How to Read Billy Cook Saddle Serial Number

The name “Billy Cook Saddles” has always come up in conversations with my fellow riders because of the quality tack the brand supplies. Billy Cook saddles have made a mark among riders for their outstanding quality, work of art, craftsmanship, and impressive features.

Touted as the number 1 saddle brand, new sets of Billy Cook saddle may cost up to one grand or more. The tack is surely expensive but how would you know the saddle you are getting is worth the price. There are many brands selling imitation Billy Cook saddles so what are the odds that a naive newbie might end up purchasing a counterfeit Billy Cook Saddle? Hundred to one, certainly.

How to check the authenticity of Billy Cook Saddle?

If you are afraid of falling into the pit and losing your money, let us show you how to check if you are getting an authentic Billy Cook saddle or not. Look for the trademark stamped on the saddle and serial number engraved on the leather located under the jockey or fenders.

How to read the Billy Cook Saddle serial number?

If you believe that a serial number is just a set of random numbers and alphabets assigned to a product, you surely are living in a bubble. Serial numbers hold a lot of information about the product. 

So is the case with the serial numbers assigned to Billy Cook saddles, which allow the brand and the buyer to identify the saddle and get hold of the additional information. The serial number on the Billy Cook Saddle informs about the year of manufacture and other key details.

How to find the age of a Billy Cook Saddle?

The real age of a Billy Cook saddle can be found out by deciphering the serial number of that particular saddle. The first two digits of the saddle give away the year saddle was made, so you can count the years and find the real age.

How to verify the Billy Cook Saddle serial number?

Often imitation saddles also have serial numbers, which may give you some trust issue. But, fret not, the serial numbers of Billy Cook saddles can be verified by calling the helpline. Call Billy Cook Saddle & Harness at (580) 622-5505 or write to the company at the following address to verify the serial numbers

Billy Cook Harness & Saddle 219 W. Muskogee Avenue Sulphur, OK 73086-4816.

Where are the Billy Cook trademark and serial number located?

To locate Billy Cook trademark, look for a leather stamp or metal medallion on the saddle’s fenders, latigo, and cinch carrier. As far as Billy Cook saddle serial number is concerned, examine saddle skirts, fenders, and jockeys.

What is the Billy Cook Saddle Trademark?

The trademark stamped on new Billy Cook saddles is “Billy Cook Maker, Sulphur, OK”. Due to multiple “Billy Cook” saddles in the market, the trademark and serial numbers help authenticate the original. Make sure the trademark has the word “maker” in it, otherwise it’s a faker.

Why there are two trademarks for the Billy Cook saddles?

One often gets confused by the two trademarks stamped on Billy Cook saddles, one is “Billy Cook Saddlery Greenville Texas” and the other “Billy Cook Maker, Sulphur, OK”. Billy Cook Saddlery Greenville Texas is the old trademark used by the company before it was sold to Longhorn saddle company. New sets of saddles by Billy Cook has this trademark ” Billy Cook Maker, Sulphur, OK”.

Have serial numbers helped Billy Cook brand counter imitation saddles?

It surely has played its part. There are still multiple imitations of “Billy Cook” brands at large, however, serial numbers have helped stand out the real saddles from the brand. Users can locate and verify the serial number by calling the helpline to know if it’s a real or counterfeit product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Billy Cook saddle serial number located?

Depending on the age of the saddle, Billy Cook’s saddle serial number location changes. It is either located on the skirt, fenders, or jockeys.

Are Billy Cook saddles good?

When it comes to the quality of Western saddle, the name of Billy cook’s brand is going to turn up. Many riders prefer Billy Cook for its workmanship and impressive features.

What does a saddle serial number tell?

This purely depends on the manufacturer, what he wants to communicate through the serial number. Some give information about the year while other enlight the user about saddle specifications.

To sum up

An avid horse owner knows the worth of Billy Cook Saddles and the pain if you get your hands on the counterfeit saddle. To settle this problem once and for all, locate the serial number and trademark and verify it with the brand. Call helpline or write to the company if you are having difficulty decoding the serial number.


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