7 Best Horse Riding Crop or Whip (2024)

Effective use of crops ignored nowadays. crops were built for natural aid. Still, some riders use it for disciplining the horse. Two types of whips will clarify to you about crops.

Hunting whip 

Hunting whips are usually not used for horses. It has a hook at the end.

Dressage whip

Dressage whip is definitely an ideal whip. It is used for horse training.it is 43 inches, allows a rider to touch mount’s side.

Guide to buy Crops

Horse crops are not only made or designed for horse riding.there are different purposes of crops, like dressage, show jumping hacking, cross country, schooling, and polo.

➊ Choose a whip or crop that is strapless to prevent injury. Always use a strap with a single hand and prevent it from rubbering down back.

➋ Never use longer whips or riding crops on a horse with full force. They are used to correct horse posture or behavior.

➌ If you are purchasing for dressage competition, choose dressage whip, because this whip is longer than the crop.

➍ Lunge whip selection is necessary when you do not want the contact of the whip with the horse. Lunge whip is longer and will only use to draw in air.

➎If you are going for race competition, select jockey’s whip. This whip is longer but broader as compared to others. It will make noise when coming in contact with the horse, but it will not hurt the horse.

Tough 1 English Riding Crop 4.5
Black Riding Crop 4.5
Jack Hardy Supply Horse Riding Crop 4.5
Keria Horse Riding Crop 4
Real Riding Crop English Whip 4
Prairie Riding Crop for Horse 3.6
YICHI 39″ Rubber Whip Not Rated

7 Best horse riding crops

Prairie Riding Crop for Horse

Prairie suppliers and more than 500 users claim handcrafter fibreglass material. You can choose a single or double leather strapper. Sleeper is some times called tongue or keeper. The shaft is extremely flexible. Fibreglass is of high-class material and will not break. The shaft attached is thickest at the end of handle and thin at the end of a slapper.

An exact crop has 24 inches to the 27-inch length, and this product has both selection choices for the buyer. Each handle attached to produce has a loop to secure your grip to prevent your hand from slipping.

Four colors are available in prairie riding crop, purple, pink black, and fuchsia.


  • 100% Guarantee for fiberglass and breakage
  • Color variation is available
  • Size variation is available


  • Not all whips are available
  • Handle Packing is not good

Tough 1 English Riding Crop

This is a super cool item in the list.tough 1 is a multipurpose crop. It is soft but useful and will work correctly for its purpose. Fibreglass in the whip is covered with braided-nylon. It has a solid moulded handle. The wrist loop is solid enough to attach with handle. It is suitable for pony and school lessons.

When you are trying to train your horse and do not want to hurt with the forcefull crop, this is best in the list for you.


  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Fiberglass shaft protection


  • Not for tough training
  • Only soft use

Black Riding Crop / Whip for Horse

This is a premium quality crop with a leather whip. Each plant is 18 inches long. The high-quality material used to build this crop. Do not underestimate the anti-slip grip of this crop. The robust and flexible PVC fiberglass stem wrapped by nylon webbing provides a premium experience.

During riding, if you are moving with jump bat, it will hinder The Rekink Jump Bat is a perfect size, 19” with the braided shaft. It has a leather flapper. This leather material is lightweight and easy to carry,

The popper gives a certain amount of incentive. This premium riding crop is lightweight and gentle, as well as commanding, so your horse understands the precise instructions you give them. It is suitable for beginners.


  • Solid Anti-slip grip
  • Lightweight and made with leather


  • Not best for dressage race

Black Riding Crop

The plastic handle will prevent riding crop from sliding. This crop is also made with premium quality leather. This crop is 18 inches long with a 5-inch longer handle. The handle is 5 in. The combination of braided rod and the handle makes it a perfect size for usage.

It is lightweight, so it is easy for beginners and professionals to handle a horse with this cropThe very end is real leather, the handle is made from plastic, bit out looks like leather and has an excellent feel — very well balanced, comfortable to hold.


  • Lightweight and made with leather
  • Best for trainers


  • No color variation available
  • Handle to weightage ratio is not perfect

Jack Hardy Supply Horse Riding Crop

The 21-inch length makes it useful in command. It can be used for effective correction. It has secure grip, Wrist loop strap ensures riding crop will not fall off. It is just perfect for training the full leather popper gives just the right amount of incentive. A lot of people use it for horse lessons.


  • Easy to use, best for trainers


  • No color variation available
  • No solid leather material used

Keria Horse Riding Crop

Do you want to move on with some unique ideas? Here is keria horse riding crop. It is pure leather and lightweight. The soft handle of the plant makes it stand out. One purchase of this crop will bring two sizes for you. One size is a 16.5 full black, and another one is 10,5 inches with red shine on it. Like the previous crop, it is also suitable for horse training.


  • Best for trainers and easy to use
  • Two sizes available with diff colors


  • Not best for racing

YICHI 39″ Rubber Whip Equestrianism Riding Crop

This is made up of natural and tasteless rubber. The whole length of the riding-whip is 39 inches. It is soft and robust enough not to break.water chestnut handle anti-skid. This is not only for riding, but it is also multipurpose and can be used for stage shows.


  • Made with rubber, soft material
  • Good for stage shows


  • Not best for trainers
  • Hurting material

How to use Riding Crop?

There should be perfection in using the riding crop. Otherwise, misuse can hurt your horse. Here understand first what types of crops and whips are:

  1. Crop or bat oriented
  2. Dressage whip
  3. Lunge whip

Whip Usage

Sometimes the horse is jumping and comes to the base of jump and stops. Another example is horse net box, so punish him not to buck anymore. The actual time and usage of the whip should be known; sometimes, incorrect usage considers fear in it.

When we release whip at the wrong time like if we are whipping and the strap stops on a horse doing something, the horse will connect with that thing he did with whip stopping. An example of this is when you use the whip for moving horse forward, he will respond in the form of buck or kick. This can cause more harm than getting the benefit.

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