377 Unique Horse Names

If you have decided or already adopted a horse as a pet and still muddled about deciding the name for it.

Don’t worry then, in this blog you will read some brainstorming ideas that will help you out in coming to a decision. The name of a horse should be just, elegant and unique in its own way. And when it comes to a horse it becomes more difficult because deciding a magnificent name for a magical creature seems like an exasperating thing to do.

First thing’s first, decide that either you have bought or adopted the horse as a pet, or will it be a racehorse or you wish to take it on fancy parades or horse exhibitions. Or you just want it to be your partner in adventures. Thinking this will make you fill up with different names.

Horses take a long time in remembering their names or the sounds of the summoning them. So, you have to pick a name which is also easy for you to say it again and again. Also, the name of sound should be clear. Horses feel sadness, happiness, anxiety, depression, etc.

just the way humans do. If you pick a hard name or a soft name, this will also affect its personality. Since picking a hard name will have you speak it louder, which can a horse feel some strictness and at the same time if you pick a soft name it will affect the horses’ personality. In short, the name should not sound like an order.

Moreover, you can find inspiration. You can do it by watching some of the famous movies based on horses. Or read books where horses have played a big role in some events.

The best and the aesthetic idea is to take your horse out for a ride in nature or wherever you reside. Maybe, you will encounter a path or a tree, a kind of flower, or a bird or any creature for that matter which might give you a kick start. You can also pick a unique name for your horse by looking at its personality like; what it likes to eat the most, what kind of any other animal it is comfortable or fond of.

Of course, you must be a jazzed-up person for horses, and you might go to the horse races. You can find names of the racehorses that win or who are trying to win in the arena. Mostly, racing horses’ names are the most unique ones.

If you have bought or adopted an Arabian breed, or a Russian breed or any other breed, you can look through the names of horses in their languages. It will sound chic and vintage at the same time.

Unique Horse Names list

ApoloGallant FoxBander
BanditConchoSun Dance
Sky RoseCasanovaChipper
Top HatConchyCorky
FuryHorse powerFoxtrotSpicy
BucktoothStable BoyWhiskey
HooferKlip KlopJax
Sun SetterHippieBlue Jay
FortuneScooby-DooRoyal Pardon
NightStormSuper StarJalopy
Fire Dancer Overbrook StarrDust
Fiona Red Arrow Golden
Goldie Shutterstock Thunderstorms
Star WorldHuckleberryHurricane

Unique Horse Names with Meaning

DawnOriginated from Dawn and Dusk. Both can be used.
BlackJackFamous horse used in funeral procession of John F.
AshDerived from tree Ash tree, a catchy name to use.
DuchessThe Name used for the female horse as a leader.
BeeswaxBeeswax is waste obtained from honeybee hive.
AtlasA Name used for the strongest one in the world.
LondonLondon is also good name for your horse from city.
BalboaMoney Name in Panama, a famous movie character.
BiscuitA cookie, a biscuit is the best to name for a pony horse.
BogartTo keep to yourself, Bogart also movie character.
CanyonA large ground cut by glaciers is called Canyon.
DaleUsed in movies and the first name of the driver.
DoyleName obtained from the Irish language means dark.
EdwardFirst name of many movie characters.
GizmoA famous name for the classic movie of the19th century.
HulkThe Name for a big and giant character is known as hulk.
HydeSome people know it from the novel character.
PaddingtonName of a famous train station and bear name.
RemingtonA famous brand of guns also a catchy and unique name.

Final Words

Giving unique name or nickname to your horse is just clearifiying his worth from other horses. A unique name gives catchy look and everybody will ask about this creativity. This list is well ogranised to pick some unique ideas of horse names for your horse.Drop some more suggestions so we can update our article.

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