6 Best Saddle Pad for Gaited Horse Reviews (2024)

If you are chasing after the best saddle pads for gaited horse, then this guide is for you. We have reviewed some best bareback pads for gaited horses available in the market so you don’t end up with the wrong ones. A horse owner can select a saddle pad for the gaited horse from our top picks.

Gaited horses are considered rare breeds, therefore the accessories for them are also distinctive. The experience of riding a gaited horse is unparalleled as they are prized for smoother easier rides. Gaited horses do a running walk with one foot always in touch with the ground, favourable for beginners and elderly alike.

The saddle pad provides cushioning and comfort during riding. Gaited horses require saddle pads that do not come in the way of their unique gait. Saddle pads that support freedom of movement with minimal resistance are the ones for your gaited horse.

Best Saddle Pad for Gaited Horse

Riding with the gaited horse is different from the trotting breed. The gaited horse tack is a bit different than other breeds. Even with a smoother ride, a rider needs a non-slip saddle pad for better safety. Here are some of the best saddle pads for horses based on rider reviews.

  1. Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad
  2. Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad
  3. Classic Equine BioFit Correction Felt Pad
  4. Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad
  5. Intrepid International Comfort Plus Western Bareback Pad
  6. Weaver Leather 35-9307-H37 Contoured Saddle Pad

1. Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad

This Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad is made keeping a gaited horse in mind. It is noted for being a wither relief pad. 

This bareback pad does not move much on the horse’s back and does not have to be fastened tightly. The lightweight, padded, and airy Best Friend saddle pad is kind to the horse’ back with additional wither protection.

Made from superior quality material, this saddle pad features a non-slip girth and density foam-filled suede top for a comfortable ride. This non-slippery Western-style saddle pad with an easy grab handle ensures optimal gripping.

Cleaning this bareback saddle pad is plain sailing owing to synthetic suede fabric build. Suede fabric is easier to clean and does not require much maintenance. Wiping it up with a damp cloth or brushing off dirt and grease gets you over and done with the care and maintenance of the saddle pad.

This saddle is known for fitting well on a variety of horses. Contoured design shapes the horse’s back for a greater fit. 

Another gain for having this bareback pad is the accessories holder. There are two pockets on the sides to fit riding aids. One pocket holds a water bottle while the other is for supplies like hook picks and aid kits.

Ideal for gaited horses, young horses, and horses recovering from injuries.

  • Non-slip girth and underside pad
  • Suede comfortable seat
  • Works well with the treeless saddle
  • Smaller in profile

2. Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad

Supreme quality material, merino wool liner, ventilation system, and durable design are the few among many perks of this weaver leather bareback saddle pad. Made from the finest materials, featuring alluring colours and patterns to add to the horse’s appearance.

The contoured leather spine is split down the centre for a natural fit. This ergonomically designed synergy performance saddle pad with wool blend felt liner conform to the curves of the horse’s back to lock the pad for a perfect fit.

Durable design with premium handwoven 100% New Zealand wool topper is made to serve the rider for decades. High performing wool blend felt liner wicks moisture and sweat from horseback to evenly cool your horse during riding. 

Incorporated EVA sport foam technology assures maximum shock absorption. ½” shock-absorbing EVA sport foam conforms to the horse’s back, returning to its original state after use.

The centre of the pad is lifted into the saddle gullet for airflow. The thoughtful design adds orthopaedic value to the saddle pad by creating a pocket for the horse’s back to rise into.

Suitable for gaited horses with intermediate speed.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Maximum impact absorption
  • Moisture-wicking wool liner
  • May make the saddle slip

3. Classic Equine BioFit Correction Felt Pad

This BioFit saddle pad from Classic Equine is among our top picks for a number of reasons. Classic Equine has gone the extra mile to assure the horse’s comfort.

Strategically placed buildup behind the scapula evens out saddle pressure to rectify “downhill” saddle fit. Well thought out design raises the front of the saddle away from the spine.

Made from 100% virgin wool fleece gives longevity, easier cleaning, and pulls away moisture. The finest material build dissipates heat, keeps the horse cooler during long hours of rides.

⅞” supreme quality wool blend offers maximum protection against impact. This non-slip correction felt pad eliminates the fear of slipping when riding your gaited horse. Deliberate wedge placement fills the void area for supplemental support.

Well-engineered to mold to the contours of the gaited horse’s back for a better, natural fit. Features a high quality felt bottom with impact-absorbing wool felt centre.

To maximize the horse’s comfort, this saddle pad is cut over the withers for gullet clearance and spine pain relief. 

Perfect for gaited horses, older horses, and horses with a diminishing topline or high withers.

  • Built to last
  • Premium grade wool blend
  • Provide assistance to the horses with muscle atrophy
  • Mild struggle with the best placement

4. Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad

Diamond Wool Pad Co. Started their journey back in 1992 and there is no stopping ever since. They revolutionized the market with their premium quality equine accessories.

Diamond Wool Pad Co. introduced a valuable addition in the sea of equine products. This Contour Felt Ranch Pad is a new go-to pad for its easy to saddle traits.

This contour pad is for heavy riders who ride 4-5 days a week for 3-4 hours. It withstands long hours of use.

Made from 1″ thick wool to provide extra cushioning when riding uneven and bumpy terrain. Wool built and distressed leather reinforcement adds decades to the lifetime.

Premium quality material pulls away sweat and moisture. Moisture-wicking properties keep the saddle pad in place. 

Contoured design shapes the horse’s back offering maximum snugness. The wither relief notch takes care of the horse’s comfort and spine.

Ideal for ranch work, roping, and heavy riding on uneven terrain. Besides the finest material and design, it’s the price of the saddle pad that attracts the buyer the most. This feature-packed saddle pad is moderately priced.

  • Perfect for heavy riding
  • Lightweight
  • 32″ long and 1″ thick
  • Maximum sweat absorption
  • Squish out when going up and down inclines
  • Unpleasant smell

5. Intrepid International Comfort Plus Western Bareback Pad

Intrepid International has been busy delivering quality horse tack since 1996. The addition of the Comfort Plus Western Bareback pad in Intrepid Squad raises the quality of horse tack a notch further.

If you are on the lookout for a saddle pad for jumping horses, your search ends here. It provides optimal comfort during casual trail rides or when riding a gaited horse.

Loaded with extra benefits, this is a dream saddle pad for gaited horses. Comfort is the middle name of this bareback pad. Overlay of tuck and roll short nap fleece with cushioned slightly high rise cantle provide optimum comfort ride after ride. Plush velour seat adds an effortless styling touch.

Non-slip girth and bottom keep the pad in place. Horse size adjustment circumference approximately ranges between 60 to 86 inches. Available Girth extenders push it a little further to 14 inches.

Synthetic suede construction makes the bareback pad breathable and lightweight. Padded with high-density foam in the wither area for extreme comfort. An integrated elasticized system locks the pad in place.

The saddle pad length is 21-¾, the girth buckle length is 22 inches.

  • Offers optimal grip
  • High-quality girth
  • Easy to fit
  • Stay on pad
  • A bit different shape than advertised

6. Weaver Leather 35-9307-H37 Contoured Saddle Pad

This bareback saddle pad for gaited horses from Weaver adds a luxurious look with its colourful patterns and design. This contoured saddle pad attracts attention at first glance.

Herculon fabric resists mold and mildew, ensures faster drying and easier cleaning. Herculon fabric top withstands long hours of trail rides. Distressed top grain wear leather look and embedded brand “W” insignia make an ideal accent.

Vibrant colors, beautiful patterns, superior raw materials, precision stitching, and wear leather prepares this saddle pad for high-end performance.

Weaver leather all-purpose saddle pad features Merino Wool Fleece Bottom for comfort and moisture-wicking action. A maize fleece bottom and 1″ felt insert provide extra comfort during action high performance.

A contoured saddle pad eliminates the problem of a saddle roll and fits perfectly. The size of this bareback pad fits over any new or older reining saddle.

Ideal for gaited and swayback horses.

  • Raised front
  • Eliminates the need for using a wither pad
  • Doesn’t break down with use
  • Color is not as vibrant as shown
  • Uneven and thin padding in some places

Buying Guide of a Saddle Pad

How to pick the best saddle pad for the horse? A question that bugs the new horse owner’s mind. There are a few requirements to look for when buying a saddle pad

  • Contours to the Horse’s back: To eliminate unnecessary pressure on the horse’s spine and wither, select a saddle pad that molds to the horse’s curves. There are specific even pads available for high-withered and mutton-withered horses.
  • Right Style: Shaped, Square and Half-pads are the three basic styles saddle pads come in. For dressage use square pads and for jumping shows use shaped pads. Half-pad can be used alone or in combination with square and shaped pads for all disciplines.
  • Size: Before buying, make sure the saddle pad matches your saddle. A saddle pad must not move past the horse’s last rib but a bit beyond the saddle edge.
  • Fitting: Saddle fitting your horse is the primary concern. A saddle pad can not make up for an ill-fitting saddle. It can only contribute to improving the saddle fit.
  • Material: Last but not least, the material must be premium grade. Pads are often made of fleece, sheepskin, wool, and cotton. The prices are different for each material. Go for the one that lasts long.


What is the Difference in Gaited Horse Saddle?

The shape of the tree make a major difference between Gaited horse saddle and normal saddle. Gaited horses usually move differently than normal horses. Their movement demands different tree saddle. Saddle brands make different saddle and saddle pads for these horses.

What is the best saddle pad for Gaited horses?

There are different brands available in the market but Best Friend Western Style Bareback Saddle Pad is the best one. This saddle pad is specially made for gaited horses.

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Final Words

A saddle pad is imperative when riding a gaited horse. Saddle pads are required to protect the horse’s back and save the saddle from wear and tear. We have reviewed some top-notch saddle pad to assist you in riding a gaited horse. Our top pick would be Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad as it is feature-packed and durable.

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