega 3’s. Amino Acids for healthy feet, skin, and coat. Highly palatable & easy to feed.

Manna pro sho hoof is natural to feed as it is available in the form of pellets. It is a trending product in 2020 — high-Quality products tested by thousands of users.

Antioxidants in manna pro shoo hoof help to grow a better immune system. It is easy to digest and flavoured.

Manna Pro is famous for it’s superior grade animal nutrition and care products, this ShoHoof supplement is one of them.

This major Manna Pro ShoHoof biotin and zinc methionine supplement are specifically formulated to develop stronger healthier hooves and shiny coats. Other than biotin and zinc methionine, it is enriched in omega 3 and amino acids that play a vital role in maintaining and improving horse hoof and coat conditions.

Major Ingredients

  • Methionine
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3
  • Highly palatable and easy-to-feed formula
  • Helps to maintain hoof condition
  • Mixture supply is missing
  • Flavors are limited

8. Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs

Weak quality hooves can lead to eventual lameness, and the condition of a horse’s hooves are an indication of your horse’s overall health and nutritional state.

Each serving of Formula 707 Hoof Health has D-biotin (a B-vitamin vital to hoof health), L-lysine DL-methionine (essential amino acids), plus minerals phosphorus calcium, zinc methionine complex, and p manganese to maximize bio-availability.

All ingredients are added in distilled grains or hulls that will make 70 hoof health most balanced diet.

This supplement Nourish and improve cracking, crumbling or delaminating hooves with COMPLETE support for strong, healthy hoof walls and soles.

Formula 707 has been serving horses and other domestic animals since 1946. The quality of Formula 707 has only improved ever since. This scientifically formulated hoof supplement contains a balanced amount of all essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to boost hoof health. 

The biggest problem with supplements is digestion. Most of the protein will come out by providing favour in cell growth. This supplement is most balanced so the rest of the material will help to bind essential nutrients.

Major Ingredients

  • Yeast Culture
  • Dried grains
  • Methionine
  • Lysine
  • Hydrochloride
  • Copper
  • Accurate, pre-measured packs are convenient and easy to use.
  • Target Oriented function
  • Not much flavored mentioned
  • Not tested against severe damage recovery

9. Manna Pro 05-9352 Hoof Snax

Feed your horse with this sweet taste supplement. A combination of biotin with snacks will give a better taste and a balanced diet.

This is a biotin-rich supplement. Biotin will help to supply tissue strength. All three bones of the hoof will be stronger after getting a dose of mana pro hoof snax.

Include this supplement in the daily diet of the horse. Biotin requirements can not be fulfilled with daily forage so add this supplement according to the recommended dose.

This Manna Pro hoof Snax biotin enriched horse hoof supplement contains wheat, ground flaxseed, stabilized rice bran, oat groats, brown sugar, cassava roots, brewer’s dried yeast, cinnamon, salt, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, and rosemaries to boost hoof health and prevent hoof diseases and issues. The best part of this horse supplement deal is that it can be supplemented to all young and mature horses.

Some owners feel the problem that their horse is not feeding on rough tase. The taste of manna pro is similar to cinnamon, so the horse loves this taste. Just five cookies will provide 20g of biotin.

Major Ingredients

  • Crude protien
  • Crude fat
  • Fiber
  • Biotin
  • Horses Love The Taste
  • Great For Training
  • Some major vitamins are missing
  • Trace or binding vitamins are absent
  • Only for biotin deficiency

10. Farrier’s Formula Original Strength Supplement

Original Strength is the second most selling product by life data. It also helps connective tissuesSupplement is available in the form of capsules. Good taste make this product mentionable.

This product is recommended for 12 years by ferries in the US. The product promotes the fast and robust growth of the hoof wall sole frog and heel.

Life Data Labs provides proper nutrition to grow out wall cracks. It promotes a glossy, more deeply coloured coat and strengthens connective tissues of the joints and ligaments.

This Life Data double strength horse supplement is not just made to target weaker hooves but to prevent microbial invasion and bruising as well. It is often prescribed by the farriers in worse cases; let’s say laminitis recovery. Consider this Life Data double strength horse supplement for healthy frog, sole, wall, and heel growth. 

This supplement found effective against every breed of horse, but it has some magical recovery effects on the quarter horse. A 6 months dose on a quarter horse will rebuild his damaged hooves.

The presence of phospholipids, amino acids, and essential nutrients and vitamins make this product different from the rest of the list. Hoof development and recovery depend on connective tissues, and there is not even a single product good then life data original strength.

Major Ingredients

  • Phospholipids
  • Amino acids
  • Trace elements
  • Pelleted feed,easy to feed
  • Promotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall sole frog and heel
  • No disadvantage of using this life data lab

11. Kentucky Ker-A-Form Hoof and Coat Supplement

Ker A form is developed especially for hooves. The name originated from ‘’keratin’’ which make some significant components of hairs and nails. Without healthy keratin, hooves and hair grow slowly and become dull, dry, and brittle.

The combination of nutrients found in Ker-A-Form support keratin as well as multiple other components that make up healthy skin, hair, and hooves.

The supplement has oil which prevents cracks and microbes invasion. Available in the form of powder used as dust with forage.

This Kentucky performance Prod’s least-known but high-performing horse supplement was made to our list because of its simplest formulation and rewarding nature. It is popular among horse enthusiasts as a “miracle worker”. It is specifically built to promote hoof health and prevent dry flaky coats. 

Major Ingredients

  • Ground Extruded Whole Soybeans
  • Dl Methionine
  • Yeast Culture
  • Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide
  • Supports a reduced incidence of toe cracks
  • Contains ingredients that provide natural oils in your horse’s coat
  • Available in only powder formulation
  • The flavor is not justified

Hoof Care Recommendations

Hooves are half body for equine family. Healthy hooves make him immune against many diseases and fit in regular exercise.

Check Shoe Condition

Check his hoof before activity, remove if any small object or stone lodged in his foot. Check his shoe condition every week — trim horseshoes after 5 to 8 weeks. In winter hooves grow bit slowly so remove after 6 to 12 weeks.

Keep hoves in a balanced position

Always keep a straight hoof pastern angle. Horseshoe should extend back to the hoof walls.this will cover line below canon bone. Keep medial-lateral balance, as horse foot should land in equal position from every position.

Nutritional Requirements

Horses need specific vitamins for healthy hoof growth. Change horse feed according to the supply of these nutrients. Provide good quality hay and clean water. General recommendations for horse hoof growth are :

  • Biotin (20 MG Per day)
  • Iodine (1 Mg per day)
  • Methionine (2500 MG PER DAY)
  • Zinc (175 Mg per day)


What is the best biotin supplement for horses?

  • AniMed BIOTIN 100
  • Farnam Horseshoers Secret
  • Majesty’s Biotin Wafers

How do I keep my horse’s hooves healthy?

  • Make a schedule for regular trimming
  • Take Care of horseshoe
  • Maintain nutritional requirements

Is biotin good for horses?

Depending on the condition, if your horse is recovering from the disease or crack hoof. Biotin is good to enhance the activity of connective tissues.

What is the best hoof supplement for horses?

Farrier’s Formula Original Strength Supplement is the most recommended supplement for healthy horse hooves.


Supplements should second priority. However, Hoof and Joint supplements can be used to meet nutritional requirements. Care your horse with hygienic conditions, feed natural forage. Some hoof supplements are right for daily dose but change or replace the amount with a natural diet. The supplement should use according to the veteran’s recommendations.

An excellent hoof supplement should fulfil all nutritional requirements of the horse. Connective tissues build a connection between 3 bones. Biotin and methionine rich supplements are recommended for hoof growth.

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