Andalusian Horse Names – Ultimate List of 71+ Ideas

It is easy to pick Andalusian horse names because the ultimate list of Spanish or racehorse can bring ideas. Andalusian is pure Spanish breed. It is a distinct breed from the 15th century. It is best known for warhorse and prized for nobility. In past used as a tool of diplomacy by Spanish riders.

Andalusian is 61.5 inch in height and 512 kilograms in weight. Almost 80% is grey and rest are bay, buckskin or any other colour. Elegance and race ability make him strong. Naming Andalusian is easy, based on colour appearance or Spanish name would be the best choice for the horse. Here is a list of Andalusian horse names with meanings.

Famous Andalusian Horse Names

Amar – Love

Amias – Loved by all

Alba – Sunrise

Blanco – White

Andres – Masculine

Abejundio – Beehive

Alonzo – Alonzo

Abril – The month of April

Valiente – Brave

Negra – Black

Roja – Red

Benito – Blessed one

Challen – Shining moon

Corazon – Heart

Linda – Cute

Fresca – Fresh

Gerado – Respectable

Georgia – Watchful

Eugenio – Nobility

Isabel – Izzy

Guillermo – Strong minded

Hernan – Brave and peaceful

Jove – Intelligent

Corredora – Runner

Leon – Lion

Tigre – Tiger

Gris – Gray

Hermosa – Handsome

Jeronimo – One who protects

Lucio – The light of day

Matias – Gift from God

Pazel – Peaceful

Luna – Moon

Lobo – Wolf

Mariposa – Butterfly

Santos – Saint

Paloma – Dove

Querida – loved one

Toro – Bull

Oso – Bear

Flor – Flower

Adolfo – Strong wolf

Bolero – Spanish Dance

Bonito – Pretty

Chico – Boy

Chiquito – Tiny

Alejendro – Defender of man

Torro – Bull

Zorro – Fox

Ambrosio – Permanent

Alasio – Rich and Healthy

Gitano – Gypsy

Cruz – Cross

Gordo – Pudgy

Lulu – Luiosa

Mona – Female Monkey

Jugo -Juice

Leo- Lion

Paco – Fransicso

OSO – Bear

Male Andalusian Horse Names

male andalusian horse names

Sangria – A famous spanish Punch

Pepe – Nicknames for jones

Rico – Rich

Rivo – River

Toro – Bull

Alonzo – Noble

Ambrosio – Permanent

Cuto – Book Character

Alonso – Battle

Sancho – Character from Novel Dom

Fernando – Adventurous traveler

Carnation – National Flower of spain

Zape – Comic book character

Herminio – Army Man

Jandro – Protector

Iganco – Fire

Maximo – Greatest of lion

Valerio – Strong and Powerful

Rioja – Spanish Wine

Vito – Full of Life

Oala – Small or Tiny

Bruto – Name of Isabella

Female Andalusian Horse Names

female andalusian horse names

Adonica – Word for sweet girl in Spanish Language

Anabella – Easy to Love

Zorro – Meaning Fox

Dulce – Meaning soft

Feliz – Meaning Happy

Tonto – Meaning silly

Octava – Octave

Antonio – Bandreas

Querida – Dear one

Emmie – Delicate and soft

Marisol – Sun and sea

Carlos – Santana

Nina – Little Girl

Andalusian Horse Names based on color

80% of Andalusian are grey in colour. Gray name will be perfect for them, here are some grey horse names that can help you to add best in idealist.

Anchovy – A gray colored fish

Silver – Gray shade color

Blade – Silver Knife blade

Chara – Short term for charcoal

Coal – Burned wood

Dusty – Shade in gray

Dolphin – Gray mammal

Dumbo – Gray Disney character

Granite – A type of stone

Inky – Catchy name for Andalusian

Meeko – A gray character in movie

Plata – Spanish for silver

Pebbles – A small gray color stone

Nickles – A silver color stone

Gray popupan – A pea gray variety

Graphite – Gray form of carbon and giving sound of gray color

Still not found a catchy name? Here are some tips that can help you to pick a name for an Andalusian horse.

Naming your Andalusian Horse

Color, appearance and similar breeds can bring great ideas for the horse. Here are some tips to follow while naming.


You can pick a name on the base of colour. Andalusian horses are grey in colour so the gray colour in other languages or grey colour things can bring ideas. Names like silver, graphite are always catchy. Andalusian can be chestnut, buckskin or bay coloured. Bay colour names can also be a great choice.


Andalusian horses are broad and rare breeds. Some fellow breeds like Arabian names, mustang horse names and Marwari names should be the first priority. On the base of appearance and behaviour, you can pick badass horse names or cute horse names.

Andalusian is quick and races breed so naming him very easy. The above list is the ultimate ideas for naming. However, if you have better ideas drop some Andalusian horse names in comments.

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