7 Best Hoof Rasp Used by Farriers (Reviews) 2024

Looking for a reliable horse rasp? Tired of taking it to the farrier every other week? Rest assured, we are about to discuss the magical horse rasp farriers use to trim down the horse hooves to perfection! 

We know how curious you are, so without wasting your time let’s have a look at the best possible horse rasp options. 

Now that you know the options let’s not deprive you of the important details, buyer’s guide, and useful horse hoof trimming tips.

Best Hoof Rasp Reviews

1. Exim Rasp Xtreme Farrier Rasp, Square Rasp Teeth With Six Feet Cutting Surface

Exim Rasp made a mark in the industry because of its modernized and innovative design. This rasp is a proud invention of the steel capital of the world Pittsburgh, PA.

Pre-sharpened teeth show visible results within the first few strokes. The six feet rasp does not just give excellent coverage but also reduces the number of strokes required. 

The thoughtfully engineered double-sided rasp is proven to give supernatural smooth and even results. It is sharpened to work well and puts less pressure on the hands of the user. 


  • Economical
  • Works fast
  • Six feet cutting surface 
  • Gives excellent coverage
  • Double-sided rasp


  • Can only be used by trained individuals or professionals 

2. Heller Excel Original Farrier Hoof Rasp 

Heller excel original hoof rasp is another famous horse hoof sharpening tool that does it’s job efficiently. This rasp manufacturing company is recognized for the quality and durability of its tools.

The extra-wide cutting surface makes the sharpening procedure an easy and fun job.

The high-quality well-sharpened teeth require less sharpening and give unbeatable smooth results.

The rough side of the rasp can be used for hoof trimming and the finer smooth side is placed to give a polished finish. Place an order to get tremendous results.


  • Gives smooth finish
  • Have both rough and smooth side
  • Extra-wide gives unmatched coverage
  • Well-sharpened teeth
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 


  • A little heavy causes fatigue

3. Nicholson Farrier’s Handy Rasp And File Cushion Grip

The Nicholson farrier’s handy rasp comes from well-known and well-trusted hands.

The current horse tools are an outcome of several years of hard work.

In the world of heavy advertisement and low-quality products, Nicholson is managing to hold the quality of their products.

The 14″ long rectangular American pattern rasp uniformly removes the unwanted material.

The cushion grip makes the whole hoof trimming process a little less tiring.

The five teeth row gives unmatchable excellent results.

Single and double-cut teeth blend, easy to use design makes it a useful tool for professional farriers and experienced horse admirers. Because of it’s finer results and excellent features it’s ruling the horse tool market.


  • Single and double teeth blend
  • Requires less time to show results
  • Innovative cushion grip


  • No noticeable con found yet

4. Diamond Farrier 14-Inch Plater’s Magic Rasp And File

The diamond farrier rasp is holding a place on my recommended list because of the confidence and faith horse admirers have in its tools.

The diamond team holds a good experience because they have been manufacturing and constantly upgrading the products to meet the ever-changing demands of professionals.

The diamond farrier 14-inch plater’s rasp is created keeping the needs and requirements of farriers.

The tanged American pattern platter ensures rapid removal and finer results.

Narrow chip breakers aid in trimming and improving the life and performance of this professional-grade rasp. Unlike most of the rasp, it is not that heavy and wide so it can be handled by the unprofessional horse admirer as well. 


  • Nicholson unique magicut pattern
  • Ensures rapid removal
  • Gives better results
  • Durable and affordable 


  • A little less wide than most of the rasp

5. NRS Save Edge Farrier Hoof Rasp

NRS save edge farrier hoof rasp is manufactured to give the horse admirers a lasting hoof trimming experience. 

The width(1.76) and (¼) thickness makes it a great tool for hoof trimming.

Well-sharpened teeth do not just give excellent results but also makes it less stressful for the horses.

The save edge farrier rasp is a favorite hoof trimming tool because of the results, quality, and craftsmanship.


  • Balanced width and thickness
  • Well sharpened teeth
  • Cuts down the trimming time


  • Least known, got a few reviews

6. Original RiderRasp

Original rider rasp got recognition because of its unique design. This safe and effective hoof trimming tool aids in maintaining healthy hooves.

The most promising thing about this hoof trimming tool is that it lacks flares and sharp edges that usually end up splitting and chipping.

The thoughtful construction helps in sustaining and supporting the hoof balance.

The handy design makes it equally useful for horses of all ages.

Non-slip protective plate maintains the quality and aids in bringing unmatched results.

A soft non-slip grip improves performance time and brings down the chances of hand soreness and fatigue.


  • Medium-sized blades – works for horses of all ages
  • Aids in healing chipped hooves
  • Ensures even trimming


  • Lacks momentum

7. Heller Farrier Hoof Rasp With Red Tang

Heller Farrier hoof rasp is in amazon choice because of its user-friendly nature and supernatural sales.

The farrier rasp has one side roughly toothed whereas the other side is finer to give a perfect finish.

The teeth are sharpened to meet the daily trimming needs of farriers.

Balanced Weight and thickness make it equally useful and handy for unprofessional horse hoof trimming.

The professional-grade material allows it to trim the hooves smoothly and evenly.

If the red tang farrier hoof rasp is sharp enough to remove the unwanted material in one or two go it’s gentle enough to not cause any injury. 


  • Known for lasting ages
  • Works well for dry summer hooves condition
  • Can rip wood as well
  • Got loyal fans


  • The fine side is not fine enough to serve the purpose 

7. CatYou Black Mystery Double-Sided Rasp With Rasp Handle

Maybe a new brand to listen for you on the list. Being a farrier I used this rasp on 11 horses and still it is sharp like when purchased.

It works similar to big brand Hillar legends which is slightly better in mud conditions.it makes a perfect grip on hand with a long handle.

It is sharp and aggressive to use. Only fewer strokes and balanced pressure will trim hooves. It comes in one handle and one rasp in packing.


  • Durable and handy
  • Both for trimming and smoothing
  • Comes with a large handle to make a good grip
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Some claims about handle adjustment

8. Rural365 Mini Hoof Rasp With Wooden Handle

This miny rasp is very easy to keep in a pocket. Rural 365 mini hoof rasp has a strong wooden handle for easy grip

These compact and sturdy tools make the task easy for you. As it is lightweight you can do work fast and efficiently.

It does not matter if you have a donkey or mini horse. This tool is perfect for an easy break over, rounding and balance.

Rural 365 helps you to remove chips, spits and cracks easily. Its course teeth help you to smooth edges, remove cracks and flares quickly.


  • Best for miniature horses and donkeys
  • Very easy grip
  • Durable and comes with wooden handle
  • Very cheap in price


  • Not good for big hooves

9. Rural365 Farrier Rasp File and Rubber Handle

Another mini rasp for donkeys, miniature horses ponies or small animals. Use hoof nippers and farrier stand for perfect results

It is a better option then trimmers or nippers due to fewer chances of cut down. There is a main issue with nippers on small animals is cut down deep.

Rural 365 can help in rounding, hoof balance, easy break over and smooth edges. It comes with a soft rubber handle which makes a firm grip.


  • Perfect for ponies, mules and miniature donkeys
  • comes with a rubber handle which makes a firm grip
  • Easy to use with one hand


  • Not best for big animals

These were the rasp options that caught my attention due to their good reputation and excellent results. It doesn’t mean that the rest of the hoof trimming tools are useless, it’s just that we do not want to recommend anything that is not tested or doubtful.

The heavily paid advertisement can bring anything to the limelight so do not solely rely on photos and product description.

The other options that look and sound fine to us are written below but the responsibility of selecting a rasp from the below list is totally on your shoulders. So, do research the products well before placing the order. The other popular names are;

  • SiS Equinox Farrier Hoof Rasp With Wooden Handle
  • Tome Feteira 12″ Horse Rasp With Tang

Half knowledge is dangerous, a lot you might only be struggling to find the right hoof trimming rasp because you have no idea what qualities you need to look for. Nodding yes? Let’s make the purchase less stressful for you.

How to find the right hoof rasp? – Buyers guide

All hoof trimming rasp look similar but surprisingly give different results and experience.

Frankly, this simple instrument, which looks quite basic, should be bought after a careful examination.

There are a few things that you should consider while placing an order; 


The first thing you need to look for is “price” if you can afford it or not.

The tools we find on Amazon can be expensive or cheaper than the market, so make sure this trimming tool is not demanding you to forget your budget.


The second thing that demands your undue attention is “material” as you are about to spend a noticeable amount of money.

The material can make the rasp durable or complete garbage. Find the two promising options, compare the material and figure out what suits your long term needs more.

Generally, the rasps made from the combination of high carbon and chrome alloys (carbon steel in other words) are far more durable than any other material.


After price and material, comes the size. Carefully examine how long, wide, and thick the horse hoof trimming tool is. 14″ inches wide works for most of the horse admirers.


The next thing is color if you are choosy or if it matters to you.

The trimming area would always be of steel color whereas the handles can be of any color.

Most of the horse rasps come without handles or if with a handle, in one color usually orange or red.


Some hoof trimming tools do come with a warranty.

So, if you can find a trimming tool that matches your necessities and comes with a one or two-year warranty what else do you need?


The hoof trimming rasps are usually unbreakable it might sound stupid to you that I’m asking you to look for durability as well.

The durability of the horse rasp depends on the sharpness of teeth.

The rasp teeth can be easily worn out due to excessive rough use.

Make sure the horse rasp teeth you are ordering are durable enough to trim out the unwanted material for years. Otherwise, the rasps are nearly unbreakable.

It’s easy to pay and get the order delivered but the actual struggle starts after that when you are left with a trimming tool and untrimmed hooves.

How to trim the horse hooves?

To trim the horse hooves correctly and efficiently one needs to understand the complex hoof structure well. The horse hoof is divided into the following parts;

  • Inner wall
  • Lamina
  • Outer wall
  • Fog
  • Heel

By trimming the horse hooves we mean, flattening out the bottom of the horse hooves so that it can stand without difficulty. To trim the hooves you will need;

  • A horse rasp
  • A hoof jack

The hoof jack is a frame that gives the horse hoof a resting shoulder in this stressful process. 

Now, To trim the horse hooves with rasp at home strictly follow the instructions written below;

  • Gently lift the horse leg and position the hoof on the hoof jack
  • Angle the horse rasp at 45 degrees to the edge of the hoof and start using the side with the double cut file teeth
  • Carefully notice if the hoof wall is meeting lamina
  • Don’t care about the fibers that are now starting to stick out as they would be sorted out later
  • Keep the file at 45 degrees and the handle pointing towards the fog for excellent results
  • Give your horse a break because it’s tiring for you and the horse if you try to do it in one go
  • Now place the hooves straight (as if the horse is keeping his hooves straight on the ground) to give them a better shape
  • Now file around the bottom of the horse hoof at 45 degrees 
  • Carefully notice the hoof shape as the mistakes are usually corrected at this point
  • Put your horse hoof upside down on the stand again
  • Keep your file flat again with the handle pointing toward the fog and file the heel until it’s even with the hoof wall
  • Bring the hoof upward-pointing towards the sky and notice if it’s perfectly even or not
  • Give your horse a rest
  • Repeat the process to give a fine finish

Horse trimming is not a rocket-science that needs tough training; a few sessions with the farrier can also help you in trimming the horse hooves effectively.

The hooves appear tough but a little distraction can cause injuries. So, if you have been to trimming sessions quite often and have understood the whole trimming process well you can trim the horse hooves without any professional aid.

However, it’s recommended to take the horse to farrier to get their hooves trimmed as the inefficient trimming can also take away their ability to walk for 5 to 6 days. 

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