Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

If you are about to buy a Stubben saddle and looking up an online Stubben saddle serial number to get all the data, however, your 2 minutes research has not landed you on something concrete, then lean on us to enlighten you with all the details.

A Stubben enthusiast knows the true worth of the Stubben saddle, who has enjoyed years of service and comfortable riding. When exploring the world of English saddles, Stubben saddle is the word you would get to hear a lot. If the Stubben saddle is cared for properly, it speaks volumes for years of exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite style.

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Stubben saddle serial number is assigned to the saddle for identification and inventory purposes. The serial number, printed on the label or the saddle itself, is a specific set of numbers and alphabets that helps the brand with authentication and to distinguish the saddle from others.

What does the serial number on the saddle mean?

Saddle serial number holds a lot more information than you think. You might have mistaken a serial number for a random set of the alphanumeric number engraved or sewn on the saddle as yet, rather lies within it much useful information for the buyer. It may include tree size, model year, seat, material, and much more.

Length of Stubben Saddle Serial Number

Stubben saddle serial number may differ for each saddle. It usually is a single set of numbers, however, exact information in this regard can only be provided by the brand. The older and newer models might also have different styles of serial numbers. The length of the serial number also varies for the older and newly manufactured Stubben saddle.

Do Stubben Saddles have a numeric serial number?

Many believe that saddle serial numbers can only be numeric, however, it is not true. Stubben saddles usually have the alphanumeric serial number, which means it contains both letters and numbers. It usually depends on the manufacturer, which style he prefers, and what he wants to convey through the serial number.

Locating the Stubben Saddle Serial Number

Lift the right saddle flap and check the billet guard, you may find the Stubben saddle serial number there. Billet guard is the saddle part through which billet straps (where the girth is fastened) are threaded. Stubben serial number is stamped, imprinted, or engraved on the billet strap on the far side. However, the newer and older model saddles may have the serial number stamped at different places.

How to read Stubben Saddle serial number?

The Stubben saddle serial number usually starts with the letter followed by numbers. From what we could know Stubben saddle serial number contains treewidth and perhaps the model year. However, authentic information can be provided by the brand. Contact the representatives and explain to them the serial number, you will get information about Saddle age, material, and manufacturer.

Do Stubben Saddles have the same Serial and Model number?

No, just like other saddle brands, Stubben saddles have different serial and model numbers. The model number is usually located somewhere around the serial number.

How to differentiate between the Stubben saddle serial and model number?

Stubben saddle serial and model numbers are located close to each other, therefore, one often gets confused between the two. One way to distinguish them is that the serial number starts with the letter.

Serial Numbers on the Older Stubben Saddle

The demand for older Stubben saddles has not died yet, however, to authenticate the serial number on the older saddle may require some work. It is highly likely that the billet guards on which serial numbers are imprinted might have gone missing or replaced with a newer one. However, still, you can authenticate the saddle by contacting the brand.

How to verify Stubben saddle serial number?

The authentic verification of Stubben saddle serial number can only be provided by the brand itself. The Stubben representative can verify the serial number and explain the additional information it holds.

How to contact Stubben

If you are about to buy a Stubben saddle and want to verify the serial number, you can contact either the local supplier, tack shop, or call the helpline. The representative will clear all the doubts about the serial number and resolve other queries.

Call the helpline at 800 550-1110 or write at Stübben North America

1018 Wounded Knee Lane

Troy, VA 22974.

Email them at info at and get a reply from the representative within a day or two. Send a detailed email along with photos from every angle and model number to get a quick reply.

To sum it all up, the Stubben saddle serial number begins with a letter followed by numbers. A Stubben saddle serial number may contain saddle age and treewidth. However, only a Stubben representative can verify what information lies in the serial number. 

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