Tex Tan Hereford Saddle Serial Number

Tex Tan Hereford has been every rider’s favorite brand since 1929 for always putting the user’s preferences first. Saddles are the key to enjoying rides and winning competitions and Tex Tan Hereford gets it better than anyone else. A beautiful combination of modern technology and traditional looks, Tex Tan serves the rider just right.

Ever since the Tex Tan saddle gained the reputation, many imitations of the Tex Tan Hereford brand have come to the market. However, there is one way to distinguish the real Tex Tan Hereford saddle by its trademark and serial number.

Tex Tan Hereford Saddle Serial Number

Every Tex Tan Hereford saddle is authorized by the unique serial number. The serial number holds information about the product. A saddle serial number alone can give information about the type, size, color, year of manufacture, or whatever the manufacturer desires it to convey.

How long is the Tex Tan Hereford Saddle serial number?

The length of the serial number depends on the manufacturer’s decision on how long he wants it to be. However, the serial number of the Tex Tan Hereford saddle is usually in two parts, separated by a dash or space. Both parts of the Tex Tan saddle serial number contains specific numbers holding key information.

Are the serial numbers of Tex Tan Hereford Saddle numeric?

As per Tex Tan Hereford representative, the serial numbers are usually numeric. Oftentimes, people like to believe that serial numbers are only numeric, however, it is not true, serial numbers can have alphabets as well. It all depends on the manufacturer’s choice.

Do Tex Tan Hereford Saddles have the same model and serial number?

Many people assume that the model and the serial number of any product are the same. It is not true though, model and serial numbers are two different sets of numbers and alphabets assigned to a product by the brand, such is the case with Tex Tan Hereford saddles. The model and the serial number of Tex Tan saddles are not the same.

How to differentiate between the Tex Tan Hereford saddle serial and model number?

Now that you know that the saddle serial and model number are different, the next step would be to learn how to differentiate them. Tex Tan Hereford has made it easy for the buyer to identify the model and serial number.

On older Tex Tan saddles the model number starts with 08 whereas on newer models it begins with 292.

Where is the saddle serial number located?

The next question that arises is, where to locate the Tex Tan saddle serial number? Is the saddle serial number located on the packaging or the saddle itself? From what we could know from the Tex Tan Hereford representative, the saddle serial number is located inside the left fender near the Belvins buckle.

Where to locate the Tex Tan Hereford model number?

If you are successful in locating the Tex Tan Hereford saddle serial number, now want to know where the model number is. Most probably, the model number is located under or somewhere around the serial number.

How to read a Tex Tan Hereford saddle serial number?

The newly manufactured Tex Tan saddles have the model year printed along with the serial number. The year of manufacture is imprinted with the serial number. The model year may be separated from the serial number with a dash or space.

Tex Tan saddle serial number may contain year code alone or paired with the month and date the saddle was made.

Tex Tan Saddle Age

All the information about the Tex Tan saddle age lies in the serial number. One can find how old the saddle is by just decoding the serial number. Apart from telling the year of manufacture, many Tex Tan saddle serial number holds all the details about month and date as well.

Verifying the Tex Tan Saddle Serial Number

A new buyer might get confused with the imitation and real Tex Tan saddle serial numbers, however, he can ask for help from the brand itself. A buyer can either contact local sellers supplying Tex Tan tack or email at alex at actioncompany.com.

Include all necessary details in the email if you are trying to get to know a serial number, like the model number and a picture of the saddle. If you already have the serial number and want to verify it, send the serial number along with the product details for verification.

It takes 2 to 3 days or more to get a reply from the brand as they receive requests of this nature every day. Don’t rush, wait a while.

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Final Word

Deciphering a serial number is an art itself. It should not be mistaken for random sets of numbers assigned by a production unit rather they got a bigger role to play. Tex Tan saddle serial numbers contain the year of manufacture, oftentimes paired with month and date. Now, go ahead and decipher the serial number of your favorite Tex Tan saddle. Happy decoding.



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