How to Look Up Simco Saddle Serial Number

My friend asked for my help to look up the Simco saddle serial number as he was about to buy one. So, a thought came across my mind that I should enlighten other people on the subject as well.

Though the brand ownership changed, the standards never shifted. Simco has been serving riders since 1930 when there were not many saddle brands on the Horizon. The Simco got sold to the Action Company in 1981 and the brand has flourished ever since, day by day.

What can we know from a saddle serial number?

As many of you do not know a saddle serial number is of immense importance when buying a saddle. Apart from distinguishing an imitation from a real one, it gives away key information like the age of the saddle, seat size, color, material, and much more. The manufacturer holds the reins on what the serial number should convey.

Simco Saddle Serial Number

Buying saddles requires quite an investment so it’s customary to get all the information beforehand about the authenticity, age, size, and material. A Simco saddle serial can somewhat help you with that. Depending on the newer and older models, serial numbers have also varied a bit along with the information rested in them.

How long is the Simco Saddle serial number?

That cannot be said for sure. The length of the saddle serial number varies, some may be shorter than the others and vice versa. The older and new leadership of the brand also has a role in this. Older and newer models may have differences in their serial numbers and location.

Do Simco saddles have numeric saddle serial numbers?

From what we could know they are usually numeric. An exception can be made for some saddles by the manufacturer to have alpha-numeric serial numbers.

If a manufacturer wants to add information about color and material, then the alpha-numeric serial number is often opted for. If it’s restricted to the year and size, the numeric serial number is given a go.

Locating the Simco Saddle Serial Number

To check Simco Saddle serial number, examine back, skirts, fenders, jockeys, and underneath the flap leather. The location of the saddle serial number is different on older and newer models. Depending on the model’s age, the saddle serial number is either sewn, engraved, or stamped on the plate.

How to read a Simco Saddle serial number?

Simco saddle serial numbers are imprinted on the saddle and usually lies within them the year of manufacture. It can not always be the case, it may hold some information about other key details. From what information we have gathered, it generally contains the year of manufacture.

However, it may not be the case for newly manufactured saddles, the structure and function of serial numbers may change as per the manufacturer’s preference.

What information could a Simco saddle serial number contain?

Simco saddle serial number usually contains two sets of number one may have the model year while the other is likely to contain tree and seat size, or catalog number.

Simco Saddle Age

Just by deciphering the serial number, one can find how old the Simco saddle is. Simco saddle serial usually has the model year and often lies in the first two digits. For instance, if the Simco saddle serial number is 86-1358, it is highly likely that the saddle was made in 1986.

Simco Saddle Serial Number lookup

Not much can be found online on the subject. However, Simco Saddle is available for sale with the model number. To get more information about the serial number of the particular saddle is to contact the company.

How to verify Simco Saddle’s serial number?

Either you want to know about the Simco saddle serial number or verify it, no one is going to help you as much as the brand itself. Contact local Simco saddle dealers or call the helpline to get the desired information.

How to Contact the Simco-Longhorn saddle?

The Simco-Longhorn saddle does not have an independent website which might make you confused about who to contact. Well, you will have to contact the Action Company, which acquired the brand.

To contact them, you would have to call 972-542-8700 or 800-937-3700. Write to them at sales at to get all your queries resolved.

Send them a detailed email along with a few pictures of the saddle and other information you collected to avoid back and forth communication.

You might get a reply within 3-5 days.

Final Verdict

Just like other saddle brands, Simco has carefully put together their saddle serial numbers. Simco has given its serial number specific sets of numbers holding information about the model year and other key details. However, authentic information can be given by the brand in this regard. Write or call on the above-mentioned contact to know more about the Simco Saddle serial numbers.

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