97+ Arabian Horse Names – For Mares & Geldings

Probably you have a new Arabian horse or looking for a name for your old one. Finding Arabian horse names is not easy but here is a guide and collection of names.

Many breeders and owners of horses, especially Arabian horses’ owners desire to give a name to their horse.

This has been a kind of tradition of giving an Arabic name to a horse when it comes to naming an Arabian breed. Although it is never easy to give a name that will stay with it for life and it will be registered with the authorities and considering such responsibility.

Lady CatCaptainKnight
Sahara GirlMysticLegend
SholaQaisarBack Runner

Famous Arabian Horse Names

Some horse names are very famous in Arab. Worldwide most people copy these names for their stallion or mare. Here are some famous names.

  • Janan

Janan is a beautiful Arabic term mostly used for a beloved one. Very short and catchy name for the mare.

  • Hayat

It is the translation of the word ”Life” in the Arabic language. Hayat is the best-fit name for an Arabian stallion.

  • Labeeb

Labeeb is a short and catchy Arabic name that stands for ”sensible” and wise. You can use it for both males and females.

  • Khalida

Means ”Immortal”.Khalidah is a female name but Khalid is another Arabic term with the same meaning. Use Khalida for mare and Khalid for Stallion. That is the best pair name.

  • Aini

Aini stands for choice, flower, and source. There are different meanings below to Aini. Aini is good for mares.

  • Yamaha

Yamaha is a famous Japanese bike and cars brand. It is famous for race Similar to Arabian Horse.

  • Suha

Suha is a local Arabic and Punjabi term for red color. This name is best for chestnut or red Arabian.

  • Hurrah

Hurrah is a pleasant or delightful meaning term used in the Arabic language. It is basically an Urdu language word. In Urdu Hurrah means ”A pleasant feeling of success”.

  • Azizah

So if you are looking for another pair name for your Arabian so Azizah and Aziz is best. Azizah means beloved one.

  • Noor

Noor stands for ray and best name for both male and female horse names.

  • Badra

The one who fights in Badar. In Arabic or Islamic culture, Badar was war, and fighters or horses in this war can be Badra.

  • Kala

Kala is a local Punjabi and Urdu term for ”Black”. A great number of black Arabian are present in the world. Kala is the best to name for black horses.

  • Nina

The cute local term for mares. Nina was a gaming character famous in Asian countries.

  • Azia

Azia means loveable and it is a catchy term for Arabian filly or mare. It is very short and easy to call name

  • Lady Kate

This term has no specific meanings behind it but Lady kate is overall a catchy name suggested by horse lovers.

  • Malak

Malk stands for Angel. The good thing about this name is that it is common and for both mare or geldings.

  • Muna

Muna is a local Punjabi term for little kids. Mostly this name stands for little baby.

  • Muti

Muti is a common dog name in Asia. Muti is a love sign for pets in Indian and neighboring countries.

  • Reem

Reem was a large animal in Ancient times. Another meaning of this name is a girl with full joy and happy life.

  • Aragon

Aragon is a male name. Basically, it is a landlocked region in Spain. It is a very beautiful state type.

  • Ziyadah

Ziyadah or Ziyad is a famous surname in Arabian countries. Both can be used as a pair of horses.

  • Desert Rose

Arabian is a horse of desert. Most Arabian love to ride and deserts. This catchy term is good for both genders.

  • Sassy

Sassy is a very short but catchy and easy-to-call name for mares.

  • Nugget

Nugget is the best to name for the dun or bay Arabian horse. It gives a unique sound and is easy to remember.

  • Rana

Rana is a local caste system in Asian countries. This name suits only male horses.

  • Buraq

The buraq is a famous horse ride on special occasions. It has a very interesting story behind it. Here is a recent resource to find it.

  • Saud

Saud means Saudi and Saudi stands for Saudi Arabia who are passionate lovers of Arabian.

best arabian horse names

Male Arabian Horse Names

Finding the best names for your stallion is not an easy task. Some English horse names can also work for Male Arabian. Here is our top selection.

  • Cody
  • Jossie
  • Fana
  • Aurora
  • Naseam
  • Halifa
  • Naeem
  • Taiz
  • Xhukka
  • Disny
  • Dirt Racer
  • Dark Horse
  • Flying champ
  • Starlight
  • Xender
  • Qasim
  • Suhayb
  • Sohna
  • Tarab
  • Yusha
  • Taizi
female arabian horse names

Female Arabian Horse Names

If the Arabian mare is your new guest then a catchy name should be the first choice. It is a bit hard naming female horses but this collection of names is amazing.

  • Qaisar
  • Pervaiz
  • Hoofbeat
  • Melody
  • Lemon Runner
  • Back Runner
  • Wahibah
  • Wardah
  • Usma
  • Zaha
  • Tricky
  • Aladin
  • Sugar
  • Mystic
  • Genie
  • Cash
  • Tara
  • Sona
  • Ridah
  • Fillah
  • Arabian bolt
white arabian names

Arabian Horse Names with Meanings

  • Johara – Jewel
  • Yasmine – From flower jasmine
  • Zaynah – Beautfiul
  • Ziyad – Abudance
  • Darcy – Cheeky Personality
  • Saud – Fortunate
  • Reem – Gazelle
  • Numair – Panther
  • Maha – Wild cow
  • Leila – One who born at night
  • Kaila – Beloved
  • Alima – Wise
  • Lina – Tender
  • Malk – Angel
  • Nada – Dew
  • Suha – Name of star
  • Hayat – Life
  • Farid – Unique
  • Lutfi – Kind and friendly
  • Shihab – Flame
  • Immad – Support
  • Faris – Horseman
  • Nabil – Nobel

Arabian Horse Names by Color

Arabian horses are not limited to one color. According to recent studies, there are many coat colors belongs to this breed.

Every coat color varies in numbers according to the region. Some breeds with markings on their body also part.

Here are some common coat colors of Arabian.

Dominant WhiteSeal Brown
Washy BayPalomino

Lets give them name one by one.

Sabino Arabian Names

  • Reyna– Arabian Mare
  • Prairie Star 
  • Chatney
  • Baloch
  • Skunk – Painted face like markings on sabino horse
  • Luna – Blue Roan mare
  • Daisy – Flea-bitten Mare
  • sprinkles
  • Casino
  • Crystal
  • Moon dragon

Bay Arabian Names

Bay has actually coated color appear in some Arabian Horses. Good to find a specific name for your bay horse. Bay Horse Names collection can also bring good ideas for you.

  • Whisper – For dappled grey Arabian mare
  • Arrow – Dark bay Arabian stallion
  • Honour – Mahongy bay Arabian
  • Cody – For your gray stallion
  • Angel – For Mare
  • Nugget – Best for male gray horse
  • Deputy
  • Eclipse
  • Nebulousah
  • Money maker
  • Geinie
  • Diesel

Chestnut Arabian Names

  • Sugar
  • Casino
  • Rhocky Rhoad
  • Cheyenne– palomino name
  • Sunstruck – Palomino Arabian stallion
  • Desert Rose – Red roan Arabian mare
  • Lightning – For chestnut with markings on body
  • Garnet – Deep red or chestnut name
  • Flame – Bright red mare name
  • Sunstruck – Palomino Arabian stallion
  • Prancer – Chestnut Arabian mare
  • Blaze – Flaxen liver chestnut

Black Arabian Names

Black Arabian are very rare to find but black names for horses look more catchy. Some below give ideas are perfect for black Arabian.

  • Coffin – For black stallion
  • Midnight – Black Mare
  • Garnet – For black and red mare
  • Arrow – Dark or bay color Arabian
  • Blaze – Deep color
  • Starlight – For Pure black Arabian
  • Luna – For blue roan or black
  • Lexington
  • Arelia
  • Dream
  • Legend

White Arabian Names

  • Destiny
  • Figure
  • Tricky
  • Banjo
  • Drallion
  • Jupiter
  • Cidar
  • Nutmeg
  • Tulip
  • Faith
  • Mosacic
  • Cream
  • Dough

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Then again not all Arabic names can be used for naming a horse. So, a little knowledge of the Arabic language is a must for people in the west.

chestnut arabian names

How to Name Your Arabian Horse

Understand Language

The Arabic language is full and rich in grammar. But you don’t need to convert into a Sibawayhi (an Arabic linguistics scholar) to pick a name for your horse.

All you have to do is understand that Arabic language grammar is based on gender. This means the nouns in Arabic grammar are feminine and masculine. This also means that many different names can be a perfect fit for both fillies and colts.

Pick Name from Colour

There are other means of naming the Arabian breeds like; consider the color of the coat. In the Arabic language, the colors are also pronounced and spelled differently.

The color for masculine is easy to speak as compared to the color for a feminine, especially for people who don’t know about this language.

Arabian Names from Translation

Not always do the names of the horse colors match with the regular names of colors.

For example, a horse coated in Bay color will be called Ahmar (for colt) and Tamara (for filly) but these colors mean red color in general. A black-coated horse is called Adham (for colt) and damaha (for filly), whereas, Aswad is the name for black color.

Although these names sound classic and cool, you cannot fully consider it done, since the colors of some horses change after some time.

Final Words

It is difficult to choose the best name for your Arabian Horse but the above list of Arabian horse names can help you to find the best name. You can drop your suggestions in the comments so we can add some best ideas to our list.

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