121+ Tennessee Walking Horse Names

Tennessee Walking Horse is a famous gaited horse breed known for flashy movement and running walk. They have a long sloping shoulder with a sloping hip. Tennessee Walking originally developed for farmers to travel on rough terrain. They come in different color patterns and marks on the body.

It is easy to name Tennessee Walking Horse because they are a common gaited breed with different colors. There are no specific names for them but the color combination, breed type, and appearance can help to make list.

Famous Tennessee Walking Horse Names

These famous names from the different racing competitions, movies, and horse owners. Each famous name has a specific history behind it.

  • Strolling Jim – First Tennessee walking horse to become world champion. He was chestnut in color from the left hind sock. At start used for farming but later a trained used him for competitions.
  • Haynes Peacock – He was also a solid chestnut horse. This horse bred by Jack Monette to use on the farm. The owner used him for routine work like carrying groceries or on the farm. Later in a show purchased by Colonel J. L. Haynes and named as Haynes Peacock. This horse won the world grand championship.
  • Melody Maid – A famous mare who won World Grand Champion in 1942.In start mare used for farming and local show competitions.
  • Black Angel – Winner of world grand championship. Black angel sold for the highest Tennessee walking horse price at that time. She was a very beautiful mare with star marking.
  • City Girl – Another world grand champion from history. She participated in all events in 1944 as a champion girl.
  • Midnight Sun – Midnight sun spent his whole life in  Harlinsdale Farm. Midnight sun won two times grand championships. This horse sired almost 2500 foals in his life. He was a pure black horse with no markings on the body.
  • Merry Go Boy – He was famous for producing the best confirmation types in offspring. Merry go boy was black with a star on the body. He won an eanling horse colt class at Tenneesse walking horse celebration.
  • Motown Magic – Black stallion of stave dun
  • White Star – She exhibited multiple shows in the united states. The white star changed her color from dark, white to gray in color. At the age of 23, she won her first world grand championship.
  • Ebony Masterpiece – This black stallion sired by the skipper son of midnight. She bred on a local farm. At the age of 2 years, he won the division’s championship. Simpson purchased this horse for 2500$.
  • Triple Threat – He was the grandson of Midnight sun. In 1963 he won the Reserve championship. If you want to choose a name for your stallion this can be a perfect choice.

Female Famous Tennessee Walking Horse Names

Female horses need cute names. Some famous mares quotes from history, now these common female names can help you to select the best one.

  • Dulce – Meaning soft
  • Zorro – For fox
  • Native Dancer
  • Eclipse
  • Phar laps
  • Holly ball
  • Ruffian
  • Winks
  • Summer
  • Honey
  • Rumer
  • Prada
  • Misty
  • Ebony
  • Ginger
  • Silver
  • Twilight
  • Champion
  • Diamond
  • Lucky
  • Gloria
  • Clara
  • Rose
  • Ema
  • Melody
  • Cookie
  • Brandy
  • Spice
  • Luna
  • Lexi

Male Tennessee Walking Horse Names

If you have a new stallion on your ranch, take some time to decide the name. Male horse names need badass and tough names. Here are some ideas for quick selection.

  • Jake
  • Eclipse
  • Paunch
  • Hunter
  • Rocky
  • Justin
  • Spot
  • Mocha
  • Austin
  • Legacy
  • Gizmo
  • Hercules
  • Whisky
  • Dusty
  • Storm
  • Bear
  • Dandy
  • Shadow
  • Wrangler
  • Jimmy
  • Apollo

Tennessee Walking Horse Names by Colors

Tennessee Walking Horse comes in different colors which makes name selection very easy. they have chestnut, ray, black roan, bay or pure white color. Here are names for every color breed.


  • Golnar – Golnar is a red color flower with center flame-like
  • Daphne – It is a chestnut color shrub
  • Keegan – It stands for born of fire
  • Redford – Famous American actor
  • Burgundy – A color combination of red and purple


  • Bella star
  • Black jack
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Angel
  • Espresso
  • Hallow
  • Nebol
  • Nerina
  • Neon
  • Swart


  • Grayson
  • Luna
  • Angel
  • Olaf
  • Powder
  • Defrost
  • Dusty Moon
  • Gandalf
  • Gypsum

Naming Tips for Tennessee Walking Horse

There are some common recommendations for naming horses. Spend a week with a new horse and decide the nature of the horse. Always pick a name that is easy to pronounce and try to repeat it for some time. Never try a name that can confuse your horse.

Every horse has a special color, marking, or shades on the body which helps in deciding the name. You can decide the name of celebrities, famous places or tv shows. Do not only focus on English, but other languages can also bring good ideas.

Tennessee Walking Horse comes in a few different colors. You can consider names from fellow gaited breeds like Appaloosa names are also perfect for your horse. Last, select any name from the above list and drop your valuable suggestions in the comments.

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