11 Best Horse Shipping Boots – 2021 Reviews

Looking for best Horse shipping boots? That is the main step to choose shipping boots while moving our horse. Here is a complete guide.

A famous proverb “ A horse may stumble, though he has four legs”. Only a horse with healthy legs and body shape is more heartwarming for the owner. So, the health of a horse’s legs is very important. 

During the moving of horses for sports events, transit to shows or trails, the soft tendons and bones are vulnerable to injury. Horses run on trailers. If horse boots aren’t here these trailers can be very dangerous for horses. 

While crossing a forest or walking through stony pathways, the right shipping boots pair or wraps are the ultimate solution to protect the legs of horses from scrapes, knocks and bruising by the trailer ride.

Horse boots or shoes protect the hooves and legs from any vulnerable injury leg bandages that work as a covering of horse and provide a comfortable feel to horses.

If you are in search of the best horse shipping boots, there are many things to keep in mind like the style of boots, the personality of the horse, how often and how far you travel. 

In this guide, everything from choosing the shipping boots to their importance is well discussed and all the points regarding the pros and cons of leg wraps or boots are explained.

Let’s get started.through the sharp edges of trailers. 

Role of horse shipping boots

Horse shipping boots are a professional source of protecting the legs of horses, especially, while moving them a place to place. It is a necessary part of the horse tool bucket especially for the travel-loving families.

Some people think that they have a solid and well-mannered horse and it will not get nervous in trailers but most often the situation becomes the opposite and horses wind up stepping all over themselves in apprehension.

Shipping boots are the premium product for protecting the horse from hunting themselves and it comes up in many shapes like bandages, boots and wraps. All of these products protect the tendons and soft bones of horses.

A lot of products by manufacturers are present in the market, but the wise step here is to choose the right one after reading the buying guide.

Buying Guide: Things to consider while buying Horse shipping boots


Mostly, shipping boots have nylon made outer covering with fleece linings. The outer shell of boots is often 400-denier, 600-denier or 1000-denier.

Denier is the measurement scale of the linear mass of fibres and this scale is used by manufacturers to quantify the quality of material used in making. 

Larger the denier number, toughest will be the material, so a boot made of 1000 denier has more strength than 400 deniers.


Some people hesitate from binding their horse in a bubble wrap, while others don’t even think twice about the protection of horse legs. But it is important to look at the right condition to put on boots. Sometimes they might protect horses from wounds but they can also cause inconvenience for your horse. So you need to consider a few things before buying them.


It is not wise to wrap your horse in hot weather. His body would be producing much heat. But while he is running on a trailer shipping boots might help him. According to a study the tendons and tissues on the area of leg beneath the shipping boots get overheat while excessive running such as a race. So the ultimate choice should be of caretaker.

Size adjustment

If boots are not fit him. He can get tangled which is very dangerous while running. Or you see the boots aren’t fit its place. This will not serve the purpose. One important point is that horses have a very sharp memory. They memorize falling due to tangling. So this will decrease its inner esteem and passion. You should consult your veterinarian for the proper size of a horse and how to wrap boots. But don’t let him run on a trailer with oversized boots at any cost as this will create problems in the next run. If boots are not according to his size he might tangle around them ruining his complete show.

Shoe covering

Sometimes these shoes are hazardous. Or they look completely absurd on your horse. So you can put a covering over them for his protection.

Wrap vs. boot

Before the advent of shipping boots for protection of horse’s legs, leg wraps were commonly used as protecting agents that were also known as polo wraps. 

Wraps are the white bandages for covering around the leg of the horse. With the advancement in science, nowadays wraps are available in a variety of textures, colours and thickness.

However, shipping boots are completely opposite of wraps. Boots do not fit as tight as the wraps and also boots are heavier and thicker. They are only used during transporting horses while the wraps are used widely during the races and riding.

Product Reviews: Best Horse Shipping Boots

It is crucial to note what kind or runner your horse is. If your horse likes to wander a lot he can easily get himself injured. This is a matter of trial and error. Some horses need protection no matter how the journey is. But these boots can also cause panic attacks to horses as they are not habitual of wearing them. So you need to play around with different boots that can provide comfort to your horse. But as we said before consult your veterinarian about it.

Modern horse boots come with fastening hooks and loops for adjustments.

We have gathered information about different horse boots available in the market.

1. Roma Deluxe Shipping Boots

This is first on our list. It is available in black colour. Its biggest benefit is they are very hard and stiff which means they won’t leech back.1000 denier outer shell guard protects against rocks and gritty surfaces. It has soft swindle and broad Velcro tabs that are very secure and slide from its place. It is thick with good durability and made for all time protection.


They remain stiff before first wash or for some time. After that they start getting soft. Also it is difficult to get the right sizing in this brand.

Its price is around 1,499 pounds.

2. SKYCY’s Neoprene Shipping boots

They are very tough boots made of neoprene and can be used for sports training, shipping and athlete activities.

Its biggest benefit is it is available in different sizes unlike the previous one. One addition is having Velcro closures. Due to which they fit well to horse legs. Forward-facing emitted for use as sports boots. It is available in 2 sizes.


The only possible flaw in them is that they are available only in red color.

Its price is 11,763 pounds

3. Cashel shipping boots

They are little old school boots. For those who like vintage fashion polo wraps, but with less annoyance 

Hooks, loops and elastic bands make them easier to place on. They are shorter in size and fits best for horses who are not comfortable with long size boots. Easily washable. They are the best option as medicinal shoes for protection or to provide muscle support. Can also be used for work out. They are available in pairs.


Due to their small size they don’t cover space for hooks and bands due to which provide less protection.

4. Tough 1 shipping boots

They are boots with full length so the problem with previous boots is solved with another one.

These boots are made up of nylon and with fleece, they provide full comfort. Easy to put on. Extra flare added keeps sharp objects out of reach.


They aren’t molded in a way to fit legs just like other boots.

5. Weaver Leather shipping boots

A compact optimal for a good set of travelling boots. Outer cover made up of nylon with fleece lining considered for a good fit. Tough sticker plate at bottom of shoes helps prevent hooves from getting scratched. Stays in place and looks custom-made on the horse.


Sizes are not suitable for all types of horses. They might not fit on a breed of horses with large height.

Its price is 1,398 pounds.

6. Shires Shipping Boots

Protect your horse with shires short fleece lined boots for a carefree ride. They are posh and luxurious. One of their biggest benefits is that they act as buffers. They work as cushions and absorb all kinds of shocks. Made up of synthetic sheepskin. With high durability, nylon outer covering and adjustable straps they become an excellent choice for your travel partner’s legs.

They come in 2 sizes. For Pony: 12.5 inches and for horses 16 inches.

They cost about 40$ and are available in black color.

Customer reviews

Customers are very pleased with these boots especially due to its price.

7. Toklat Quilt Lined Shipping Boots

They are heavy duty protective boots. Specially designed for dangerous rides. They come in pairs and they are the best option for both front legs and hind legs. One more benefit is they are washable. They remain thereafter every wash. Their specifications are as follows:

  • 420 D nylon inner shell
  • Padded nylon quilt.
  • Bullet nose Velcro fastening belt
  • Heavy duty nylon protection.
  • Their price is 80$.

8. XLR8 G-Force Germanium Compress Boots

They come with a zipper instead of loops and hooks, which provides compression and therapy to your horse. Its body is made up of a mixture of germanium copper and ceramics which reflects light and provides infrared energy to the body. This helps increase circulation and prevention from inflammation. It helps in speedy recovery and healing. With a tight zipper and Velcro both at top and bottom and thick fabric, this product is excellent for compression and medical support. It can bear any oedema or cellulite. 

Their cost is 150 $ and they are made in the USA.

9. Classic Equine Quick Wraps

They are very easy to use. From outside they are made of neoprene. Lined with a washable and removable terry fabric. They are perfect for applying muds liniments to your horse legs. Hooks and loops help to fit it in. They are sold as pairs. Come in all sizes and available in black colour.

Their price is 60$.

10. Professional choice VenTech Standing Leg Wraps

They are the perfect solution for everyday wrapping. They are available in pairs. They have single hook and loop closure that makes them easy for use. They have a plush fleece lining. They are also best for providing compression and medical support from injuries. Great for travelling. From outside they are made up of neoprene ventilated covering.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are not that satisfactory for these boots. They complain about its spin and lack of protection. But it can still be fit for some horses.

Its price is 95$.

11. Woof Wear travel shipping boots

They guarantee you protection and support for your horse legs. During stress travelling and long horses work out on trailers especially in winter seasons. They provide maximum coverage and mold according to the natural curvature of your horse legs. It is easy to position it and it is a solid fit. Best for season after season shows with best quality nylon and craftsmanship. Its specifications are as follows:

  • Ultra durable 100 denier nylon quality.
  • Vinyl striking foam at heel
  • Fleece is very soft and non-rub
  • Full coverage
  • Heavy duty product with three Velcro closures. Available in pairs.

Its price is 160 $

Available in 4 different sizes for different breeds of horses. Comes in black color only.

Valuable Tips on horse shipping boots

These are some quality some tips by experts to get full benefit of shipping boots of horses as:

  • Before putting the horse in the trailer, put the boots on your horse carefully.
  • After reaching the destination, find any mark or scratch on the boots and calm yourself as you just saved the horse from getting injured.
  • Take off the boots immediately after unloading them from the trailer.


Q. Should my horse wear boots on all four legs?

Yes, the best practice is to put boots on all four legs. As the booted leg pulls more weight so putting on just front or back legs boots will imbalance the weight. So it is necessary to wear boots on all four legs.

Q. How can I help my horse adjust to wearing shipping boots?

If your horse is used to wearing the shipping boots then practice them by putting on boots 15 minutes before travelling. This practice will make them used to wearing boots in trailers. Start travelling from shorter trips to longer ones.

Q: Should I wrap my horses legs for trailering?

To protect the horse from getting injured, wrapping the legs is a premium class step to safe tendons, soft bones, fetlocks and ligaments. To keep the horse leg safe from harshness, put the boot such a way that your fingertip slides between bandage and horse’s leg.

Q: How long can you leave standing wraps on a horse?

The best practice is to unwrap the covering of the horse’s leg no longer than 24 hours with re-wrapping. Safe time is to never exceed 12 hours without rewrapping.

Q. How should I boot my horses for long trips across the country?

Yes, you should wrap all the legs of a horse while moving for long trips across the country. Best practice is to put on the shipping boot after wrapping all legs.

Final Verdict

We gathered some of the best horse boots available in the market. But in the end its consumer choice before buying the product. But our suggestion is to consult a veterinarian before buying it. Take correct measures of your horse legs. Most importantly see his natural behaviour if he is comfortable with these protection tools. Hope this review will help the readers to choose the best horse shipping boots.

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