How Much Does a Mustang Horse Cost?

How much does a Mustang Horse Cost? is most asked question by Mustang lovers. Mustangs are free-roaming or wild horses that got their name from a Spanish word mustengo meaning “stray horse” or “ownerless beast”. Mustang horses are short, muscular, and are known to be a tireless worker. Descended from Andalusian and other breeds, Mustangs work on harsh terrain in cruel working conditions with no objections.

Are you interested in knowing how much does a Mustang horse cost? We’ve got the answer for you. The Mustang horse price ranges between $125 to $5000. When seen in comparison with other horse breeds, Mustangs are cheap and cheerful. Purchasing price is not the only cost associated with buying a horse, a buyer has to keep account of feeding, living, training, and maintenance expenses.

Mustang Horse Adoption Cost

If the money is tight for the buyer, he can look into cheaper options. Adopting a Mustang horse is an option every buyer should consider. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering wild horses and burro for adoption. The cost of adoption of BLM Wild horse is $125. BLM encourages adoption to save costs incurred in caring for the growing population of wild horses and burro.

Adoption Incentive program pays the adopter $1000 to adopt an untrained wild horse or burro from BLM. BLM has found homes for its many wild horses through the Adoption Incentive Program. An adopter gets

  • First half payment, $500 within the 60 days of adoption
  • Second half payment, $500 within 60 days of titling the horse

This adoption incentive is only for the untrained horses from BLM. An adopter has to pay a $25 fee at the time of applying for adoption.

Buying Mustang horse on installment

Buying a horse on installment is becoming a trend these days. If the buyer is unable to provide a lump sum payment, then buying a horse on installment is always an easy option.

There are many pet services providing Mustang and other horse breeds on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual installments.

 These installments may spread out over months or years. Seller withholds the registration paper until the last payment is cleared.

mustang horse price

What factors determine the price of a Mustang Horse?

There is no single price for each Mustang horse. Many factors come into play to set a price for a Mustang.

  • Age: Horses fetch high prices in their prime years. 7 to 10 years old horse is more expensive than an older horse.
  • Bloodlines:  Horse’s lineage determines its worth significantly. A horse with a recorded pedigree would be a high ticket horse. Unregistered horses can be bought at knockdown prices.
  • Health & Behavior: Buyers love healthy horses with good manners. A horse with some health issues or injury will not attract a buyer at a higher price.
  • Training: A buyer can get an untrained horse at a good bargain price. Hiring a trainer for an untrained horse will also add to the cost. Trained horses fetch higher prices.
mustang horse cost

How much does it cost to own a Mustang horse?

Besides the initial purchasing cost, there are a lot of other expenses to look for. A survey conducted by the University of Maine showed that a horse owner spends an average cost of $3876 per horse.

Caring for a horse comes at a hefty cost. The care and maintenance of a horse include many expenses like feeding, living, and medical. Some upkeep expenses of a horse are discussed here.

These are average estimated costs which may vary depending upon the location and conditions.

Feeding Cost

Feeding cost includes hay, feed, and supplement expense.

  • Hay: A horse requires hay equivalent to 1.5% to 2% of their body weight. On average a horse needs 20 pounds of hay daily. The average calculated cost on daily basis of hay requirement is approximately $525. This cost is sliced if the horse is grazing on pasture.
  • Feed: Feed includes essential dietary nutrients and calories. Hay lacks these nutrients and calories so it is then fulfilled with Feed. An average annual feed ranges between $350 – $500 per year.
  • Supplements: Horses require vitamins and minerals for growth, strength, and muscle development. These multivitamins and minerals may cost around $240 per year.

Living Cost

If you can not keep the horse in the backyard or do not have any support horse activities, then a stable cost is your way. A barn in a stable may cost on average $400 $500 per month. In some stables, its even higher than $1000.

Waste Management

Although the cost of waste removal is highly influenced by the living area and regional waste management fees. This expense may cost around $250 a year.


The medical costs include regular vet visits and vaccinations.

  • Regular Check-ups: A regular vet visit is a must for a horse’s health. These exams where the horse is checked for any ailment, on average cost $120 a year.
  • Vaccinations: Horses and other pets need vaccinations to combat diseases. Annual vaccination costs will be approximately $60.

Farrier Cost

Farrier cost varies for every horse breed. Some horse requires shoeing once every eight weeks, while others once every 5-6 weeks. If the average cost of trimming and resetting is taken as $90, then the annual expense will be approximately $700.

Emergency Expense

A horse owner has to set aside an amount in case of any emergency, injury, ailment, or surgery.

Other Expenses

Other expenses include deworming, insurance, dental care, and water. Deworming cost stands at $100 a year. It is difficult to give a number figure for insurance as it varies. Annual dental health expenses will be around $250. Water bill varies depending upon the water source, area, and consumption

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Mustangs are easier to keep and suit your pocket as well. They are not among the expensive horse breeds. You can get a Mustang horse at a reasonable price. Adopting a Mustang is fairly easy and cheap. An adopter is even offered money to keep the wild horse. Aside from the Mustang purchase price, their care expenses need to be taken into account when buying the horse.

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  1. Im looking at a 16 yr old mustang asking price for her is 3000. I want her for trail riding been on her 2 times i really like her but 3000 seems like a lot for what i want her for. I had horses before but never paid that much for any of them.

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