96+ Grulla Horse Names – Amazing Ideas

Grulla horse names are unique and catchy. It is coat colour or shade of some breeds. Naming your Grulla horse is easy if you are aware of the breed and exact coat colour. Here are some Grulla names for your horse.

Famous Grulla Horse Names

These ideas are the most popular ideas for Grulla horse. Depending on body colour and different shades of Grulla these names can be the best selection. Gray, dapple grey, dun, blue roan and other shades are perfect while naming horse.

  • Dusty
  • Grayson
  • Luna
  • Angel
  • Powder
  • Beaver
  • Hawk
  • Scooby
  • Arctic star
  • Argent
  • Artex
  • Arwen
  • Bailey
  • Bear
  • Boomer
  • Cinder
  • Ashley
  • Aston
  • Bubbles
  • Charcoal
  • Chrome
  • Cosmos
  • Dakota
  • Glammer
  • Diva
  • Grady
  • Grayson
  • Heather
  • Gunner
  • Jupiter
  • Leather
  • Mercury
  • Malandy
  • Meluma
female grulla horse names

Grulla Names for Stallion

Here are some Grulla or Grullo names for male horses.

Ash – Ash is remaining of fire that may be gaseous and appear in the form of residues. It has greyish colour so name resembles with Grulla coat.

Coal – It is also hard rock appear as fossil fuel. Coal contains hydrogen, oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulphur. It also has a greyish-black type of colour.

Cinder – Cinder is a famous adult novel but also a combustion residue. If you have dapple grey or grulla stallion, ”Cinder” is the best name for him.

Balto – Balto was a famous grey dog from Balto movie

Baloo – Baloo is a catchy name for your grulla, it was a famous character in ”The Jungle book”

Dove – Dove is famous care brand of USA. It is actually a pale grey shade

Rocky – A character from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

Foggy – A word or extension of fog, appear as coat colour name.

Monday – The name from the start of the week or Moon Day

Cinder – Ella – It is a funny name with a little extension

Grizzly – A colour like silver

Myst – Mist or Myst, in which Myst is an old spelling of Mist

Paloma – Name for Pigeon in the Spanish language

Murk – Murk is dark mist when it is hard to see anything. Murk is another word for highly clouded. It looks a tough name for a male horse.

Smokey – One who has smoke or greyish qualities.Smokey is an extension of smoke.

Grulla Names for Mares

Azure – Azure is sky blue colour

Cadet – Cadet is a Unisex name which stands for the shade of blue

Plata – A word for silver in the Spanish language

Steel – Word for the metal alloy. Steel is greyish or silver-like colour and best name for the strong mare.

Wisp – Wisp is term used for thin streak from smoke

Nickel – It is a silver-white metal with a golden tinge. Nickel is a combination of iron and other metals.

Chico – Famous silver rush in Chilli

Hecla – Hecla is a famous mining company in the United States. They are the best silver and mine production companies in Canada and America.

Nasa – NASA is a space agency of the United States. Relevant to colour, it is a famous mountain between Norway and Sweeden.

Potosi – Patosi is located in Bolivia.It is largest silver deposit in the world.

Gothel – A character Rapunzel’s mother who steals her from the castle and keep her in a separate place.

male grulla horse names

Grulla Coat Color in other languages

Blau – Word for blue in German language

Meleg – Word for gray in Hungarian language

Siva – A cool name in Solvenian for gray

Argento – Word for silver in Italian

Gin – Gin is word for silver in Japanese

Pawa – Pawa is ”Power” in Japanese

Gris – Word for gray in Spanish

Plata – Plata is silver in Spanish

Acero – Steel in Spanish

Ferro – Steel in Latin

Gladio – Sword in Latin language

Argent – Silver in French

Daim – That is perfect name for Grulla as stands for Buckskin in Dutch language

Srebro – Silver for Croation

Paloma – A word for Dove in Spanish language

How to Name your Grulla Horse

Grulla horse has Spanish origin with different meanings behind it. Colours like blue dun, black dun and other colours have gene factor. These colours can make a combination of Grulla horse. Shade depends on dilation and gene characters of the horse. It is a family of mouse dun, grey dun and blue dun. Grulla can be breed to obtain silver Grulla or Light Grulla. During breed, the primary colour remains the same but shade can be changed.

There are different ways to observe Grulla horse,Here are some factors.

  • Dark Face
  • Cark Mottling
  • Leg Barring
  • Dark shadow on neck
  • Light Guard Hair

Here are some tips that can help you to pick catchy name for your Grulla horse.

Same Coat Color

Picking name for fellow coat colour is the best choice. Grulla has different variations like in major you can pick black horse names or grey horse names. Further some coat colour names that should be top in priority.

Age and Body Appearance

Age and body appearance can also play an important role. Like depending on the age you can select pony names or tough names for a mature horse. Body Appearance and gender also play an important role. Another important factor like breed also plays an important role. You can choose Appaloosa horse names for Grulla because they also develop colour.

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