157+ Racehorse Names – Famous & Funny Ideas

Racehorse names always look catchy and innovative to pronounce. It depends on acceptance by horse racing association and breed. Before finalizing a name, horse owners submit a list of names to the association and they will pick any of them under regulations.

Have a new horse? The first step is to name him. Naming your new horse is creativity but a catchy name will be perfect on his personality. There is a long history behind horse racing. Some memorable racehorses have a proven record of titles. We can draw inspiration from these horses. Here are some names famous in horse racing.

Famous Racehorse names

These famous horses have a memorable history to remembers. Most of them won titles and some appeared in movies. You can extend these names or take inspiration from them.


A 3-year-old horse to win the famous triple crown. Justify has a brilliant record of victories. justify made a name by winning Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, and Kentucky Derby races. he is the only American triple who never lost any game. He was a chestnut colour horse with a white blaze on head.

Seattle slew

Another thoroughbred horse to win the American triple crown. Seatle slew and justify are only horses to win the triple crown without any defeat in other races. In 1977 ranked as a horse of the year and according to the ranking of blood horse magazine  9th best horse among 100 historical racehorses. He was a dark bay in colour.


Secretariat is another thoroughbred horse to win the triple crown at the age of 25. His memorable victory in Belmont stakes made him popular. During his whole race career, he awarded by five eclipse racehorses awards. A 3 years old horse set brilliant race records and won three triple crowns. Secretariat lost only one game in his life when he covered first but disqualified due to interference.

Count fleet

Count fleet was sixth American triple brown winner. He won the Belmont stakes by a huge margin of 25 lengths. In 1943 he named as a horse of the year. Count fleet was bred by Fannie Hertz. This bay colour horse was one of the famous racehorses in the twentieth century.

Reigh Count

Reigh Count was a famous racehorse who won Kentucky derby and coronation cup in 1929. He won four out of fourteen races when two years old. At age three he became very dominant horse in America. This chestnut coloured horse made a great impact on the history of racehorses.

War Admiral 

Famous horse to win American triple crown and awarded horse of the year in 1937. War admiral won total 21 races out of 26. Estimation of his earnings is 237 240 $ which is around $4,966,000 in 2021. Samuel d bridle bred this horse who was the owner of man o war. Brushup and Man o war were offsprings of war admiral. Man o war has proven record of victories but brushup never won a race.


His racing career lasted from 19324 to 1936. During his career, he won 9 races over 29. Omaha made a name by winning the triple crown. He was a chestnut horse with a white blaze. Omaha was the son of a gallant fox.

Gallant Fox

Another American thoroughbred racehorse who won 17 races in his career. As a three-year-old, he won 9 out of 10 races to become second triple crown in united states. At this time term triple crown was not popular but later described by a British magazine. He was a chestnut horse with blaze and bred in Paris.


Marguerite has not memorable history but he remained runner in four races. She was a mare of gallant fox and produced some historical foals.


One of the famous American hall of a champion. James r keen bred this horse at Castleton stud. He won five races out of six in the start and lost in one by jockey error.

Black Caviar

One of the best racehorse ever in history. He remained undefeated in all 25 races including some group victories. Caviar named world champion sprinter in 2010,11,12 and 2013. Luke Nolan and peter moody trained this horse where peter moody trained for most of the races.


Who is not aware of this name? Eclipse was undefeated horse from 18th century. He won 18 races and present in pedigree of modern horses. He named after the solar eclipse and owned by Prince William Augustus later. Eclipse was a chestnut horse with a white blaze.

Flying fox 

A historical horse who won triple crown and leading sire in France. The flying fox was a very difficult horse to handle. His trained could manage only two years. Later john porter handled him as he was one of the best horse trainers in history.


Meet citation who won 16 consecutive races. he was the first horse in history to win one million dollars. His pedigree was European but bred in Kentucky. English sire musket bred his father bull lea who was also leading a horse.

Man o war

A famous stallion bred in the United States. His owner did not give permission for the triple crown.ESPN, The blood horse quoted his achievements. Associated press voted Man o war best horse of the history.He won twenty races with $249,465 to $3,184,000 in 2021.Man o war won Belmont stakes by 20 feet and set a brilliant record. he was a chestnut horse with a white star on forehead.


 The blood horse magazine ranked Kelso 4th best horse in the world. He won many racing competitions including Kelso defeated Gun bow, carry back, rev band and roman brother. This dark bay horse bred in Paris.

Female Racehorse names

There are few female racehorses in history who made a real change in history. Here are some female racehorses from history. Read guide on Girl names for horses


Ruffian was American thoroughbred mare who won 10 consecutive races by a long margin. She injured later in her career.


She won 19 starts from 20 races and defeated in her last game. She lost by a neck to famous horse blame. In 2010 she named as a horse of the year. She was purchased by jerry moss who name Zenyatta.

Rags to Riches

The first mare to win Belmont stakes. A famous chestnut mare sired in 1992 by US house of honour.

Dawn Run 

Only mare to win champion hurdle.


She is a dual winner of arc and famous in 1949 to win many races.


The only winner who won breeder cup three times. She has many other awards and victories in her career.

Rachel Alexandra 

Famous mare to win Kentucky Oaks. She beat many boys in this race and made history.

Lady’s Secret 

She won American eclipse award in mid of her career. Lady’s secret listed one of the best racehorses by US magazine.

Winning colors

She was one of the three fillies to win Kentucky derby race, Winning colours were grey with a white blaze on his face.

Genuine Risk

A famous chestnut mare who won  Kentucky. She was a top class performer even better than stallion sin 1980.

Here are some more famous mares that appeared in race

  • Bosra sham
  • Zarkava
  • Ta vee
  • Black caviar
  • Azeri winx
  • Makybe diva
  • Dahlia
  • Sun princess
  • Sunline
  • Eight bells
  • Makybe diva
  • Time charter
  • Indian skimmer
  • All along
  • Snow fairy
  • Marling 
  • Sonic lady
  • Midday
  • Midvay lady
  • Attraction
  • Urban sea
  • Miss Woodford
  • Dance smartly
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Male Racehorse names

It is a fact that most of the stallions appeared in races. Some of the racehorses appeared in races mentioned in our famous horses.

Hurricane fly

He trained in France and later moved to Ireland. Hurricane fly trained by famous Willie Mullins. He won five consecutive races in a champion hurdle.

Mister ed 

Famous talking horse appeared in many dramas and kid movies.

Lava Man 

Famous American thoroughbred horse who won 17 races in his life. Lava man was a dark bay in colour with a white blaze.

Lawyer Ron

A famous racehorse owned and bred by James T. Hines. He was dominated in dirt races and mediocre on turf.

Game on dude

That is my favourite name among all racehorses. Game on the dude on won 17 races in his career. He was a dark bay with no mark.

Blushing Groom 

He was French champion and raced by HH Agha khan. Blushing groom won five consecutive races in his career.

Thunder gultch

Famous for Belmont and  Kentucky Derby derby races in 1995. He was chestnut in colour and owned by Tabo.

Gun Runner 

As the name shows he is a racehorse. Gunrunner won Grade 1 races at the age of 4.He is chestnut with a white star.

American thoroughbred horse who won six consecutive races. He bred in Kentucky by byan lyster.

  • Raise a native
  • Seeking the Gold
  • Adios
  • Adios Buttler
  • Ajax
  • Alydar
  • Arkle
  • Assault
  • Beholder
  • Ben Nevis
  • Big brown
  • Bold ruler
  • Buck passer
  • Shanghai Bobby
  • Hail to Reason
  • Carbine
  • Cigar
  • Buckpasser
  • Barbaro
  • Country horse
  • Dan patch
  • Desert gold
  • Desert orchid

Funny RaceHorse Names

Do you want to add fun in racehorse name? Here are some funny and punny horse names.

  • Dr Fager
  • Dawn run
  • Arrrr
  • Bofa Deez nuts
  • Photoo
  • Waikikamukau
  • Covfefe
  • Ghostzapper
  • Hoof hearted
  • Odour in the court
  • Clyde van Dusen
  • Denman’s call
  • Funny Cide
  • Flying boat
  • Go man go
  • Gloming
  • I will have another
  • Invasor
  • Hastings
  • Irish war cry
  • Why sicky
  • Two in the pink
  • Hahaha 
  • Passing wind
  • Wear the fox hat
  • Geespot
  • Marry hinge
  • Kissin George

Weird Names

Some names appeared weird for racehorses. These weird horse names may be unique by owner but memorable in history.

  • Effinex
  • Fiftyshadesofhay
  • First dude
  • Flat drunk
  • Isonomy
  • Jay trump
  • Kingston town
  • Lonesome glory
  • Longfellow
  • Lookin at lucky
  • Maximum security
  • Flat feet feet
  • Harass
  • I‘ll have another
  • John henry
  • Luv Gov
  • Midnight Luv
  • Mywifenosevrything
  • Notacatbutallama
  • Onoitsmymothernlaw
  • Painting the Sky
  • Panty raid
  • Native dancer
  • Phar lap
  • Pleasant colony
  • Redrum
  • Sea bird
  • Smarty jones
  • Swale
  • Tuscalee
  • Twenty grand
  • Vo rouge
  • Whisk broom 
  • Zippy chippy
  • Ziccio
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Naming Tips for race horse

There are some rules by breeding association for naming your horse. Every breeding association has its own rules. These horse naming rules are very strict. It is a suggestion to read and learn these rules before naming. Here are some rules.

Horse Naming Rules

  • The name should not be more than eighteen characters
  • The name should not contain these initials I.O.U, F.O.B or C.O.D
  • Horse name should not end with any horse term like foal, colt, gelding, stallion, mare
  • You can not give a numerical designation. Even you can not provide in spellings
  • The name should not contain any living person’s name
  • No names from shows or race tracks
  • Names should not have any hat or vulgar meaning behind it. Religious or political names not allowed.
  • A restricted list is present to prevent some names. You can not pick from eclipse awards, hall of fame or derby

Easy to pronounce

Always pick easy to pronounce the name. Tung twister or long names are hard to call during competitions. Short and easy names are more catchy. I like adding pedigree in horse name. Some horse lovers give funny touch which is innovative during the race. Hoof hearted, panty raid and odour in court are some funny names. You can name by looking sire of the horse. If you add parents name in the breed, it helps breeders to recognize.

Always choose a separate name for the barn. A barn name should be short and easy to pronounce. It can be a nickname like Dunky for Dunky Bradford. You can use a specific part of horse name as a barn name. Some horse owners love traditional or family names. If your name on any famous celebrity then registers this name first from the association.

Final words

Naming your stallion or mare is easy if you know horse naming rules. There are some naming rules by breeding association. Adding funny, pop culture, family, proper person touch can bring a unique name. Above racehorse, name ideas will help you to pick an innovative name for your horse.

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