Marwari Horse Price: How Much They Cost?

horses, also known as Malani horses, are among the oldest known horse breeds in the World. Marwari horses are a beauty, aren’t they? They’ve curled up ears, short height, and glamorous look makes them outstanding. Besides, there are many horsemanship traditions associated with this breed; they are fascinating.

I have been keeping horse mutations for a long time, and I like to experience their unique behavior. Recently Marwari horses caught my attention, and I got interested in buying one. When I started looking for the price of Marwari horses, I was astonished to see that there is no standard price. It took me a long time to research and finally come up with some conclusions. 

How much does a Marwari horse cost? If you are looking to buy an adult Marwari horse in India, it will cost around $5500-15000, depending upon certain factors, especially breed purity. Whereas, a Marwari foal’s price ranges between $1500 to $3000. However, if you are not conscious about breed purity, you can easily find an adult Marwari horse for $800-1500. But If you are looking to buy a Marwari horse outside India, it is very expensive, typically above $20000. But the greatest challenge in buying a Marwari horse outside India is finding one. 

Why Are Marwari Horses Expensive?

There are many factors that make Marwari horse costly, e can not ignore any of them. ere are some major factors that increase or decrease the price of Marwari Horses.


Though Marwari horses have a delicate look and they seem fancy, but they have been used in war and agriculture for centuries. According to historians, Marwari horses were commonly used by Sikh warriors during the 11th and 12th centuries. It is hard to say why Marwari horses were used in war; some breeders claim Marwari horses are great companions. Whereas there are rumors, Marwari horses were a symbol of pride and aggression; they were used for undermining the fear of enemies. Besides, it was a tradition for Rajas to own Marwari horses. 

Strong History

However, Marwari horses riding to wars resulted in a decline of this breed over time. Unfortunately, very little attention was paid to their rising extinction, and no Marwari horses existed outside India at that time. But it is said, Rathores were the first family to breed Marwaris for war. Later in the 13th and 14th centuries, Mongols launched multiple invasions on India, they took some Marwari horses with them. It is believed, Mongolians introduced Marwari horses to the World outside India. However, the Marwari breed outside India slightly deteriorated over centuries of evolution. 

Marwari horses went extinct during the mid 20th century, and consequently, many Marwari horses were bred with other mutations. The crossbreeding helped in saving the bloodline, but it slightly impured it. As a result, pure Marwari horses remained extinct. In order to protect the bloodline, the Indian government banned the export of Marwari horses for a long time. 

Today, there are roughly 1000 Marwari horses in India. While there are few outside India; most of those Marwari horses are in Pakistan, the USA, Oman, and Spain. The very few fanciers who posses pure bloodline either don’t sell it or if they do, they sell it for a very high price. Consequently, the price of Marwari horses remains high.

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The Marwari breed is one of the best horse breeds but not too expensive. Marwari price is average among all horses. If you want to purchase in your region it will vary.

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