Gypsy Horse price: How much do they cost?

Gypsy horses are also known as Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, the traditional gypsy cob, the Irish Cob and the Tinker Horse. Just like every other horse breed, Gypsy horses are unique and beautiful in their own way.

I had never seen a Gypsy in my town until recently when a neighbour fancier brought a Gypsy. I must say, the gorgeous hair on his legs looked gorgeous. Luckily I got a chance to hang out with the horse, and it was a fantastic experience. Since then, I have been thinking about buying one, but I had no idea about the price. I guess I am not the only one looking for this information. Here is what I found.

How much does a Gypsy horse cost? The price of an adult Gypsy horse ranges between $5000-15000, depending upon the subtype, age and purity. Whereas a young Gypsy costs around $1500-4000. Gypsy horses are available in almost all major countries, but it can be a bit hard to find a pureblood Gypsy. 

gypsy price cost

Factors that affect the price of Gypsy Horse

The magnificence of a Gypsy horse says it all. Aren’t they gorgeous? I mean how many other mutations have long hair on their legs? Their beauty is the primary reason for their high price, but there are more factors.

Rare breed

It is believed that the breeding of Gypsy horses started in Britain in the 19th century. They were mainly used for pulling vardoes and caravans. Despite being common in Britain, Gypsy horses were still rare in the US until the late 20th century. But today, Gypsy horses are among the most liked and loved horse breeds in the US, and there are many clubs associated with this mutation. Gipsy horses are on the wish list of every horse breeder as they are profitable to breed.

Used in Competitions

They are excellent jumpers; they can reach over four feet in a single jump. Fanciers say Gypsy horses act like foals even when they grow up. They are commonly used in competitions, and they perform well. Apart from their extraordinary jumping abilities, Gypsy horses are well-known for dressage.


The beautiful appearance and playful nature of Gypsy horses make them adorable. I have seen videos of Gypsy horses dancing at weddings. Well, that says a lot. Definitely, their use of entertainment makes them beneficial for investors.

Use in Military

Furthermore, Gypsy horses are also used in military parades; though they are no more used in wars, they are still seen as a symbol of traditional housekeeping legacy in the military.

Gypsy horses are very friendly and playful; which is why they are among the top domestic horse breeds. Families who love horses prefer Gypsy horses for their friendly nature. Horse breeders say, Gypsy horses are like the retrievers; they are loving and playful.

Lastly, the Gypsy horse needs more care. They are prone to diseases associated with haired draught horses. It is necessary to keep their hair clean and feed them supplements for hair nutrition. Evidently, Gypsy horses are expensive because they are high-maintenance.


So Gypsy horses have an average price among all horses. Arabian horse or Friesian horse price is higher among all breeds because of their racing and beauty. If you want to purchase any of the breeds you can find your local selling platform.

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