The 4 Best Horse Knee boots Reviews in 2024

Do you know horse knee boots are just as important as horseshoes? Well, if you don’t, horse knees are just as prone to injuries and inflammation as hooves. Once the horse’s knees get damaged, the horse may never recover or if the horse miraculously recovers, the horse would never be as sound and healthy as it used to be. 

To prevent damage to horse knees, horse enthusiasts often invest in knee boots. The knee boots offer ultimate support by hugging the pastern joint and fetlock area all around. The knee boots do not just prevent blisters, bruises, injuries, and inflammation but they also fasten up the healing process. 

The show performing horses get to deal with such uncomfortable situations more, so it’s important to get them shoed well. It must be noted that ordering the right boot would only help the poor animal in maintaining sound and healthy knees.

Shopping for such products online is super overwhelming because there are tons of options available, as we know how hard finding the right product is and how important it is to choose the best one, we have decided to help our fellow horse enthusiasts out there. 

As you might have judged from the previous statement, we would be shortlisting the few horse knee boots and blessing our regular readers with the buyer’s guide. But before we get into details let’s quickly discuss what horse knee boots are? So, no one needs to open a new tab to search what horse knee boots really are. 

Best Horse Knee boots Reviews

Horse knee boots are not actually “boots” as the knees can not be shoed. It’s actually a slightly padded wrap that is usually secured by a velcro fastener. The horse knee boots are made to support the pastern joint and fetlock area. 

Now that the horse knee boot mystery is resolved, let’s not beat about the bush and check what our options are and what brought them to our list. 

1. Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Boot

This Five-star Back On Track therapeutic Knee boots are made to offer ultimate comfort and support. The Back On Track medium 11.5″-9.5″ boots are perfect for small and medium-term needs.

The ceramic powder does not just soothe the horse’s knees but also aid in healing the injuries, reducing pain, and treating chronic inflammation. By offering ultimate support, it speeds up the healing process.

These Back On Track therapeutic boots are strong, sturdy, and tough enough to offer durability and support for years to come. The existing buyers have praised that these horse knee boots have been reported to improve leg joints. Read my complete guide on The 9 Best Joint Supplement for Horses

The issues few buyers have faced are that the Back On Track boots do not come in pairs and they are a bit pricey as compared to the other horse knee boots listed on Amazon. However, they can be used for both protective and preventive purposes.


  • Aid in healing the injuries, reducing pain, and treating chronic inflammation
  • Speeds up healing
  • Strong, sturdy, and tough
  • Improves leg joints
  • Can be used for protective and preventive purposes 


  • A bit pricey
  • Being sold singly

2. Professional’s Choice Equine Knee Boots

These handy, ultra-durable Professional’s Choice equine knee boots are in Amazon’s Choice as Professional horse knee boots. No extra padding makes it the best horse knee boot ever listed on Amazon.

The heavy-duty velcro fastening straps keep the knee boots in it’s place so you can go on an uninterrupted journey with your horse. The slimline design offers excellent support and does not tax the horse knees with bulkiness.

The Professional’s Choice horse knee boots are sold in pairs. If we compare it to the other horse knee boots being sold singly, they are super affordable. In brief, it has all the qualities the horse enthusiasts usually look for in boots. 

These professional’s Choice horse knee boots are specifically made for prolonged training sessions and travel. However, despite being sturdy and tough, these boots are not suitable for fieldwork.


  • In Amazon’s choice
  • No extra padding
  • Heavy-duty velcro fastening straps
  • Stays on point
  • Does not tax bulkiness
  • Super affordable 
  • Sturdy
  • Made for traveling 
  • Sold in pairs


  • Not suitable for fieldwork 

3. Classic Equine Knee Boots

These neoprene-constructed knee boots made it to our list because of their stay-put design and durability. The superior-grade neoprene hugs the horse’s knees and provides unmatched support that the horse needs for high demanding activities. 

These all-in-one Classic horse boots are made to serve horses remarkably. The Classic equine horse knee boots can be bought to correct the horse’s irregular stride and to prevent bumps and bruises.

Unlike regular horse knee boots, the Classic equine knee boots can be used for both curative and protective purposes. These boots can aid in healing and keeping the horse knees sound and healthy. 

These boots are measured and made perfectly to cover the pastern joint and fetlock areas that need attention. Moreover, these boots are AQHA/NRHA approved, so they can’t be faulty at all. 


  • Innovative design
  • Offer Supreme support 
  • Covers pastern joint and fetlock areas well
  • AQHA/NRHA approved 
  • Made to prevent bumps and bruises 
  • Keeps the knees sound and healthy 
  • Can be used for preventive and curative purposes 
  • Doesn’t require readjustments 
  • Help with irregular stride 


  • Sold individually 

4. JackS Neoprene Horse Knee Boots For Horse Barrel Racing And Reining Training 

These least-known JackS Neoprene knee boots are engineered to offer supreme support and protection against injuries in starfishing or barrel racing and reining training. The versatility of these JackS horse knee boots allows them to use for other purposes as well. 

The knee-hugging design makes it nearly unmatchable and highly stretch-resistant. As per the general rule, the horse knee boots must not be roomy, these neoprene boots are designed and manufactured keeping the horse enthusiast’s and horse’s requirements in mind. 

Like all expensive horse knee boots out there, the JackS horse boots are also remarkable in protecting the horse knees from injuries and bruises. Other than protecting the knees, these knee boots also fasten up the healing process so that the horse can get back to training again. 

Just as everything has got an issue, these boots come only in black color and standard size. Other than the sizing issue, this horse accessory has got no positive or negative reviews. It would be hard for you to see it from the existing users’ point of view. 


  • Knee hugging design
  • Highly stretch-resistant 
  • Protect and cure
  • Perfect for barrel racing and reining training 
  • Affordable 
  • Fits well like a second skin
  • Durable


  • Requires readjustments 

These were the few horse knee boots that caught our attention. It truly saddens us that we could not shortlist more options as we usually do. Unfortunately, Amazon is not full of options as it usually is when it comes to horse knee boots.

If you are the kind of person who needs more options to be able to make decision, we would suggest you check the local stores nearby. There would definitely be more options being sold at much cheaper prices. So, before you hit the place an order button, go ahead and check the other options as well. But remember! Amazon always has the best gears and deals. 

Our pick?

As we have started suggesting one or two out of all our recommendations so, Classic Equine Knee Boots and Professional’s Choice Equine Knee Boots are the two best options.

Classic Equine knee boots are being highly recommended because it is AQHA/NRHA approved whereas the other one is designed and engineered to perfection. Please keep that in mind that every case is different, what we find up to mark may not suit your horse well. Be the judge, take help if you think it’s hard for you to judge, research well, and place the order when you are completely satisfied.

How to find the right horse knee shoe?

Even the hot selling items fail to offer the deserved protection if the product is recklessly selected. Since you are shopping online, you need to be very careful with the details. So, here is what you need to pay attention to;


Just like any other product, you need to be bothering the “material” first. The horse knee shoe can be constructed of genuine/synthetic leather or neoprene. Both materials are good for the job but if you are looking for better protection, we would suggest going for the neoprene one.

The neoprene-constructed horse knee would be more comfortable as the said material sits like a second skin. Moreover, neoprene is water-proof, corrosion-resistant, and highly resilient to various environmental factors including UV, oxidation, and ozone. Neoprene, however, would be a little less durable than leather but it would serve the purpose better than the other option.

Fastening system

No matter how innovative the design is, there would be one or more velcros to secure the horse knee boots around the horse’s knees. As readjustments would be tiring for you and your horse, make sure the fastening system seems well enough to hold the horse knee shoe to its place. Velcros fasteners are usually not that durable but they can be replaced. Prefer comfort over durability, do not go for the buckle ones.

Length and width

Now after the material and the fastening system, you need to pay attention to length and width. The horse knee boots should be long and wide enough to cover the whole knee area; pastern joint and fetlock. So, go through the product description again, check how long and how wide the horse knee boots are.


There are three types of horse knee boots; preventive, curative, and two in one preventive and curative boots.

The preventive horse knee boots, as the name suggests, are engineered to prevent blisters, bruises, injuries, and all other knee issues horses usually face whereas, the curative horse knee shoes are made to heal the injuries, bruises, and blisters. The two-in-one curative and preventive horse knee boots are far more superior of as they serve both purposes perfectly well. 


Most of the horse knee boots are usually minimally padded. Make sure the horse knee boots have minimal padding, the overly padded horse knee boots would make it hard for the horse to walk, run, trot and to bend it’s knees. So, do not overlook the padding factor, if you do not want to end up being disappointed.


Weight is another important factor that should never go unnoticed. Remember! The lighter the weight the better(but not that light that they fail to serve the purpose). You would hardly find the horse knee boot weight mentioned in the product description, scroll down go into details and check what the item weight is. If the material, size, fastening system, and weight are okay, do not hesitate to place an order.

Lastly, the horse enthusiasts need to make sure whether the horse knee boots they are ordering are being sold individually or in pairs.

The boots that are being sold in pairs are usually cheaper but if the quality is poor, there is no harm in paying a few more bucks. So, double-check how the boots are being sold, if the boot you have selected is being offered singly, scroll down add “2” to the quantity before placing the order.


The horse knee boots usually cover the pastern joint and fetlock area. These knee boots are usually demanded to prevent and cure bruises, blisters, inflammation, and all other horse knee issues. While ordering the horse knee boots, you need to pay attention to the material, padding, size(length and width), fastening system, and weight. Double-check the product details and compare them with your horse needs before placing an order as each case is different.

If we are supposed to recommend one or two-horse knee boots out of all the suggested options, we would encourage you to consider Classic Equine Knee Boots and Professional’s Choice Equine Knee Boots.


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