Shadow Horse Trailer Review with All Types

Looking for a horse trailer? Well, it’s a huge investment so it’s fair to get confused and search for the best possible options. When you frequently have to take your horses from one place to another it becomes mandatory to have a horse trailer. All horse trailers are expensive but the complex structure makes it hard to judge whether the trailer is worth the money or not?

There are some horse trailer manufacturing companies that have made a mark with their supernatural quality and features, Shadow trailers is one of them.

It is recognized as one of the top aluminum horse trailer manufacturing companies in the United States.

The trailers are designed and manufactured keeping the horseman’s needs and requirements in mind.

Ventilation and lighting are installed to give the horseman and horse the comfort of home.

There are obviously other companies as well that are manufacturing offering the standard horse trailers at affordable rates but in this article today, we are going to review the shadow horse trailers only. Shadow trailers offer almost all kinds of horse trailers;

  • Shadow Bumper Pull Horse Trailer
  • Shadow Living Quarter Horse Trailer
  • Shadow Gooseneck Horse Trailer
  • Shadow Stock Trailers

Now that you know that Shadow trailers are specialized in manufacturing all possible versions of horse trailers let’s move ahead and see what makes their creations unique from the rest. 

Shadow Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

The shadow bumper pull horse trailers are made to give a resting shoulder to horse owners who want to pull it through an SUV or lightweight truck. 

The all-aluminum bumper pull horse trailer is versatile, affordable, and handy. 

The ultimate horse luxurious trailer contains easily removable head dividers, auto pressure-sensitive divider latches, large drop feed windows, and floor mats for your convenience. 

Swinging the Tack wall adds more versatility to the horse trailer by giving you enough room to store all the essentials.

The extra comfortable horse makes it unique as they are 42″ inches wide and 121″ long.

A rechargeable battery, one key lock system, lightweight design, saddle racks, bridle hooks, and brighter LED lights make it a must-have. Available in straight and slant load.


  • Available in straight and slant load
  • One key lock system
  • Premium wall lining
  • Easily removable head dividers
  • Large feed drop windows
  • Brighter horse area and dress room lights
  • Contains saddle racks and bridle hooks
  • Comes with a 7-year structural warranty 

Image Source Shadow Trailer

Shadow Living Quarter Horse Trailer

Shadow trailer’s other proud invention is the living quarter horse trailers.

The space-saving sliding mid-track, spacious adjustable rear tack, weight reducing, and cost-saving slide-outs brings to the limelight.

Thoughtfully designed superior one lock system, the aluminum interlocking floor makes it extremely comfortable for prolonged traveling.

The wooden cabinets and trims add warmth to style. The king-sized bed and stereo sound system make it an absolute luxury.

Moreover, open floor plans, innovative slide-outs, and sliding mid-tack distinguish from the regular living quarter horse trailers. Available in two different sizes; 

  • Shadow 8′ wide pro series living quarter horse trailer
  • Shadow 7′ wide pro series living quarter horse trailer

Shadow 8′ wide pro series living quarter horse trailer

Shadow 8′ wide pro series living quarter horse trailer is one of the easiest-to-tow shadow horse trailers.

This lightweight horse trailer can be easily pulled by a ¾ ton truck. Fold-out sofa bed, gooseneck area, and a king-sized bed are it’s praise-worthy features.

Shadow 7′ wide pro series living quarter horse trailer

The shadow 7′ wide pro series living quarter horse trailer is popular among horse admirers not just for its durability and comfortability but for the superior living quarter as well.

Like the 8′ wide living quarter horse trailer, this version is also admired for a king-sized bed fold-out sofa and premium quality porcelain toilet.


  • Comes with a 7-year structural warranty
  • Interlocking aluminium floor
  • Allows easy towing, can be pulled by ¾ ton truck
  • Wooden cabinet doors
  • Contains shower
  • Contain premium king-sized beds  and a foldable sofa
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Lightweight, durable, and affordable 
  • Easy to rent this horse trailer

Shadow Gooseneck Horse Trailer

The shadow gooseneck horse trailers are designed to match your spirits. The lightweight design makes it the best pulling trailer in the market full of options. 42 inches wide stalls give a comfortable room to the horses for this prolonged tiring journey.

Oversized windows are installed to serve the purpose well.

Equi flex spring leaf axles ensure a smoother and stress-free ride. Like most of the shadow horse trailers, it also has a one key lock feature for the user’s convenience. 

6′ 9 inches in width and 7′ 6 inches in length make it an ideal option.

Tube framing, interlocking aluminum floor, fixed slant wall, saddle rack provisions, bridle hooks, room vents, escape door, easily removable padded dividers, floor mats, large feed windows, and electric brakes add more versatility to its nature.

The pro series gooseneck standard models include;

  • 2 horse slant plus pack gooseneck horse trailer
  • 2+1 straight pro series gooseneck horse trailer
  • 3 horse slant plus pack gooseneck horse trailer
  • 4 horse head to head pro gooseneck horse trailer
  • 4 horse plus pack gooseneck horse trailer
  • 7 horse head to head pro gooseneck horse trailer


  • Available in straight and slant load
  • Padded chest and butt bar
  • Thoughtfully designed, contain all the essentials
  • Auto pressure-sensitive divider latches
  • Premium quality floor mats
  • Extra-large and wide feed window
  • Airy, bright, and inviting
  • 7 years structural warranty
  • Interlocking aluminum floor
  • Electric floor

Shadow Stock Trailer

Last on the list of shadow trailers is “stock trailers” which is not specifically designed for horses but can be used to carry horses for a short ride. Shadow stock trailers are built for everyday rough and tough use.

The spring axles give the commodities and livestock a smooth and comfortable ride.

Tube framing, lower extrusion, spring leaf axles, molded dual contact plug, escape door, center-cut door, interior light per box area, single rear-gate with a slider gives an unmatchable experience.

Like most of the shadow trailers, the stock trailers also come in a variety of styles and sizes. The shadow standard livestock standard models are;

  • 6’4 wide rancher bumper pull
  • 6’9 wide 20-foot stock gooseneck
  • 6’4 wide 13.6 rancher bumper pull
  • 6’9 wide 20-foot stock gooseneck

All these shadow stock trailers allow a wide range of use. The escape and center cut door make it a reliable option for the stock, livestock especially horses.


  • Escape door
  • Center-cut gate
  • All aluminum frame and skin
  • Wooden floor
  • LED lights
  • Ideal height (7′) and width (6’9″)
  • Comes with a 7-year structural warranty
  • Affordable
  • Made for a wide range of uses, can be bought to carry stock or horses
  • Durable and handy

Moreover, shadow trailers also offer STW Cargo Racing Toy Haulers.

The innovative cargo racing toy haulers are lightweight and aluminum alloys built.

These trailers can be pulled by a motorcycle, ATV, show car, race car, and cargo. 

Why shadow trailers?

The shadow trailers got me to write a review because of the quality and handy design. Another reason why the shadow trailers get recommended is 7- year structural warranty.

All trailers whether it’s a bumper pull, gooseneck, stock, or with living quarters are lightweight, durable, and super affordable. 

Lastly, I hope this short quick guide has helped you. Good luck and happy shopping!

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