The 11 Best Horse Saddles – Reviews & Guide (2024)

Do you like riding horses? Do it with the saddle. 

A Saddle is a leather seat fastened on the back of a horse for riders. It is a supportive structure for a rider or carrying another load. Horse Saddles are specifically designed for the rider’s comfort and safety. 

Best Horse Saddles Reviews

We have reviewed some of the best saddles by renowned manufacturers to help you to select.

This classic, lightweight traditional-looking saddle can be your go-to option as it offers unmatched endurance and comfort.

1. Best overall – Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle

This classic, lightweight traditional-looking saddle can be your go-to option as it offers unmatched endurance and comfort.

It has an EZ-fold Fender System allowing the rider to customize fenders for his comfort. 

Padded Polyurethane suede leather seat provides maximum comfort and grip.

Square skirts, fenders, jockeys, swell, and cantle is covered with scratch-resistant synthetic leather. 

This weatherproof saddle is best for working and training horses. It comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Parts of this saddle has different sizes like cantle 3 ⅓”, seat size 15″,16″,17″, seat width 19 ½” x 7 ½”,Gullet 6 ¾” W x 7 ¾”,Bars =Full Quarter horse,Swell 12 ½”,Skirt 28″ Stirrup 2″ x 7″.

  • Easy to clean with any soap or water
  • Good fit for most of the breeds
  • Quick Change Buckles
  • It is weatherproof so you can use in any condition
  • Perfect grip and comfort
  • A little bit costly

2. Comfortable & Lightweight – Mustang Soft Ride Saddle

This Mustang padded ride saddle protects both horse and the rider by absorbing the shock incurred from jumping.

Steel Hardware adds durability to last long. Seat with high rise Cantle offers support, snug fit, and improves rider’s balance. 

Closed-cell foam construction causes no pressure for the rider and the horse as it offers close contact. 

Lightweight design makes it a smart choice. it weighs around 6 lbs. Comes in the color black. Girth is not included. 

This Saddle features an adjustable grab handle and removable Stirrups. 

Seat is 14″,15″, High Rise Cantle 3 ½” 4″ 

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable and Grab Handle
  • Stir ups are removable
  • Can put pressure on withers

3. Great choice in colour – King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle

King synthetic trail saddle offers maximum comfort even when ridden in for many hours.

The suede seat creates not only just a good look but brings comfort to the rider at the same time.

Adjustable sewn Stirrups are padded to provide relaxation to joint stress.

The Saddle boasts scratch-resistant synthetic skirts and fenders, silver conchos, rawhide covered tree, and a quick change buckle. 

Lightweight Shock absorption construction makes it a sound choice for beginners and intermediate-level riders. 

Available in 7 colors and weigh around 14 lbs. 

Specifications: Tree:Rawhide, Bars:11″, Semi quarter horse 13″-17″, Full quarter horse 7″, Swell 12″ Cantle 5″,Horns 3″

  • Comfortable suede seat
  • Lightweight and shock absorbing
  • Great choice in color
  • Bit tough on rear end

4. Well Balanced – AceRugs Western Horse Barrel Racer and Trail Saddle

Want your saddle to look best from the rest? Acerugs saddle is there to match your style preference. With the looks, it offers no compromise in quality.

Floral design with handcrafted basket weaving accented on medium oil leather. Similar to the Southwestern color scheme popular in the late 1990s.

High-performance build and similar tooling stand out with a blue suede leather seat.

The seat is padded to save the rider from impacts during jumping. 

Rawhide trimmed Horn and Cantle adds durability to last as long as years. Fleece underside promises comfort for your horse.

100% Cowhide leather construction, this saddle boasts adjustable Belvins buckles, shiny silver conchos, blue padded Stirrups, and rough-out seat jockey and fenders. 

It weighs 24lbs. Comes with a headstall, reins, and breast collar.

Measurements: Tree:well balanced wood and fibreglass tree, seat:14″-16″,Gullet :6.5″ x 7 ¼”  Skirts:25-27″ Swell 12″ Horn 3 ¼” Cantle :25″

  • Rein and headstall, breast collar is also included
  • Fibreglass tree and balanced wood
  • Hand Painted inlay
  • Price is a bit higher

5. Soft Fleece – AceRugs Western Pleasure Trail

Available in 6 designs, this racer saddle allows you to ride in style. Rider-friendly construction for handling long rides. 

Made from Cordura synthetic Saddle with colored padded seat and crystals is perfect for those looking for a lightweight and stylish saddle.

A thickly padded seat offers comfortable rides. The Fleece underside of the saddle pleases the horse as well.

Colored crystal trim along the skirting with colored nylon binding makes it tear-proof and easier to clean.

This trail Saddle features crystal decoration, colored Texas fun conchos, adjustable Belvin’s buckles, and a padded Stirrup. 

Cordura material makes it lightweight while providing optimum grip and cushioning. This trail saddle weighs around 18 lbs.

Comes in Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Brown, Green, Purple. Girth cinch, Back cinch, and horse bit to be purchased separately.

Saddle Measurements : Gullet: 7″ FQHB  Cantle :5″ Swell 12″  Skirt: 24.5″-28.5″ Stirrups : 28″-34″

  • Colour variation is available
  • Very soft fleece
  • Double Reinforced Fiberglass Tree
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Check dimension and fitting from the description because of fitting issues reported

6. Heavy Duty and affordable – AceRugs Premium English Jumping Horse Saddle

This all-purpose Saddle though traditional-looking packs unmatched performance.

This allows the rider in experiencing different English Disciplines.

Ideally used for jumping allowing the horse and the rider to make smoother jumps. 

Medium deep padded seats and padded flaps offer maximum protection and shock absorption.

Embedded padded panels for horse’s comfort during jumping and vigorous training sessions.

Concealed knee rolls with heavy-duty buckles provide secured attachment and a balanced seat for the rider.

The lower pommel offers maximum mobility to the rider while jumping. 

Multiple D-rings on the saddle to attach a show number or saddle bags.

Available in colour brown and weighs 15 pounds. Comes with a 30 days return with instructions available in the package delivered. 

  • Very Comfortable and heavy duty
  • Padded knee rolls
  • Leather quality is durable
  • Lightweight and decent brown colour
  • No Cons

7. Pure Leather – Zohran Hand Carved Leather Barrel Pleasure Trail

Made from supreme quality Buffalo Harness Leather and fully hand-carved built to stand up to the abuse. 

Crafted from the flexible tree this saddle adjusts to the horse’s back offering snugness at par. A padded seat promises comfortable rides for longer hours.

This western pony-style saddle features Belvin buckles and original branded thread used for trail rides and training sessions. 

Occasional blemishes may appear but do not affect the overall quality. Irregularities in the consistency of leather are part of the design. 

Weighs around 26 Pounds. 

Saddle Measurements : Stirrup Length 28″-35″, Gullet 7″ Swell 13″

  • Pure leather and very comfortable
  • WR fibre
  • Reduce unwanted pressure and flexible
  • Some owners can have a problem with design

8. Strong Stirrups – AceRugs Black Hand Carved Western Saddle

Give yourself a gift of AceRugs Black Hand Carved Saddle without spending a fortune. 

100% Genuine Leather construction if cared for well will last a lifetime. Supreme quality leather withstands long hours of training and riding.

A deep and well-padded seat provides cushioning and comfort. Ergonomic design eases lower back stress.

It features Padded Stirrups, Quit stitched pattern seats, In skirt rigging, Balance wood, and fiberglass tree. 

Equipped with numerous “O” rings for number attachment if playing in a show ring or attaching other accessories used when trailing. 

Comes in Black color. It weighs 22 pounds. Free Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar are included in the package.

Check Horse Stall Fans

How to Choose Best Horse Saddle?

When choosing a saddle, a lot of factors are to be kept in mind for hustle-free riding. 


Buying a saddle that fits both you and the horse will make the difference.

An ill-fitting saddle will cause health problems for the rider and the horse.

Pommel and Cantle should be well balanced and not incline backward and forward to cause unnecessary pressure for the horse. Not too large or small a saddle be used by the rider. 


The most commonly used materials are leather and synthetic leather. 

Leather adds durability and years to the life of the saddle. It requires maintenance and care to last long. 

Synthetic leather is environmentally friendly, lightweight, and easier to maintain. It is less durable in comparison with Genuine Leather. 


Different Saddles are available for different riding styles. Some are heavy on the pocket and some inexpensive based on the features it has.

Specifically designed saddles are used for multiple purposes like Barrel Racing, trail riding, ranch work, trick riding, rodeo work, and hunting. 

When buying a saddle, a buyer should keep in mind snug fit, material, style, comfort, manufacturer, and budget.

Keeping in mind the requirements and use, the buyer should buy a saddle fit for the horse and the rider.

Best Saddle for Wide Flat Backed Horses

There is no doubt in the importance of using the saddle for horse ride as it’s essential for your horse’s comfort and performance.

The best way to choose a saddle for wide flat-backed horses is to choose a custom one.

Every horse has different measurements of the body, yet there are some dimensions consistent with all.

Usually, there are two factors of a saddle that determine whether it will fit the horse or not. These are:

  • The Gullet Width 
  • The Bar Angle

The Gullet Width

The Gullet is the most important because it holds the bars of the saddle together. It also determines the saddle fit to the horse.

Two possibilities aren’t suitable for gullet width, and these are:

  • If the angle of saddle bar is too wide and gullet Hight is short, then saddle will set on horse withers.
  • If gullet height is tall with narrow-angle, then the horse’s shoulders will hurt.

There should be two and four fingers width between horse withers and saddle fork.

Make sure you can see a tunnel in between the two to get the best saddle for wide flat backed horses.

The Bar Angle

Many people don’t put conscience to the bar angle, but it has its importance.

The tight bar angle will cause irritation and discomfort to the horse. On the other hand, a loose bar angle will not result in a smooth riding experience. But, for your flat, broad-backed horse, a wide bar angle would fit well.

Factors for Choosing Best Saddle

Multiple factors are involved in maintaining the functioning of horses with the best saddle fit.

1. Tree of Saddle

Saddle fit is its ability to adjust the contour of your horseback.

If it fits well, then everything will fall into place. So, start your research with an understanding of tree shape and how it’s related to saddle fit.

The function of the Tree: It’s the most important function to balance the weight of horse and rider. It makes sure the center of gravity of the rider is aligned with his horse.

2. Saddle Tree Angle

The angle of horse shoulder and tree angle should be the same for your wide-backed horse. Determine it by carrying a wither tracing and matching it to the angle of the tree of the saddle.

3. Saddle Tree Width

Every horse is different from others, but most of them have common measurements for saddle treewidth. 

But the wide-backed flat horses require wider treewidth. Do not confuse it with the tree angle.

Treewidth could be different than the tree angle. You cannot just assume the widest width for the flat horse but take measurements and check adjustments.

4. Full Panel Contact

The panel must sit firmly on horseback from front to back.

That’s why saddle tree shape is important. Because your horse has a wide flat back, so it’s vital to choose the right shape of the saddle tree. It will help in even weight distribution.

5. Length of Saddle

When the saddle is correctly positioned, it should not sit behind the last ribs of the horse.

Testing saddle length: find where his hairline meets up in his flank. Then draw a straight line up to his spine.

Look for any weight on the spine because there shouldn’t be any. The loin is the weakest part of the body.

2 Best Saddles for Wide Flat Backed Horses

1. Acerugs New Western Horse Barrel Racer Show Saddle

If you are looking for the best quality cow leather saddle, this one should be your first choice. Acergus saddle has hand-painted inlay with a unique design.

The saddle is made with fiberglass trees and is well balanced.Argus saddle features with blue smooth leather seat.


✪ Hand Painted inlay

✪ Floral tooling and hand tool basket weave

✪ Silver cocnhos

✪ Made with 100% cowhide leather

2. Acerugs Western Parade Show Pleasure Trail Horse Leather Saddle

Best for trail riding and schooling.Very comfortable and the underside of the saddle is well-padded with fleece. Acergus saddle has a padded seat with a fiberglass tree that makes it strong.

Silver cochons give this saddle a unique appearance.10% pure leather and unique design make this saddle stand out.


✪ Genuine cowhide leather

✪ Silver conchos with a unique look

✪ The underside of a saddle is padded with fleece

✪ Hand-carved tooling

Do you Know?

People have been riding horses for a long. They rode horses mostly bareback. It was the late iron age period before when saddle initially started.

The first utilization of seats happened in North Africa. 

In 700 BC Assyrian Warriors went into their fights on beautifying saddle garments.

The advancement proceeded as people started utilizing it more in their fights. 

Types of Saddles

Saddles are specifically designed to assist riders during running, jumping, and other riding activities.

English and western saddles are there to do the job.

English Saddles

These saddles are popular for being used in the Olympics and the International federation for equestrian sports.

These saddles are not only used for English sports or for countries speaking English. Pommel, Cantle, Seat, Jocky, Flap, Gullet, Twist, Panels, Knee Roll, Billets, Girth, Stirrup Bar, Stirrup leather, and Stirrup form the construction of English Saddle.

The deep seat and sloped back built on laminated wooden tree strengthened with steel.

The sides of the tree that run horizontally are referred to as bars. Leather is put on to create Flap, Panels, and seats.

horse saddles

Western Saddles

Western Saddles often referred to as “Cowboy Saddles” are used on working horses. Horn, Pomel, Cantle, Seat, Jockey, Rigging, Skirt, Saddle Tree, Gullet, Fender, and Stirrup.

constructed on wooden trees covered in fiberglass or rawhide for durability.

Most parts of the saddle are covered with genuine or synthetic leather. Split leather or suede is used to cover the seat. Western Saddles are heavier than English saddles. 


What is the most comfortable saddle for horses?

Here are some comfortable saddles for horses.

  • King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle
  • AceRugs Western Pleasure Trail
  • AceRugs Premium English Jumping Horse Saddle

Should i consider using a saddle?

Yes, you can pick it. If you are a horse owner for a long time, this would be easy to check leather, tree, and stress points. Our suggestion is to buy a new one if you are not familiar with saddles.

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