5 Best Ranch Saddles – Guide and Review [2024]

Picking Best Ranch Saddles is easy if you follow this guide. Saddles can make or break your horse riding day, so shopping one isn’t something you take lightly. Among all saddles, the one with heavy grip and support are Ranch Saddles. But, you have to know how to pick the best Ranch Saddles among similar designs.

Ranch Saddles are called “working saddles” because of their big, bulky and comfortable design with a sturdy tree to perform rigorous long day work.

Why are Ranch Saddles Best?

  • Ranchers refer to these saddles as working saddles to perform long day tasks with a significant level of ease.
  • The ranch Saddles suit both the horse as well as a horseman in providing security and comfort.
  • These are one of the heaviest working saddles helps in carrying out strenuous duties such as cutting, roping etc
  • These heaviest types of Western saddles are bulky yet durable to carry out an assortment of work around the ranch.

It’s essential to keep in mind some key points before purchasing a ranch saddle.

Let’s have a look!

Get a Company

Don’t hassle in saddle purchase and seek the help of a friendly professional, saddle expert or at least a stable manager. Saddle fitter would help you find the right fitting for the horse and the rider. In previous Tex Tan Hereford Saddle provided glue in the market.

Improper ranch saddle fitting can cause long term damage to both of you. So, get the company of a professional to save yourself from losses.

Original Ranch Saddle or the Second Hand

New saddles are always a nice purchase with a pleasant smell of leather and shiny clean surfaces. But, these are costly and not every equine lover can afford these new saddles. In this scenario, the second hand is a very viable option, and many sellers sell good quality saddles. You will find second-hand seats in a tack shop or directly from an owner who is willing to sell one.

Keep in mind, few essential things before purchasing a used ranch saddle.

  • Condition of the saddle: buyers polish or cover some broken points and they are not apparent at first glance. So, give it a thorough examination.
  • Untrusted Purchases: if you are ordering online from private buyers, then make sure they are trusted ones.

Best Ranch Saddles Reviews

The ranch saddles are the kinds of Western saddles that belong to the most beautiful quality saddles. We have put together one of the best collections of ranch saddles for your guidance.

1. Silver Royal Wade Ranch Saddle

One of the finest quality ranch Saddles that are suitable for both work or gameplay. It performs its job very decently, providing comfort to horse rider as well as the horse.

Key Features

Adjustable Size Range

Silver Royal Wade Ranch Saddles are available in a range of sizes for everybody’s adjustment on the horse.


Its build quality is durable because it’s a rawhide wrapped leather saddle. It can resist damages for quite a long time.

Fibreglass Tree

Its tree is made of sturdy fibreglass, and that gives it more durability. It’s also lighter in weight yet provide tensile strength to the saddle tree.

Leather Jockey

Jockey is made of roughout leather and rawhide strengthened Cantle and Bottom Skirt, a guarantee to its long-term durability.

Visually Appealing

It’s designed beautifully with floral border basketweave and brass plated conchos.

Long-term Warranty

It’s wonderful to know that it has 5 years of warranty.

2. Colorado Saddlery The Bear Valley Trail Master Saddle

Colorado saddle is excellent for the short-backed horse, and it fits perfectly. Its name suggests that it was designed primarily for the high country trails of Colorado. 

Let’s look at some pros of Colorado saddles.

Key Features

Perfect Fitting

Saddles fit perfectly to both rider and horse, thus providing comfort in riding across the valley or in sports.

Light Weight

Colorado saddles are super lightweight (25 lbs.) and don’t overstrain the burden on a horse yet have a firm grip and rider feels secure on trail rides. So, it feels like a pleasure ride.

Strong Tree

The saddle tree is made of fibreglass that’s improved than before. Fibreglass is one of the strongest and qualified materials for horse tree.


It is suitable for longer rides or sports exercises because the seat is quite comfortable. It’s lined with fleece material to make it softer for a long day journey.

Blevin Buckle:

It is easy to mount Blevins Buckle that is helpful to change stirrup lengths quickly and easily.

It also has 16-inch padded Cantle


Sometimes not suitable for Paso Fine because of lower adjustment.

3. HILASON Western Horse Saddle Big King Trail Wade Ranch Roping Cowboy

A gorgeous looking saddle by the Hilson company is one of the finest quality saddles. From artistic design to comfort, every aspect is a show of quality artistry to ensure horse riding pleasure. Stating it as the winner of horse Saddles can’t be more accurate.

Let’s look at the pros of the Big King Series Saddle.

Key Features

Aesthetic Design

The saddle is beautifully crafted with floral designs and intricate work, by hand. Moreover, the hand-tooled basket is another venture that makes it the king of seats.

Finest Leather

It’s built material is one of the finest, genuine skirting leather that distinguishes itself from other horse saddles. Leather is handpicked from some of the best tanneries to ensure quality and customer satisfaction each time.

Long Term Warranty

The Hilson company is loyal to its customers and thus provides long-term 5 years of warranty for the big king Wade Ranch saddles.

Perfect for Roping

The seat design is carefully selected and constructed to give all the required stability for roping. Big king trail Wade ranch saddles have a speciality for perfect roping because of the perfect seat and fender positioning.

Other features of saddles include:

  • 7-inch Gullet with full quarter horse bars
  • 17 inches of light brown, smooth leather seat


It’s a little bit expensive compared to other saddles, but if you are looking for long-term and perfect seats, then it’s worth the money.

4. King Series Round Ranch Saddles

Every saddle has its unique functionality where they perform best. Similarly, king Series Round Ranch Saddles are fit for trail riding, open field running or to go around the farm. Its unique features stand it out from the rest of the saddles.

If you are looking for performance-ready ranchers, then touch best ranch saddles is the top priority. These are a durable, sturdy collection of saddles along with grace and style.

Let’s look at features that make it stand out, among other kinds.

Stirrup Leather

It has classic A-Style stirrup leathers over the fender as well as on top for a revolutionary secure hook. Equestrians around the globe love the A-Style stirrups for ultimate grip and comfort.

Long-term Warranty

The king Series Round Ranch Saddles come up with 5 years of rawhide covered tree guarantee. Customer satisfaction is given top priority, and they can contact back after 5 years of saddle purchase in case quality is compromised.

Quick Change Buckles

These ranch saddles provide one of the quickest to change and secure buckles.

Neoprene Skirts

Skirts of king series round ranch saddles are made of waterproof neoprene pads. The benefits of neoprene pads are their easy maintenance and waterproofing. Moreover, it helps in air exchange and thus cools down the horse during long trail rides.

Silver Slotted Conchos

The silver metal discs called conchos allow saddle strings to pass through them. These ranchers have strong conchos and durable saddle strings for secure fixation of saddle skirt with saddle tree.

  • Other features include hand-tooled border of the saddle, thus enhancing its aesthetic importance.


Some customers notice fowl leather smell after months of usage, but it may be due to improper cleaning of the saddle.

5. AceRugs 14,15,16,17,18 Antique Oil Western Ranch Saddle:

If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and competition, then AceRugs western Ranch Saddles are the only choice. The premium quality saddle speaks for itself because of its high-quality Rodeo Leather material and slender build.

It’s your comfort partner no matter you trail on rough patches or work around the farm.

Let’s look at the critical features of AceRug Ranch Saddles:

Key Features

Fibreglass and Wood Tree

Acerugs saddle trees are made of both wood and fibreglass material. Fibreglass is low weight, strong and durable that is especially helpful in roping. On the other hand, western trees are covered in rawhide to enhance its durability.

Acerugs’ trees can withstand more pressure and shock due to the added advantage of fibreglass and wood.

Padded Suede Seat

It has a black, well-padded suede seat to prevent any chances of rider slipping from the seat. It provides perfect grip and improved position on the saddle.

The suede seat of acerugs is not only comfortable but also appealing in its look.

Adjustable Stirrup

Acerugs provide the advantage of adjustable stirrups to allow smooth movement either going upside or downside.

Beautiful Silver Conchos

Shiny silver conchos on acerugs not only a thing of beauty but also provide support to saddle.

Other useful features include,

  • Numerous times for accessories
  • 100% premium quality cowhide leather


Don’t come with 7″ gullet with full quarter horse bars so, and saddle fitting needs adjustment.

ranch saddle


This guide for best ranch saddles covers the pros and cons of each product. Selection depends on many factors like price, durability and breed. Our top pick is sliver royal ranch saddle due to its durability, fibreglass tree and long term warranty.

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