Dapple Grey Horse – All you Need to Know

Dapple grey breed is an attractive breed of grey horses. Actually it is not a separate horse breed, a step or condition when coat colour turns into grey colour. These horses have dark grey coat colour with dapples on their body.

What are Dapples?

Dapple is a ring with a dark ring with light coloured hairs. These rings are scattered on all body. These dapples appear on the special stage of horses.


The grey horse is characterized by silvering of coloured hairs. Most of the grey horses appear with black skin and dark colour eyes. Like some other horses, grey colour does not affect eyes or skin colour in any life stage. Their adult horse coat colour can be dappled, white or white colour intermingled with other colours.

You should not confuse white colour horse with mature dapple grey. White horses have pink skin and blue eyes.

Grey horses can be of different colours at birth. As they mature their base colour replaced by white hairs. With age, their colour changes into iron-grey rose grey or dapple grey colour. Later this colour will change into flea-bitten grey.

Some horse owners confused with slight dappling bloom appear on healthy or overweight horses. This will disappear as the horse lose this condition.

Horse Breeds that show Dapple Gray Color

Dapple grey character will not appear in all horse breeds. This colour is specific for some breeds. Here are some breeds that show this character.

Mangalarga MarchadorIrish Sport Horse
Andalusian HorseLippizan Horse
Poitevin HorseOldenburg Horse
Standardbred HorseHanoverian


What is Dapple Gray Horse?

Dapple grey is an intermediate condition of the coat when turning into grey. It looks attractive because of the dapples on their body. Dapples are rings of dark colour with white hairs.

Is Dapple Grey Breed of Horse?

No, it is not a specific breed, dapple grey is a condition of many breeds with dapples of light colour on their body.

Do Dapple Gray Horses turn white?

Horses born with grey allele can have any type of skin colour. As their age increase, hairs lose the ability to produce melanin. Their skin appears in a dappled condition which later turns into complete white colour.

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Dapple Grey Horse Images


This image was taken by Hannah Gilbert.A gorgeous Dapple Gray Horse.

Image was taken by Andrew and named it Dapple Grey fell Pony.

Dapple Grey Pony Horse

dapple gray horse

An image from common wiki . A dog with Horse

dapple grey

Grey Arabian Horse


So for the readers who are not familiar with horses. Dapple grey is coat colour condition of horses when they show dappled on their body which are rings with light hairs. Most of the grey horse breeds change into dapple grey in later stages of their life.

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