Friesian Horse Price: How Much Do They Cost?

Friesian horses are basically from Friesland, Holland which is a province of Netherlands. The very first Friesian horses were of bay colour but with different breeding processes, they can now be seen in black colour as well. This another beautiful breed of horse was discovered in 1973 in North America and then there were only 9,000 of these horses.

These horses are used in different horse exhibitions for the smoothest riding. People who own this unique breed maintain their coat and hence, they have their own fancy dress show, in which, the best hairdo of the horse wins the show.

Did you know that this horse breed has its own association which obviously controlled by humans; it is called the Friesian Horse Association North America (FHANA), each Friesian horse has to be registered at this association and its parent association was The Friesian Stamboek from The Netherlands (FPS). Did you know that this horse breed has its own association which obviously controlled by humans; it is called the Friesian Horse Association North America (FHANA), each Friesian horse has to be registered at this association and its parent association was The Friesian Stamboek from The Netherlands (FPS).

What is the Price of Friesian Horse

The starting price of friesian horse can cost up to $20,000 to $50,000 and the price keeps increasing each year. But if you tend to purchase a senior horse that can cost up to $3000 to $6000 depending upon the age.

Factors Effect the cost of friesian horse

Some factors can increase or decrease the price of Friesian. Here are some of them to clarify.


A trained Friesian horse can be priced more as compared to a horse that is untrained. And speaking of training, if the horse is cold-blood it can be very expensive because the training for this breed requires a lot of animal experts who charge a fortune, followed by warm-blooded one can be less than the cold ones and the hot-blooded are cheap. But eventually, the owner has to put in a lot of money to make them cold-blooded.

The trainers of a Friesian can charge with a lot of money, even if you by a hot-blooded horse at less price, the trainer’s cost will become double of the price of the horse. 


Even the gender also depends on this trade because a male is sold for less and a female horse is sold expensively. The female Friesian horse is sold at a higher price because they can give babies even though the male plays an equal part but still people have a concept and a tradition


The colours in this horse breed matter a lot. If the Friesian horse is of pure bay colour, it will cost for more than $100,000 and if the horse is of black colour with a marking on its forehead it can cost under $30,000.

The mixture of these colors will be much cheaper because that mixes up the genes but still people like to call them Friesian as they have put a lot of money in buying them, so, it makes them feel better.

But the fact is that if the Frisian has any other spot, just know that it is not a Friesian at all. Maybe the mom or the dad might be Friesian but either one of them will not be a Friesian in such cases, so, don’t let people fool you for the love of your passion.


The size of a Friesian horse matter a lot in its pricing. The FPS says that a mare Friesian must be 1.5 meters high after one year of its birth and a full-grown Friesian should be 16.0 meters to be exact and if this is measured correctly it will mean that the price is going to be very high.

If the height is slightly low, even in inches, it will mean that the Friesian is not pure or there is some genetic disorder in the horse and it can cost less but some people will not call it Friesian.

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friesian horse cost

Baroque Friesian breed Price

In the past few decades, another kind of category of Friesian horse breed was introduced was the Baroque Friesian breed. This category was introduced in the middle ages and when the trends changed, people forgot about this one. Baroque was an era that was used to denoting the art and distinctive style of building.

But when it comes to horses, the baroque Friesian horse that is specially groomed to become fancy. Some people curl their hair on the neck and the hair of the tail. Some people also let the hair grow on the hooves and trim them in specific styles.

Some crazy lovers of baroque Friesian horse owners use expensive hair products that are only used for horses. Even the hair dresses of horses can charge up to $1500, depending upon the style they want. This is also called the modern Friesian.

The weight of the healthy Friesian should be at least 1300 pounds which means it will be able to carry more weight and run fast and do long jumps and that can cost up to $10,000 (starting bid) and if a horse in under-weight, the bid usually starts from $4,000.

How much does it cost to keep friesian horse?

Upkeep cost

As you are bringing a high-maintenance living thing home so the story doesn’t end on purchasing one. You would have to save a noticeable amount of money each month for feed, water, and vet bills, etc. The upkeep cost is “actually” the cost you have to bear monthly or annually to raise or keep an animal.

Feeding cost

Out of all the monthly expenses, you would be paying more for the feed. Generally, no matter which breeds the horse belongs to, they need grass, hay, grains, salt, fruits, and vegetables occasionally for their health and wellness. As per a general estimate, the horse enthusiast has to bear around $60 to $100 each month. The feeding cost can go up if the horse enthusiast decides to add vitamin and mineral supplements as well. 


You would be needing electricity for a variety of reasons; water, bulbs, and an air conditioner, etc. The electricity cost can be expected to go up to $100 a month. Careful behavior can minimize this expense to a great extent.


As the unique coat demands them to be on the horse exhibitions so you would be needing to get your horse trained by a professional. If you want your horse to be exceptional you would be required to pay more, otherwise, an average institute can be chosen to minimize the training cost. 

It’s hard to tell how much you would be required to pay but generally, the average institutions charge up to $2000 a month, and the well-reputed ones somewhere around $5000 to $10000 monthly. You can smartly minimize the training cost as well, get your horse enrolled in an average training school first when he begins acting upon the commands, consider polishing him through professional training.

Vet bills

Like all horse breeds, these horses make you call the vet for more or less the same health issues, they need to be vaccinated just like regular horses. A healthy lifestyle and a careful feed plan can minimize the monthly vet bills. No matter what, You would have to save around $200 to $300 a month for an unexpected vet call.


As the subject of discussion is known for giving smooth riding and performing well at the exhibitions. Proper shoeing is mandatory to keep the hooves healthy. Horseshoes are usually expensive, an average horse boot can be bought between $30 to $100 whereas, the hot-selling items would be expensive costing up to $450.


Deworming is usually required to be performed every three months. Even though it is carried four times a year but the annual deworming cost would still be barely noticeable. If I’m supposed to give my reader a general idea, the horse enthusiasts need to keep aside at least $5 to $10 for each deworming session.


Horses usually spend most of their time outdoors but that doesn’t mean horses do not need a protective shelter at all. Horse housing is expensive but fortunately, it’s a one-time cost. The housing needs to have a stall, feed, tack, and storage area. In short, the horse housing would cost around $2000 to $4000.

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