Can Horses Eat Bananas: Beneficial or Harmful

So the short answer to question is ”YES”

Like Humans horses also love sugar-containing vegetables or fruits. There are a lot of horse owners confirmed that they feed their horses bananas and they love them. So by confirming, now, we should consider why horse owners should give bananas to horses.

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Benefits of Feeding Bananas

Before feeding bananas horse owners should be aware of the benefits of bananas, here are some vitamins and nutrients horses Provide:

  • Metabolize carbohydrates and quick source of energy
  • Stomach Cleaning and remove harmful chemicals
  • Maintain body temperature and calm down a horse

We Provide fooders and other supplements for the fulfillment of fibers and calcium levels. Bananas can do both but not essential to replace supplements. They can only provide a daily boost in these contents. Bananas work as an antioxidant and enriched with these nutrients and vitamins.

  • Potassium: 9%
  • Copper: 10%
  • Fiber: 2.6%
  • Magnesium : 8%

Some others like Vitamin B6, Potassium, Net carbs and fats are also can be obtained from banana.

Some racehorses owner use them between race breaks for quick energy as each banana contain 105 Calories.

Bananas can improve the digestive system of horses as containing a good amount of fiber.

Potassium is essential for building hooves and muscles of horses which is available in bananas. It is also part of horse cells and helps supportive cells to build hooves.

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Harmful effects of feeding banana

There is no specific harmful effect about feeding bananas but keep in mind banana is not the regular diet of horses. Bananas are not the replacement of potassium or Copper supplements.

Do not feed daily bananas to horses. Feeding more bananas without exercise can be indigestible. One more recommendation should adopt that always feed after cutting them or mesh them. Feeding two or more bananas at the same time can cause choking to your horse.


There are some more questions by horse owners about banana feeding. Here are some answers to them.

Do horses love Bananas?

There is no straight forward answer by any horse owner, but most of the owners confirmed that horses eat them on every feed.

How many bananas a week?

The recommendation is 2 bananas per week, but you can make it 4 to 5 if your horse is lacking potassium.

Can Horses Eat banana peel?

Banana peel is equally enriched with potassium content, Make sure to wash it properly because dirty or mold containing peel is more harmful than beneficial.

Final Words

Confusion about banana feeding is not going to solve until owners will not test them. But end result or answer to this question is that horses eat bananas and they have no harmful effect on their health.

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