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Here move in Billy cook saddles reviews. Billy cook is one of the best in-demand leading horse saddle brands. Billy Cook Saddlery spare no effort when it comes to developing innovative and trendy equine accessories.

Ever since its founding, Billy Cook Saddlery has drawn everyone’s attention with its best and broadest line of products. Billy cook Western-style saddles are world-famous for their quality and artistry.

Horse saddles are used for several purposes. You can not use a show saddle for ranch work or ranch saddle for show competitions. Billy cook is prized for manufacturing a wide range of saddles that surpass others in workmanship.

Following types of saddles are manufactured by Billy Cook Saddlery

  • Racer Saddle
  • Ranch Saddle
  • Trail Saddle
  • Show Saddle
  • Cutting Saddle
  • Barrel Racing Saddle
  • Roper Saddle
  • Reiner Saddle
  • Used

Billy Cook Saddles Reviews

Billy Cook has the broadest product line to satisfy its customers to the fullest. The horse owner is spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing Billy Cook Saddles. To choose the right saddle for the right purpose is daunting for a newbie. We have listed down different Billy Cook saddles for you to choose from:

  1. High River Ranch Roper Saddle by Billy Cook Saddlery
  2. Billy Cook Millennium Reiner Saddle 16in
  3. Billy Cook Tub Turner Saddle
  4. Billy Cook Saddlery Runnin’ Tres Aces Racer Saddle Chestnut W/roughout 15
  5. Billy Cook Saddlery Brownwood Saddle Smooth Out
  6. Billy Cook Reno Flex Trail Saddle

1. High River Ranch Roper Saddle by Billy Cook Saddlery

This high river ranch roper saddle by Billy Cook boasts all the essential features of a ranch saddle. Quality and craftsmanship are attributed to Billy Cook’s mule design.

The 16″ seat, smooth out jockey, and fenders add safety for the rider. High-rise, pencil roll, rawhide bound cantle pull out all the stops in providing support during long riding days.

The wade style swell provides spacious room upfront for the rider.

Daily ranch work and trail rides wear out the saddle ahead of time but on rawhide tree, double rigging does not allow that.

Package includes a wide 6″ flank strap, rear crupper ring, and long strings.

Available in distinctive light oil color.

Saddle Specifications

  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 10 x 0.01 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight:  around 42 lbs
  • Rigging: 7/8 Double Rig.
  • Tree: Rawhide covered mule bars
  • Cantle: 4″
  • Seat Size: 16″.
  • Horn: 3 1/2″
  • Rear Cinch: 6″ Flank
  • Stirrups: 3″ rawhide covered
  • Skirts: Artificial wool-lined 26 1/2″
  • Size: 15 ½ 

2. Billy Cook Millennium Reiner Saddle 16in

Millennium Reiner Saddle is another masterpiece by Billy Cook. This saddle is handcrafted with a natural finish and polished edges. Featuring a combination of ¾ Basket and floral tooling makes it stand out from the crowd.

Oversized close contact skirts sit evenly on the horse’s back. This Reiner saddle incorporates mock billets with Silver tips.

7″ gullet fits the horse comfortably saving you the trouble of getting your horse cranky during rides.

Cheyenne roll cantle assists in a comfy ride, 2″ horn with rawhide binder for additional support.

Cheyenne roll swell and 2″ stirrup help rider in maintaining the balance.

Saddle Specifications

  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 30 x 22 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight: 38 lbs
  • Rigging: Full Double With Drop Front Dees
  • Tree: Armor-Tex BL pro Reiner
  • Cantle: 4″ tooled Cheyenne roll
  • Seat: 16″ seat
  • Horn: 2″ with rawhide binder
  • Stirrups: 2″ tooled bell
  • Silver: Engraved silver trim
  • Size: 16″

3. Billy Cook Tub Turner Saddle

This Tub Turner Barrel Saddle by Billy Cook Saddlery is favorite among many horse owners owing to its appearance and performance.

Carved in the basket and floral pattern, this barrel saddle attracts attention by a mile. Integrated flank slots, corner plates, and silver engraved conchos add to the appearance.

15″ seat and tooled Cheyenne roll cantle take care of rider’s comfort. A deep pocket seat holds the rider in during high speed. Suitable for long hours of riding.

Rawhide bell Stirrups serves rider in holding a proper riding position. High horn, shorter skirts, 7/8 in-skirt stainless steel dees rigging all contributes to making this saddle one of the best in business.

Saddle Specifications

  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt stainless dees
  • Seat: 15″
  • Tree: Armor-Tex Steinhoff racer
  • Horn: 3″ braided rawhide
  • Cantle: 4″ rawhide Cheyenne roll 
  • Silver: Engraved silver trim
  • Stirrups: 2″ rawhide bell
  • Finishing: Finish: Pecan with handcrafted basket-floral tooling

4. Billy Cook Saddlery Runnin’ Tres Aces Racer Saddle Chestnut W/roughout 15

This Running Tres Aces Racer Saddle is for you if you want minimal interference when flying around the barrels.

Its shimmering look from the silver conchos, accent plate, and silver lacing around the cantle capture the attention. Roughout seat jockey, braided horn and rope border tooling on fenders add style to the classic Western style.

Constructed on an Armour-Tex Barrel tree with a 7/8 in-skirt rigging for durability. Well-engineered for standing up to rigors.

Deeper than average seat helps with the lightning speed, Cheyenne roll cantle, sliver laced with natural rawhide binder offers ample support to the rider.

Undercut swell provides abundant space for the rider. This racer saddle is suitable for horses with shorter backs and big strides.

Saddle Specifications

  • Item.Weight: 27 lbs
  • Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt rigging
  • Tree: Armour-Tex Barrel tree, QH Bars
  • Seat: Suede
  • Seat Size: 13.5″, 14″, 15″, 16″
  • Cantle height: 5″ Cheyenne roll with natural rawhide binder
  • Horn: 4″ braided rawhide with cap
  • Swell: 13″ undercut
  • Stirrups: 2″ Bell rawhide
  • Skirt length: 24″

5. Billy Cook Saddlery Brownwood Saddle Smooth Out

Smooth out Brownwood Saddle from Billy Cook add aesthetic charm in your performance. This roping saddle is made with keeping the user-oriented approach in mind to make you feel confident while riding.

This classic style western saddle is carved in Hand Basket stamped with Floral corners and barbed Wire border. Built on a Bullhide covered Bowman tree takes a lot of abuse and combat abrasion.

16″ quilted hand laced seat works in rider’s favor, 4″ Rawhide cantle with stainless lace supports the rider well.

Short horn, quarter horse bars, and roper stirrups enable you to steer in Brownwood Saddle with no fear of slipping or losing your balance.

The special feature contains 21 strand roper cinch. The leather of this Billy Cook’s saddle is border stamped and oiled to finish.

Saddle Specifications

  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 30 x 22 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight: Approximately 45 lbs
  • Rigging: Full double stainless steel dees
  • Tree: Bullhide covered Bowman Tree
  • Seat: 16″, quilted
  • Bars: Quarterhorse
  • Cantle height: 4″
  • Gullet: 6 1/2″
  • Swell: 12 1/2″
  • Horn: 2 ½” with rawhide binder
  • Stirrups: 3″ Roper rawhide laced
  • Skirt Lengths: 28″ wool-lined, semi-square
  • Pattern: Border Stamped with floral corners

6. Billy Cook Reno Flex Trail Saddle

Go for a ride in style with Reno Flex Trail Saddle. Billy cook has proved its mastery yet again with this trail saddle. This Reno Flex Trail Saddle makes no compromise on quality and appearance.

To stand the test of time this trail saddle is built on Sim-Flex trail tree with ⅞ in-skirt stainless steel rigging. Manufactured having trail riders in mind.

Smooth, padded seat with high Cheyenne roll cantle provides optimal backrest and support. Horn and 13″ swell give a generous amount of room to the rider.

Leather adorned stirrups, artificial wool-lined skirts, and stamped border on glossy chestnut leather add to the charm.

Saddle Specifications

  • Item Weight: Around 34 lbs
  • Tree: Sim-Flex trail tree
  • Rigging: ⅞ in-skirt rigging with stainless steel dees
  • Seat Size: 16″ padded quilt
  • Bars: Wide Quarter Horse, 20 ¼”
  • Gullet: 7″
  • Horn: 3″ rawhide binder with BC cap
  • Swell: 13″ 
  • Cantle height: 5″ Cheyenne roll tooled
  • Skirt Length: 28″
  • Stirrups: 2″ Bell leather embossed
  • Pattern: Hand stamped border
  • Size: 16″

Buying Guide for a Billy Cook Western Saddle

Buying the right saddle is not as easy as you think it is. Finding the right Western saddle may become overwhelming as the market is flooded with endless options. Take the help of a professional, saddle fitter, or stable manager if you are new in the horse world. Follow these guidelines to get a perfect western saddle for you and your horse.

  • Work or Show Western Saddle: Show saddles usually have aesthetic designs with tooling and silver plating. A close contact saddle with lower pommel/swell and horn for maintaining balance and better rein control.

Work saddles are used in training and ranch work. Work Saddles are usually made of leather with some tooling. Make sure the leather is of good quality to withstand daily use.

  • Use:  The choice of saddle is heavily influenced by its use. For a show saddle, choose an ornate design. For a trail saddle, buy a synthetic or lightweight saddle. Buy a saddle with a strong horn and narrow seat for ranch work. Get a saddle with lower cantle, thicker horn, and long skirt, for roping saddle.
  • Western Saddle Fitting: An ill-fitted saddle will cause plenty of harm to the horse’s health. For a rider to maintain balance would be impossible with a poorly fitting saddle. One way to measure fitting is if you are able to fit four fingers between the rider and the cantle top. However, it is not accurate for some styles of the Western saddle.

Final Words

Billy Cook Saddlery is renowned for making different styles of western saddles. The product line of Billy Cook is overcrowded with quality horse saddles and accessories. Every horse owner requires a different style of saddle owing to its use. A rider can choose from the above-mentioned saddles as per his requirements.

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