9 Best Insoles For Red Wing Boots Reviews & Guide (2024)

Buying and placing additional insoles is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Mostly additional Insoles are bought to enhance comfortability and feet ball and heel alignment. 

We all look for the Red Wings brand whether we have to make a fashion statement or find a reliable pair for work, gym, or athletic activities. This boot brand got popular because of their durability and classic designs. 

Red Wings, a family-owned, started serving and winning the hearts of shopaholics from 1905. Their insoles are usually worn down but no intense situation or lifestyle can bring down the appearance. It is usual for Red Wings boot owners to look for Insoles to keep them wearable. At the same time, it’s quite hard to find the perfect one as these boots are. 

Several popular brands are manufacturing and have listed their carefully built insoles online. The extraordinary design doesn’t give you a guarantee that they would fit your pair perfectly. By realizing the need, we decided to help our readers in finding the perfect insoles for your Red Wings boots.

 In this article today, we would be discussing our top picks and what you need to look for while buying the insoles for Red Wings boots. So without further ado, let’s see what our top picks are and why they are chosen to be recommended.

Best Overall: Walki Home Orthotic Insoles

Best Anti Fatigue: JobSite Power Tuff Anti Fatigue Support Work Orthotic Insoles

Best Insoles For Red Wing Boots Reviews

1. Walki Home Orthotic Insoles, Inserts For Men And Women

Walki Home insoles are manufactured to offer optimal support and comfort to the Red Wings boots owner. These forgiving insoles are not just designed to give the feet rest but also improve blood circulation and relieve fascia strain. 

Deep heel cradle makes it ideal and effective for both athletic and normal routine activities. These Walki Home forces the wearer’s feet to stay in the true posture without causing fatigue.

These Insoles are designed and engineered to encourage and improve walking. Besides Red Wings boots these insoles can also be bought for canvas, sports, hiking, gym, and farm rubber boots

However, a few buyers of the Walki Home insoles seem annoyed by the hard heel cradle. These Insoles sit best with gym shoes. The two most promising things about these Walki Home insoles are that they are listed with a detailed sizing chart and come in attractive coloring.

  • Listed with detailed information and sizing chart
  • Comes in attractive coloring
  • Gives velvety feel
  • Sit well for Red Wing boots, gym, sports, hiking, canvas, and work shoes
  • Improves posture
  • Relieves pain
  • Not specifically made to serve the Red Wings boot owners
  • Works best for gym shoes
  • Hard

2. JobSite Power Tuff Anti Fatigue Support Work Orthotic Insoles

JobSite anti-fatigue insoles are known for their durability and comfortability. The nylon-polyurethane blend makes it ideal for medium to high demanding activities. 

Extra heel cushion offers unmatched durability to the wearer. These insoles are proven to relieve and heal feet from the planter, fasciitis, and prolonged fatigue.

These insoles are thick and lightweight to serve the job well. The anti-slip design makes these JobSite heels unmatchable. Can be further adjusted according to requirements, as these insoles allow cutting and trimming.

The reviews on Amazon suggest that these insoles sit perfectly well for Red Wings boots even though they are not specifically made for them. Comes with detailed placement instructions.

  • Listed with UK and USA sizing
  • Extra heel cushion
  • Works well with RedWings boots
  • Thick
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Not returnable
  • Hard

3. Superfeet Store Professional-Grade Unisex High Arch Support Orthotic Shoe Inserts

These Superfeet Store shoe inserts are in Amazon’s choice because of their well thought design and supernatural sales. As the title suggests, these insoles are made to serve both men and women alike.

Stabilizer cap, deep heel cup, high-density foam layer aid in maximum worry-free performance. The organic green coating makes it more suitable for prolonged wearing. 

These orthotic insoles are lightweight, odor-resistant, comfortable, just perfect for the job. The versatile design allows it to go well with all kinds of men’s and women’s shoes.

Like most branded insoles, these Superfeet insoles are also listed with a detailed sizing chart. Moreover, they improve posture, relieve pain, and aid in pain-free walking. Can be paired with Red Wings boots to enhance comfort.

  • Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Improves posture and relieves pain
  • Boosts performance
  • Highly recommended for prolonged wearing
  • Well-cushioned
  • Got a few negative reviews

4. Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics Insoles for Men

Dr. Scholl’s orthotics Insoles are specifically designed for heavy-duty use. The shock and arc guard technology distributes the weight evenly, aiding in wear-resistance. 

The heavy-duty tough construction makes it stand well to the routine abuse. It is not just engineered to make the shoes more comfortable but to relieve lower back, legs, and foot pain as well.

The versatile design allows them to be adjusted to the requirements. You can trim or cut off the edges to customize them to your requirements. 

The one giant advantage of investing in Scholl’s Insoles is that the company offers you a money-back guarantee. To get well-deserved comfort, it is recommended to keep the fabric side up in Red Wings boots.

  • Thoughtful design
  • Offers maximum protection
  • Can be trimmed
  • Distributes the weight evenly
  • Comes with detailed information and a money-back guarantee
  • An insole can never relieve lower back pain

5. Superfeet Carbon Premium Insoles

Superfeet carbon premium insoles are the best and hot selling item these days. Even though they are a bit expensive, the durability and comfortability are keeping the demand high.

The thoughtfully designed heel cup does not just distribute the weight evenly but also aid in pain-free walking. The odor-resistant fabric allows you to wear your Red Wings boots for a longer time.

It’s highly recommended for those who are tired of thick bulky shoe insoles. The lightweight thinner structure is what they are known for. Stabilizes feet, reduces stress, and is manufactured for prolonged use.

This carbon and black version works best for tight-fitting shoes whereas the blue, green, and orange ones are for roomy Red Wings boots.

  • Odor-resistant fabric
  • Thin
  • Durable
  • Less-bulky
  • Stabilizes feet
  • A bit expensive
  • For tight fitting boots only

6. Keen Utility Men’s Insole Replacement With Heel Pad 

Keen Utility men’s Insoles are designed and engineered to give the Red Wings Boots’ inner environment a healthy boost. The one hundred percent pure synthetic material makes them handy, durable, and comfortable.

A quick-drying, naturally odor-resistant fabric turns it into a great pair for routine use. The heel cup aligns the heels and feet ball, offering better heel stability. The shock-absorbing heel pad keeps it new and unaffected for a longer time.

These insoles are specifically designed for Keen Utility shoes but they can be trimmed down to fit any shoes including Red Wings Boots. However, it is warned by the company that these replacement insoles can disturb the protective footwear safety ratings.

Another promising thing about this brand’s Insoles is that it gives a 90-day warranty and the said days are enough for an insole to wear down. Comes in four different sizes; small(6.5-8), medium(8.5-10), large(10.5-12), and extra-large(12.5-14).

  • Comes in all adult sizes
  • Odor resistant
  • Backed up by a 90-day warranty
  • Keeps the feet ball and heels aligned
  • Handy
  • Made for Keen Utility shoes
  • Disturbs the protective footwear safety ratings

7. Timberland Pro Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insoles

Timberland Pro was established to serve in 1973. It has been continuously winning hearts ever since with their upgraded products. The Ortholite fabric makes it highly compatible with all kinds of Red Wings boots.

Anti-fatigue, the shock-absorbing structure offers maximum comfort and support all day long. The versatility of the replacement insoles allows them to be worn to the office, gym, and athletic activities.

These insoles are built for height enhancement, plantar fasciitis, arch support, leg length discrepancy, and pain relief. It can be placed over the original insoles. However, these Timberland Pro Insoles are also a bit expensive. 

These Insoles are available in X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large sizes. It only comes in orange-black color. 

  • Comes in all possible sizes
  • Can be worn to any routine activities
  • Relieves pain
  • Offer maximum comfort and protection
  • Quite expensive

8. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

Spenco is another Amazon admired shoe insole that offers rigid support and stability to the Red Wings boots admirers. These forgiving insoles are proven to improve motion and reduce over-pronation to a great extent.

The advanced heel and arc support awards it with one of the best insoles listed on the Amazon. The Spenco premium insoles are built to aid pain-free walking, running, gym activities.

Imported polyester makes it more durable, tougher, and wear-resistant. To get well-deserved comfort, it is recommended to remove the original insole and place the Spenco insole carefully following all the instructions given by the company.

If these insoles do not fit the boots, these insoles can be trimmed without damaging the structure. The Spenco insoles have got tons of positive reviews and five stars.

  • Go well for all sorts of shoes
  • Improves motion and reduce over-pronation
  • Imported wear-resistant fabric coating
  • Got encouraging positive reviews
  • May need trimming

9. Sof Sole Men’s Athlete Performance Shoe Insert

The Sof Sole heavy-duty athlete performance shoe inserts are engineered for those Red Wing Shoe owners who look for simpler and sturdier designs.

These insoles are manufactured to improve the inner shoe environment, blessing the wearer with the comfort he needs for walking, running, cross-training. These Sof Sole inserts are kept lightweight to boost the wearer’s performance.

These gel-padded insoles wick moisture that brings down the performance and comfort. However, the only issue we have found is that they can not fit women’s shoes. The extraordinary insoles come in two eye-catching colors and all possible trim to fit sizes. 

  • Gel padded
  • Moisture-resistant fabric
  • Trim-able
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Requires trimming to be adjusted
  • Can be used by men only

These were the few options that caught our attention, there are several others as well but we decided to keep our guide short and easy-to-pick-from. It’s important to mention here that not all good-looking and perfectly explained pieces are good for the job but you can still find the perfect one hiding behind the perfectly advertised pieces. 

How to find the right insoles for your Red Wings boots?

It’s not that hard to find the perfect insoles for your Red Wings work boots, you must know that all insoles are not made for specific shoes they need to be trimmed to be adjusted to the requirements. So, do not get upset, if they are not fitting-in. To find the best ones for your Red Wings boots you have to look for the following things;


The first that we need to look for is “material”. The material can make them the best or worst pair ever bought. The nylon insoles work best for winters and polyester is great for summer shoes. Nylon does allow moisture build-up whereas polyester insoles are naturally moisture-resistant.


Sizing is the most complicated part of finding the right insoles. As it usually comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The detailed sizing charts are often listed with the photos so carefully judge which size suits you more. 


There are two types of insoles; simple and orthotics. To find the perfect one for you, you must know why are you looking for an additional pair? If it’s for pain relief or posture, orthotics are perfect otherwise the simpler ones would be a fine option.

Besides that, you have to look at whether the insoles have a foot ball and heel cradle or not? If both areas are not perfectly defined, they are useless.


Color is never the main concern of most buyers but who minds getting the perfect pair in their favorite color. If you choose an insole for Red Wings boots, color is just as important as the material. The funky colors may look perfect in gym shoes but do not go well with Red Wings Boots at all. So, make sure the insoles you are ordering are not of any funky yellow, orange color.


Lastly, you can not afford to go off your budget. The branded insoles are mostly expensive but as you are shopping for them on Amazon, you can get a similar pair at an affordable price. Keep looking  if you are determined to get the right pair at the right price.


Red Wings, a family-owned shoe business, that has been serving us for several decades. The Red Wings boots are highly popular because of their durability, classic design, and comfortability.

It’s hard to suggest one pair for specific Red Wings boots as all additional insoles need to be adjusted.

However, you can find the right pair if you pay undue attention to the material, size chart, and color. All these above-mentioned options are good for their respective jobs but you have to be the judge to find the right one for you. Go through the product description, sizing chart to avoid placing the wrong order. 

I hope this article has helped you in finding the perfect fair for the Red Wings boots waiting to be worn. Good luck and happy shopping!

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