137+ Italian Horse Names with Meanings

Italian Horse Names are catchy, unique and charismatic. If you have a new horse or waiting for the foal, choosing a name is the first step. Depends if you are from Italian origin or love Italian name but choose a name which is the best fit on a horse.

Italian names can be picked from famous locations, language change, history and other inspirations. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time in the selection of a name, Here is a brief list of names.

Famous Italian Horse Names

These are not famous Italian character but names that are popular in Italy with good meanings behind it. Here are some famous names.

  • Aldo – Rich
  • Andrea – Manly
  • Alto – Tall
  • Amico – Friend
  • Amore – Love
  • Pelo – Fur
  • Bella – Means Beautiful
  • Bella – Means Pretty
  • Carina – Stands for cute
  • Capo – Stands for Boss
  • Aberto – Nobel
  • Alfredo – Counselor of the Elves
  • Leona – Lion
  • Tino – Small
  • Bianca – White
  • Bravo – Good boy
  • Cavalla – Horse
  • Bruno – Brown Hair
  • Brando – Brilliant Raven
  • Cesare – Long Hair
  • Luna – Moon
  • Dolce – Means sweet
  • Grazie – Stands for Thank You in Italian Language
  • Mamma Mia – Expression in Italian
  • Tesoro – Treasure
  • Matador – Bull Tamer
  • Corrado – Bold
  • Baffi – Moustache
  • Bacio – Kiss
  • Piccolo – Meaning little , best name for pony or miniature horse
  • Polpello – Meaning meatball
  • Primo – Stands for first
  • Topolino – A word for mouse

Italian Male Horse Names

Male horses actually need tough or powerful names. This inspiration from famous cities and tough meanings behind it.

  • Florence – Beautiful city in Tuscany
  • Trevi – Travel Fountain
  • Ambrosi – For Mortal
  • Roma – Italian Version of Rom
  • Antonio – Beyond Prince
  • Aria – Melody
  • Erthy – Be loved
  • Enea – Born Ninth
  • Este – From the East
  • Verona – A city in Northeast of Italian
  • Como – By Lake Como
  • Trevi – Trevi Fountain
  • Arturo – Bear
  • Enzo – Rule the House
  • Fabio – Bean Grower
  • Flavio – Stands for Bond
  • Donatello – Gift
  • Egidio – Square
  • Ettore – Word for loyal
  • Flavio – Blundo
  • Giuliano – Youthful
  • Gabriele – God Given Strength
  • Ignazio – Fiery
  • Ilario – Cheerful
  • Lorenzo – Variant Of Lorenz
  • Gino – Stands for famous
  • Leonardo – Bold lion
  • Lucca – Light
  • Pascal – See Pasquale
  • Pippino – He adds
  • Orlando – Herioc
  • Marco – Warning
  • Paolo – Little
  • Primo – First born
  • Renzo – laurel
  • Piero – Rock
  • Ricardo – Firm Ruler
  • Rocco – Battle Cry
  • Romeo – One who live in Rome
  • Ugo – Intelligent
male Italian Horse Names

Italian Female Horse Names

Female horses are actually cute and cool with meanings behind it. Here are some catchy name for mares.

  • Aria – Melody
  • Aletta – Winged
  • Aida – Stands for happy
  • Anita – A word for Grace in Italian
  • Allegra – Joyful
  • Amalea – Hard working
  • Belinda – Serpentine
  • Bambi – Child
  • Alonza – Ready for battle
  • Cadenza – Rhythmic
  • Clarice – Clear
  • Elda – A warrior and catchy name for male horse
  • Flavia – Bold
  • Mona – Lady
  • Olympian – From Olympian
  • Pippa – Lover of horses
  • Belladona – Beautiful lady, this is pretty name for female horse
  • Rosetta – Beautiful name for foal and stands for little rose
  • Volante – Flying
  • Carmela – Garden
  • Elena – Light
  • Flavia – Blond
  • Alessendra – Defender of mankind and very popular name in Italian Language
  • Angelica – Stands for Angelic
  • Arianna – Holy
  • Bianca – White and pure , best name for your white mare
  • Camilla – Stands for noble
  • Caterina – Means pure and mother of king
  • Chiara – Bright and clear
  • Elena – Stands for Torch or light. She was a pretty and mythological character from Zeus. Elena was the cause of Trojan war
  • Emma – Meaning whole or universal. Famous characters like Emma Watson, Emma Stone and other characters.
  • Flavia – Golden hair or yellow colour. Flavia is the best to name for your brown mare. It is easy to call name with a unique meaning behind this.
  • Ilaria – Cheerful
  • Lelia – Well spoken
  • Livia – If you have a roan horse, then do not miss this name. Livia stands for blue or roan in the Italian language
  • Luisa – Luisa stands for famous battle
  • Paola – It is cute name with cool meaning behind it like beloved one
  • Serena – Clear and bright
  • Valentia – Normally people not like tough name for a female horse. If you want to choose something different ” Valentia” stands for strong and healthy.
  • Veronica – For a fighter who brings victory
  • Andrea – Again a tough name for both genders like male and female horse
female Italian Horse Names

Italian Horse Names from History

History has great Italian personalities and their names are attractive. Names from history bring new and unique ideas with meanings behind it.

  • Virgil – Virgil was famous Italian poet and wrote epics Eclogues
  • Polo – Marco polo was a traveller and he discovered a lot of places in Asia. Polo is also a famous horse game in Pakistan.
  • Dante – He was a famous poet from middle age. His comedy writings produced a great influence in fellow countries. Dante is also known as Father of the Italian language.
  • Columbus – Who is not aware of the name of Christopher Columbus? He discovered a lot of places.
  • Galileo – Founder of Teliscope, his work for science is great revolution.
  • Nero – Emperor from Julia Claudian
  • Coppi – A famous cyclist from Italy.He is champion of Giro d’Italia
  • Loren – Famous Actresses
  • Rossi – Actual name was Valentino Rossi  and famous motorcycle rider

Italian Horse Names from Food

Italy is the hub of tasty foods. Naming your horse with dish or drinks is also a great choice. Here are some Italian Food names.

  • Ziti – Famous Pasta of Italy which can be used as name
  • Pandoro – Famous and traditional bread from Italy. This is actually Pandoro which stands for Golden breD. The yellow colour comes from a lot of yellow egg yolks.
  • Pinsa – Pinsa or Pinsa Romana is a very popular dish in Italy. It is like a Pizza with wheat flour, rice flour and soy flour.
  • Budino – Popular sweet dish with cream and pudding
  • Pesto – Italian Sauce with olive oil ,Ginger and basil
  • Vino – Stands for wine
  • Budino – It actually covers a large number of sweet dishes. Budino has different flavours and colours.
  • Affogato – A classic dish from Italy
  • Ciambello – It is famous ring cake from Italy.Usually made with firm dough
famous Italian Horse Names

Italian Horse Names from Places

Italy is great place for tourists.Naming your horse on the name of Milan , como, verona will give great choice.

  • Rome – One of the famous city in Italy. Rome is real identification of Italy
  • Venice – One of the magic city with road full of water, where buses are boats
  • Tuscan – A stone town famous in Italy and best name for geldings
  • Milan – Milan is entering point in Italy and beautiful place with memorable things
  • Como – Como or Lake Como is beautiful lake with many visiting points
  • Pisa and Lucca – Lucca is famous town while Pisa is opposite to it
  • Verona – Historic center from Roman emperor
  • Siena – Famous place in Turkey with great history
  • Naples – Famous place for dishes
  • Turin – One of the great city in Northern Italy.It is important for business and hub of exchange
  • Sardinia – Largest Island in Mediterranean Sea. It has great beaches, mountains and hotels.
  • Ravenna – Famous for buildings and colourful city. Ravenna is a tough to name to give your horse

Some Names from Other Languages

Naming Italian to your Horse

Naming in Italy depends on your choice for Italy, or you have a family from Italy. There are some horse breeds from Italy where exact names will also work as horse Name.

  • Avelignese or Haflinger
  • Bardigiano
  • Calabrese
  • Catria horse
  • Lipizzano
  • Maremmano
  • Monterufolino
  • Persano
  • Murgese
  • Napoletano

Make sure you pick a name which is easy to call. Some Italian names are outdated so pick a name which is evergreen. Names which are easy to call bring great ideas. Pick your favourite name and drop in comments.

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