191+ Names for White Horses: Male & Female Ideas

Naming white horses is very easy as nature is full of white creatures. Ideas from flowers place with fellow animals or choosing name exactly on historical horses are best practice. There are many breeds that come with white coat colour. Here is the list of catchy names for white stallions, mares and geldings.

White StallionsWhite MaresWhite Geldings
Desert OrchidBillySnow

Famous White Horse Names

Many horses have immortalized themselves with their contributions and their memories still live on today. For thousands of years, horses have been living alongside humans and share quite a strong bond.

There have been some famous horses who created history with their services, loyalty, and dedication. They have been a loyal companion in work, war, travel, and entertainment.

Be it a war hero, a racing champion, a friend, or a Hollywood notoriety, horses have managed to found a distinguished place in history. Even after witnessing bloody showdowns and war trauma, they fought relentlessly with their masters.

Sodashi Race Horse

Sodashi is a Japanese Thoroughbred that has created G1 history by winning the Japanese Grade 1 race 2020. Sodashi has a long way to go and many records to break. Sodashi won four races in a row including the Sapporo Nisai Stakes, Artemis Stakes, and Hanshin Juvenile Fillies.

Ridden by Hayato Yoshida, Sodashi covered 1,600 meters (one mile) on firm turf in 1:32.40. Sodashi is as white as snow thanks to its ancestors and officially called ‘White’.

Sodashi was born after crossing between white mare Buchiko and Kurofune. With a nail-biting G1 victory, Sodashi has landed straight into racing fans’ hearts. It is not long since Sodashi has started her journey, it would be fun to see if she gets to extend her winning streak or not.


Not every horse on this list needs to be a winner, Starresha proves that. Starresha has won no race in its short racing career but has contributed a lot towards making the race fun and exciting.

Starresha is a 6-year-old registered Thoroughbred horse trained by Kelly Callaghan. She was trained at Paul Sharp’s farm in Florida. Owned and raised by Barry Holmes, Starresha carries beautiful spotting on its coat.

These unique markings were passed down to her from the family of her dam Painting Shadows. Starresha is best known for its light framed and loudly colored coat at Woodbine Backstretch.


Phantom is still a hot favorite of many racing enthusiasts even after two centuries. This British Thoroughbred racehorse’s career started from April 1811 to April 1813. In this short span of 2 years, he participated in 10 races and won seven of them.

Phantom proved his worth throughout his career, many people came to see him race. He did not just run rather walked on air. Owned by Sir John Shelly, Phantom was produced by the crossing of sire Walton and Dam Julia. When retired, Phantom became the leading sire in GB and Ireland. He died in 1834.


Shadowfax is a famous horse known for Gandalf’s stallion in two of the Lord of the Rings films. Also known as ‘lord of all the horses’, who runs faster than the wind, comprehends human language, and too wild to be tamed.

Shadowfax who played wizard Gandalf’s steed was an Andalusian horse named Blanco. Gandalf rode Shadowfax in many groundbreaking scenes and earned the wizard an epithet The White Rider.

Shadowfax helped in the events preceding the Council of Elrond, traveling to Rohan, Battle for Helm’s deep, Seige of Gondor, and more. He saved many Gandalf allies from surprise attacks in different battles.

Desert Orchid

Desert Orchid or Dessie was Britain’s most loved and popular racehorse, this English jump racehorse is known for winning the 1989 Cheltenham Gold Cup.

He was declared the winner in 34 races, out of them, seven at Kempton four in the King George VI Steeple Chase. He achieved an esteemed status within National Hunt Racing for front-running attacking style, iron will, and extreme versatility.

The public and fan club adored this dashing grey horse and never miss an opportunity to see him on the racetrack or any public appearances. He died Monday 13, November 2006, aged 27, in his stable at Egerton Stud.


Milton or Marius Silver Jubilee is a legendary showjumper ridden by John Whitaker. He was a popular horse during his heyday with thousands of fan clubs. Milton’s mighty showdowns with rivals made him a perfect ambassador for the British showjumping worldwide.

Milton became the first showjumping horse to bag a £1M prize. This magnificent grey gelding was first ridden by Leading British showjumper Caroline Bradley before he was teamed up with Whitaker.

Whitaker described him as a ‘once in a lifetime horse’  as he was determined to win any battle of wills with his riders. Milton won millions of hearts when leaping over huge obstacles gracefully.


Falcon was a French-Trained, Thoroughbred horse and sire. This American-bred was a star even at the young age of 4 when he won the Prix Edmond Blanc. Anyone who saw him running on the racetrack vouched for endless potential and talent.

Falcon, being a late foal, did not race until 3 years old but he made up for all the time lost by winning multiple races and prizes. Produced by Sire

Nureyev and Dam Marie d’Argonne, Falcon was a dark bay or brown horse was a promising horse on the racetrack. He sired another legendary racehorse, Pivotal. He breathed his last at the young age of 14.


Billy or ol’ Billy was a barge horse that holds the record for equine longevity. Lived up to the ripe old age of  62 years, Billy was a brown horse with a white blaze. Old Billy was trained to plough by Henry Harrison. He was bred by farmer Edward Robinson, at Wild Grave Farm, Woolston.

He achieved celebrity status and artists painted various accounts of Old Billy’s life. These portraits allow viewers to piece together Billy’s life through these artworks. Billy was involved both in gin and barge work, depending on the need of the time. He worked as a dedicated workman making his trainer proud.



Palomo was a lethal warhorse in military history, he was Simon Bolivar’s mount, he was gifted to him by a peasant woman Santa Rosa de Viterbo. Palomo carried Bolivar across Latin America multiple times for his campaigns for liberation.

Palomo was a beautiful warhorse, tall and grey with a tail almost touching the ground. This beautiful horse suited the liberator, Simon Bolivar, it was a sight to behold seeing these two mighty forces fight for liberation.

It was Bolivar who named him Palomo for his grey color. Being a loyal companion, he was much loved by Simon. He was lent to one of the Bolivar’s officers and died of exhaustion due to a long march.


The Topper was undoubtedly the best rodeo calf roping horse. Owned by calf ropers Roy Cooper, Trent Walls, and Stran Smith, Topper was a winner beyond compare. He made his owners proud with many rodeo titles and awards.

Inside the arena, Topper was lethal, hell-bent on winning at any cost, an intense competitor with a champion’s heart. Outside the arena, he was the sweetest horse easily pleased with treats and sweet talks.

Topper had an unconventional taste for food, he loved hot dogs, red-hot Cheetos, and peppermint. He dies at aged 27 when hit by a truck on Highway 287 in Childress.

White Flash

White Flash is a beautiful horse like you see in movies, so majestic that it is hard to look away.  These horses steal the show with their mighty looks and friendly demeanor.

Produced from the crossing of sire Blade and dam Princess Matilda, White Flash was ridden by Tex Ritters.

The horse was in popular demand because of its strong will and ability to give its 100%. White Flash participated in many events and made sure he and his rider are noticed among the spectators. He wooed the audience with this style and how he carried the rider through all the obstacles to the finishing line.

Native Dancer

If you are an equine lover, you probably have heard Native Dancer’s name at some point, it was one of the most accomplished racehorses in American history. Featured on many television networks and programs, Native Dancer made news with multiple wins.

Native Dancer won most of the races he participated in and was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1963.

This grey-coloured horse was a charmer, collected thousands of fan clubs wherever he travelled. He suffered only a single defeat in his three years of racing, now, that’s a phenomenal track record. It is surely one of the celebrated horses and rightfully so for all its contributions.

Female White Horse Names

Female or girl horses are cute and gentle.Cute names are perfect selection for female horses.Here are some ideas.

  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Frosty
  • Chilly
  • Khaleesi
  • Starlight
  • White walker
  • Angel
  • Angelina
  • Crystal
  • Snowball
  • Cotton
  • Tapioca
  • White Noise
  • Daisy
  • Jasmine
  • Misty
  • Comit
  • Lilly
  • Powder girl
  • Elsa
  • Bella
  • Queen

White Names for Male Horses or Stallions

  • Popcorn
  • Powder
  • Carnation
  • Ice cube
  • Moonlight
  • Orchid
  • Marengo
  • Alfonso
  • Morgan
  • Thunder
  • Tofu
  • Cloud
  • Aspen
  • Blizzard
  • Heaven
  • Faith

How to Choose Name for White Horse?

Naming your horse on the base of coat colour is the easy and tricky same time. Grey or white coat colours are very common in most breeds. Make sure there is a special meaning behind your selection. Here are a few tips to pick a name easily.

Consider white breed

  • Lipizzan horse
  • Camarillo White breed
  • American cream draft
  • Connemara Pony
  • Camarillo Horse
  • Shagya Arabian

You can consider these breed names like if you have an Arabian horse then Arabian horse names can bring a perfect idea. Same Camarillo or Lipizzan horses name selection is a great choice. Here are some names for white Friesian horses.

White Horses from History

There are many notable horses with a brilliant record in history. It depends on either they are racehorses or cartoon characters. Some famous horses are already mentioned above in the list. These horses have a history behind them which help us to create a plot about their personality.

Taking Ideas from Nature

  • Look around you, does snow is not a good idea? Here are some innovative naming ideas were taken from nature.
  • Bolt – A white rod of light
  • Comet – Comet is an icy small light that passes near the sun. This light when pass near the sun produces a heated environment with a white streak called a coma, so both ”Comet” and ”Coma” are perfect names for white horses
  • January – From the snow in January
  • Snowball – A cute name for white pony or foal
  • Glacier – A big water mass
  • Coconut – Taking an idea from the inside of a coconut, if you have a black and white horse then coconut is more in value
  • Sugar – Idea from the white colour of sugar
  • Hibiscus – Beautiful white color flowers

White in Other Languages

  • Neiger – Snow in the French language
  • Belly – White in Russian
  • Beo – White in Serbian
  • Blanco – White in Spanish
  • Babak – Cotton in Serbian
  • Ban – White in the Irish Language
  • Gora – Horse in the Urdu Language

Show Names for White Horses

Add some fun in white by picking show names for your horse. Here are some show names ideas for an only white horse.

  • All white Mare
  • Why not white
  • A bird farewell
  • Today’s snow
  • Blizzard Mate
  • Happy January
  • Snow Dancer
  • Accept the fog
  • All around fancy
  • Castle in clouds
  • White snowball
  • Let’s play in White
  • Blazing Honor
  • Blazing Star
  • My white mate
  • Cotton Girl
  • White snow mouth
  • Flawless Diamond
  • Little Salty


White horses are spiritual mate. Finding their name is a bit calming as compared to other colours, but make sure you can recognize their coat colour. Some dapple grey, piebald and creamy breeds have the same appearance. You are the only one who knows about his personality, behaviour and routines so picking names from his life is a catchy idea.

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