The 7 Best Ice Boots for Horses – 2024 (Reviews & Guide)

We admire horses for their unique abilities to run, sports, entertainment, transportation of heavy burdens, and in police and military. During these exercises, horses get injured, and they need proper therapy and care.

Excellent ice therapy helps in regaining the health of injured horses, and it’s known for ages. As nowadays, lives are much faster and efficient and you cannot spend hours putting ice cubes on the horse’s injuries.

So, getting ice boots for your horse would be a smart choice, and let’s learn more about how to find the best ice boots for horses in 2024.

Why are Ice Boots Important for Horses?

Horses undergo strenuous activities and injure their muscles. At that time, ice boots become handy in faster healing of wounds, swollen joints, and bruises. Ice boots will make the healing process faster.

  • You cannot wait hours icing equine while using a cold tub or hose. There are other activities on the farm you need to fulfill. So, stop wasting time holding the tube for hours and use a beneficial ice bag tool for your horses.
  • The older ways of treating horses by putting the limb in cold water do not have profound advantages.  You may spend hours on it, and still, your horse is fatigued. Moreover, managing such a chilled water system is not easy. It requires effort for carrying cold tubs or ice to your horse. On the other hand, ice boots are simple, low maintenance, and easy to use.
  • Horses are not that friendly to put their legs in ice or water buckets for too long. In these times, you will find it challenging to carry out older practices. So, wrapping an ice boot around the horse’s limbs is just a matter of seconds, and it will stay intact regardless of the playful efforts of the horse. 

Best Ice Boot for Horses – Reviews

There are alot of euine brands are making ice boots for horses but it is hard to find best one from the list.Here are our top picks.

1. Professional’s Choice Ice Boot – Best Overall

It comes with Neoprene exterior which insulates frozen gel pockets and keep boots colder longer.It will increase therapy time.There is no fear about tissue damage becaue smoot nylon eliminates exposing skin directly to ice.

Nylon Lining Prevents debris,shavings and dirt from sticking to the boots.This nylon lining is very durable and supportive.

Hook strap is extended which provide ease for horse to wear it.Hook is also durable like Nylon lining and attached on the point.

Packaging is convenient and set of two.Profeesional ice boot comes with Mash bag to carry the boots.Activate boots by placing in freezer.If you want to carry them ,use ice chest or cooler.


Adjustable to any Size

These boots are adherent to velcro so adjustable to any size.They are very tall to cover hock to coronet.This will ice tendons as well as pasterns.


Neoprene exterior insulates gel packets

Protect Horse Skin

Smooth Nylon lining protects tissues because it prevents skin from exposing directly to ice. This lining also stops dirt entry into the boot.

2. Horze Finn-Tack Pro Cooling Wrap Therapy

This easy to wrap around Finntack ice wrap is on my recommended list because of its user-friendly design. It is an excellent combination of durability and comfortability.

Heavy denier nylon shell and easy on velcro closure make the therapy session a delight for not just horses but for owners also.

Balanced compression besides giving rapid swelling solutions also helps in treating soft tissues, arthritic joints, ligaments, and joints.

They have the capacity to give icing therapy for at least an hour. Several hooks and loop straps eliminate adjustments by keeping the boot in place. For best results, it is advised to keep them in the fridge for at least five minutes after taking them out of the freezer.

 It makes the application easy and painless. And these ice boots have gathered the most positive reviews on Amazon. 

Height, Weight, and width measurements for horses:

(These measurements are taken from below the knee to the coronary band)

Height: 16 and a half inches

Width: 15 and a half inches

Item weight: one pound 


  • Strong and sturdy yet flexible. 
  • Pleasing to wrap. 
  • No complicated Refreezing procedure to follow. 
  • Affordable and durable. 


  • Refreezing takes a lot of time. 
  • Velcro attachment is improved but the length is small for some horses. 
  • Available in one size and the size is not specified for drafts and cross drafts.

3. IceHorse Suspensory Wraps

These easy-to-use, USA made ice wraps are designed keeping in mind the needs of horse and pony owners.

These renowned ice warps are made to provide full coverage to the knee, tendon, pastern areas, and fetlock.

 Reusable ice pockets help in reducing heat, swelling, and inflammation on desired areas(tendon, pastern, and fetlock).

These ice wraps can work up to two hours. To use them again all you have to do is to place them in the fridge for a few hours and you are good to go.

The outer stretchable fabric stretches and presses the ice evenly against the desired area. The adjustable suspender does not just keep them in place but also aids in reducing heat by providing unmatched Supreme compression against the leg. 

Height and width measurements for horse and pony:

(These measurements are taken from below the knee to the coronary band)

For horse:

Height: 15 inches

Width: 18 inches

For pony:

Height: 12 inches

Width: 16 inches


  • It can be used for both hind and front legs. 
  • Comes in a pair.
  • Reusable and adjustable. 


  • A little pricey.
  • The application is not easy.

4. Intrepid International Horse Ice Boots

This ultra versatile 9 pocket ice boot is on my list because of its unique design and easy application. Extended coverage and hook and loop closure make it super handy and useful for fall show season and other such activities.

Neoprene construction ensures balanced compression and durability. It is designed to stay cold for an hour. It is ideal to be used as both prophylactic and therapeutic measures as it does an excellent job of preventing heat and swelling. It doesn’t come in a pair. 

Height, Weight, and width measurements for horses:

(Measurements are taken from below the knee to the coronary band)

Height: 22 inches

Width: 15 inches

Item Weight: 14.4 ounces


  • Extended coverage. 
  • Easy application. 
  • Durable. 
  • Affordable price. 


  • Sold as singles 
  • You can treat only one leg at a time. 
  • Dimensions of the pockets are pretty small. Only crushed ice cubes can be used. 

5. Dover saddlery jack’s ice boots for horses

Jack’s ice boots are on my list because of their innovative design. This company started serving in 1975. Continuous improvement and advancement in this field have made its products highly reliable and durable.

This company is known for the trust it has earned by serving the best quality horse products across the US. Zip closure and adjustable suspenders keep the boots right in position.

The buckled strap holds the ice in place during the entire icing treatment. Side zipper does not just kick off the need for readjustments but also keep it as useful as new. 600 denier imported nylon makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. 


  • Durable side zipper
  • Affordable
  • Trusted seller
  • Easier application


  • No con yet

6. Rural365 Cooling Gel Ice Boot for Horses 

This blue colour ice boot helps to reduce pain and stress. This ice boot is designed for all horses either it pulled a tendon or cooling after a long race. There is an ankle el which freezes quickly and stays cold for a long time.

Rural365 Cooling Gel Ice Boot for Horses has loop fastener strap and 4 elastic hooks that will tell the amount of compression. These ice boots have the ability to alleviate pains and aches. This ankle wrap works as a vasoconstrictor to create a numbing effect which helps against swelling and inflammation.

Rural 365 speed up the healing process. If your horse got hurt by race or healing from an old injury, this ankle cold pack will speed up the healing process. That is well documented that cold therapy can help your four-legged friends to attain peak performance. If your horse is off from work for a long time than Rural 365 can help to speed up his recovery.

It is very easy to use as you just need to keep it in cooler or ice chest until frozen. Remove from freezer and use around the leg by elastic fasteners. Only use 30 minutes continuously as continual cold can damage tissues.


  • It is efffective for all type of horses
  • Rural 365 alleviates pain and aches quickly
  • Speed up healing process in old and racing injuries
  • Easy to use according to recomendation


  • Over use can cause cold injury

7. Standard Ice Boots

These are very easy to use with a simple guide. Before use, you can keep in barn freezer or ice chest. You can also soak in cold water which is more effective because ice buckets can stick in neoprene.

The exterior of standard ice boots is made with Neoprene material for long term cooling of frozen gel.interior is also smooth and made up with nylon to protect direct tissue exposure. Extended hook strap is attached for easy application.

Standard ice boots come with mesh carrying bag. They are completely adherent to velcro so adjustable for any size of a horse. Lenght of boots is perfect which cover the required portion of the leg.


  • Easy to use with simple guide
  • Best for all kind of horses
  • Comes with extended loops and hook straps


  •  Little bit cumbersome
  • Gel pockets arrangement is bit different

Our Recommendation

Professional’s Choice Ice Boot

These neoprene formulated ice boots with frozen gel-infused pockets are recommended for those who want the best results without doing much. Nylon linings protect the delicate tissues by standing firm between the boot and horse’s legs.

 For best results keep it in the freezer until frozen. These boots come with a mesh bag and a 6-month warranty. These professional-grade ice boots or ice wraps are being sold in pairs. Its sturdy design makes it equally useful for hind and front legs. 

Height and width measurements:

(Measurements are taken from below the knee to the coronary band)

Height: Standard size:13 and ¾ tall, Large size: 17 inches 

Width: standard size: 15 inches wide, Large size: 17 inches wide


  • Mesh storage bag. 
  • Being sold in pairs at an absolutely affordable price. 
  • 6 months of money back warranty. 
  • Being sold in pairs. 
  • It provides excellent coverage from hock to coronet. 


  • Hot and cold spots are not a good combination for some horse owners. 
  • Works well for long-legged horses only. 

Recommended use: 

It can be used in 2 ways. 

  1. Keep it in the freezer and use it just like every other ice boots available in market
  2. The other( most recommended and effective) way is to soak the boots in ice-cold water and use these cold wet boots for best results. 

How is Cold Therapy Beneficial for Horses?

Cold therapy is all about treating equine with a cooling mechanism in a controlled way to rejuvenate its muscles.

  • The cold hosing helps to reduce inflammation and pain. It slows down the metabolic process at the injured area that prevents further damage from swelling and pressure.
  • It reduces swelling at joints, which are resulted due to heavy workout for sports or as a carrier animal. If not treated with cold therapy, then swelling may take time to heal more than feasible.
  • Cold therapy is used as a preventive measure for reducing the chances of future injuries because a regular treatment will improve blood circulation and nutrient’s availability at joints. 
  • It helps to increase blood flow and mitigate the chances of regular wear and tear of muscles and joints.
  • Cold therapy, aided with vibrating massage, helps to activate the lymphatic system. As a result, soreness decrease due to lymphatic fluid circulation. Massage also helps to calm down a horse.
  • More blood flow will carry nutrients to joints and limbs and, as a result, develops more elastic tendons and ligaments. It results in stronger bones and lower chances of bone breakage and faster healing. 

How to use Ice Boots for Horses?

Horse boots usually come in two primary forms. The one that is to be filled with ice and others requires to require freezing before usage.  The former works okay if you a freezer at your farm, and you can immediately get ice for usage. Wrap ice boots alongside the horse’s limbs and put ice in the empty bags. 

The following form of ice bags requires freezing before they are ready to use. It contains gel formulations, and these bags are reusable for a more extended time.

  • Some ice bags also have the functionality of pulsing massage therapy to relax horse muscle alongside its cooling.

What is the recommended time of using Ice Boots for horses?

It is crucial to understand that ice boots should be used at a therapeutic level, which means, according to requirements. Give it enough time to cool down the horse’s limbs and muscles. It should not freeze the horse’s muscles and hooves.

  • For regular use of ice bags after routine workout or exercise, 30-45 minutes will work fine.
  • In case of an injury, icing of the horse depends upon the severity and muscle damage. Icing time is usually the same as of 30-45 minutes but after regular intervals until fully healed. For injuries, ice boots produce an immediate reaction.  
  • Cooling of muscles helps release blood flow from the smallest of arteries directly into veins without the need to pass from capillaries.

What if horse’s hooves freeze due to icing?

Many people wonder what if more prolonged periods of icing freezes the hooves and muscles of the horse. But this is not the case as the thick hoof capsule will prevent inner soft tissue from freezing.

Can I use icing for the open wound?

No, ice boots are not recommended if there is direct contact between ice and wound. There must be a barrier between the two. 

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Cleaning of Ice Boots

It is necessary to clean ice boots regularly to clear out germs because they may cause infections. Horses’ boots are used in a variety of cattle, horse breeds for cold therapy. So, multiple applications keep them the wet and providing opportunity for germs to cultivate. As a result, they could harbour infectious bacteria and cause disease to equine.

It’s always better to clean and purify germs before using them to another cattle or horse breed. Make sure to properly dry ice boots once in a while to keep bacteria away. 

  • So, proper drying and sanitizing of boots after regular intervals is necessary.

The Bottom Line

Forget the traditional ways of icing your horse for its health and wound recovery. Grab a pair of best ice boots for your equine and treat them best as they deserve.

Be mindful before using them and carefully follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. And don’t just depend upon it and consult a veterinarian. Follow his advice for how long ice bags should be used for general cold therapy and injuries in specific. However, the first step is taking action towards getting brand new ice boots for your horse. 

Iqra Maryam is a passionate equestrian who has spent her life researching and writing about equine. She remembers playing with her pony more than toys and friends! With time, she managed to train her Pony and did all research related to the well being of her friend. She trains young equestrian and writes thoughtful articles on them. She believes each horse is a new learning experience and it sparks up her equine passion.

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