97+ German Horse Names & Meanings [Ultimate List]

German Horse names are unique. Either you love German name or have a German breed, these names are going to attract you. Picking German names from history, culture or food is not easy but here is a list that can help you.

Male Horse Names

The male horse needs some tough and unique ideas. Naming your male horse is easy if your name according to appearance.

Alfred – Counsler

Adolph – Noble Wolf

Ada – Noble

Addie – Noble

Albert – White

Aldo – Wise and old

Alger – Clever Warrior

Alvin – Noble Friend

Anka – Purse

Amelia – Work

Alphonse – Ready for battle

Arvin – Friend to all

August – Revered

Axel – Peaceful

Arnold – Strong as eagle

Alaric – Noble ruler

Albrecht – Bright

Arvin – Friend to all

Axel – Peace

Bach – Near the brook

Bernard – Brave as bear

Baldwin – Brave friend

Barret – Strong like bear

Bethoven – one of the best German Composer

Bruno – Brown

Bismarck – German statsman

Beatrix – One who brings happiness

Benz – German Luxury automobile brand

Clovis – Famous warrior

Caroline – Free man

Calus – Vistory people

Denube – Second largest river in European region

Dedrick – People’s ruler

Dirk – People’s ruler

Deutsche – German Language

Donner – Thunder

Ebba – Strong as Boar

Emmet – Truth

Ernst – Serious

Elbe – A river in Europe

Franz – Free man

Felix – Happy

Ferdinand – Courageous

Frieda – Peaceful ruler

Goulash – Stew of meats

Garin – Warrior

Gunther – Bold warrior

Gariswold – Gray forest

Guttenberg – Inventor of printing press

Harbin – Shining fighter

Hans – God is gracious

Heinrich – Home belongs to king

Helmar – Famous Protector

Hefe – German yeast

Herr – German for mister

Hertz – Kind hearted

Hund – Dog in german

Ines – Pure

Imre – Great King

Ido – Work

Kaiser – Emperor

Kasper – Treasurer

Kaja – Alive

Keene – Sharp

Klara – Bright

Lando – Famous country

Lara – Famous

Luther – Warrior

Leondard – Brave lion

Leopold – Bold leader

Mandel – Almond

Max – The great

Medwin – Powerful friend

Miles – Merciful

Millie – Gentle strength

Nia – Bright

Norbert – Hero

Otto – Rich

Odo – Wealthy

Oskar – Spear

Ozzy – Divine spear

Ritter – Knight

Raymond – Wise protector

Richelle – Brave one

Rowland – Famous one in the island

Rolf – Famous wolf

Rudy – Famous wolf

Saxon – Sharp blade

Schatzi – Sweet heart

Siegfried – Victorious Peace

Stien – Stone

Strom – Stream

Waldo – To rule

Walker – Worker

Walter – Army ruler

Yohann – Form of Johan

male german horse names

Female German Horse Names

Mares need cute ideas , here are some female horse names in German Language.

Annika – Graceful

Alena – Small

Ada – Noble

Adler – Eagle

Amelia – Work

Anka – Purse

Arabelle – Beautiful eagle

Ava – Life

Aubrey – Noble

Britta – Strength

Bavaria – A region in germany

Berta – Glorious

Beatrix – One who brings happiness

Blitz – Sudden Attack

Bruno – Brown

Claudia – Enclosure

Colonge – A city in Germany

Elsa – Pledged to God

Elbe – A major river

Emery – A ruler

Emmet – Universal Truth

Emett – Strong

Ernie – Serious

Floriane – Blooming

Fritzi – Peaceful ruler

Frau – Mr’s in German

Frieda – Peaceful ruler

Greta – Pearl

Gretel – Sister of Hensel

Gretchen – Pearl

Gerda – Protection

Heidi – Noble

Harbin – Shining Fighter

Hase – Bunny or a short term used for woman in German

Helga – Holly

Hilda – Battle woman

Hulda – Sweet

Ida – Hardworking

Ida – Industrious one

Ines – Pure

Ido – Work

Jaeger – Hunter

Klara – Bright

Kaja – Alive

Kartin – Beauty

Lena – Shiny

Lara – Famous

Lola – Lady of sorrows

Leona – Brave like lioness

Lienling – German word for darling

Liebe – Love

Lorelie – Alluring

Lotti – Little woman

Marta – Lady

Mandel – Almond

Milo – Form of miles

Millie – Gentle strength

Nia – Bright

Nixie – Fairy

Ozzy – Divine spear

Sofie – Wisdom

Selma – Divine Protector

Sasha – Defender of mankind

Sonje – Wisdom

Trillie – Battle maiden

Trudi – Spear warrior

Ugo – Mind

Ula – Pearl

Ursula – Little female bear

Wanda – Wanderer

Zelda – Fighting maid

Ziggy – Protector

German Horse Names from Food

German love to eat a heavy meal. Their food products and dishes are unique in sound. Here is some inspiration in the form of names.

Dinette – It is a traditional German dish.Dinnete looks like Pizza with salt, pepper, eggs, cream and cheese. It is a baked dish.

Botel – Salt Cured and boiled pork from Northern Germany. Botel served with bread or any other helping food material.

Brezel – First this name is best for male Horse name.It is white Pretzel made with yeast and white flour.

Pickert – Pickert is another German dish from Westphalia. It is a combination of Potato pancake, waffle and fritter.

Geflite – It is a type of fish which commonly used as an appetizer. Typical ingredients include carrots, onion, eggs and leeks.

Knipp – It is German Sausage with origin in Bremen. A dish made with onion, eggs, allspice, beef and salt.

Hopfen – Hopes used to prepare beer.

Dunkel – German Lager.

Maibock – Maibock looks attractive name for foal.It is strong and pale brewed in spring.

German Horse Names Inspired by Famous Places

Finding some common or unique German locations and naming your horse is also a unique idea. Here are some horse names based on locations.

Harz – Beautiful mountains in Germany. A large number of tourists visit this place and a lot of fairy tails about this.

Munich – It is famous city of Germany and home of Oktoberfest festival.

Sylt – Popular Island located in Germany. It is full of beaches, cottages and other beautiful scenes.

Berlin – It is the capital and most populous city in Germany.Famous for beautiful scenes, landmarks and historical places.

Hamburg – It is beautiful city with 2 million people.Hamburg makes cute name for male horse.

Black Forest – It is a beautiful region in the southwestern country. Black forest is a catchy name for the black horse.

Vienna – Vienna is a famous city in Austria.If you are looking for an attractive name, Vienna is the best choice.

Rine – Rine or Romantic Rhine is a famous section of rine. Rine river has beautiful track and places to enjoy the trip.

Bavaria – A well known state in Germany

Elbe – It is a famous river in Germany. Elbe is a wide river that passes between Germany and the Czech Republic.

German Horse Names from History

History brings great ideas for horses.It is better to name your German breed from history.Here are some ideas to pick.

Heidi Klum – A famous television host from Germany

Sigmund Freud – Austrian Neurologist

Einstien – A famous physicist from history.

Frau – Mr or Mr’s in German Language

Prost – Word for cheers in German Language

Hase – Word for bunny in German language

Hansel – Story of siblings captured in Germany

Porsche – High end brand from Germany

Maus – Word for Mouse in German language

Tips for Naming your German Horse

Most people love to choose a name for their German horse in the German language. Some horse lovers also take inspiration from German horse names. It is easy to decide a name while naming your horse. Here are some tips that can help you to pick the best name.


There are some common German breeds. Make sure to pick alternative names from them. Here are some breeds.

  • German Sport Horse
  • Black Forest
  • Holsteiner Warmblut
  • Trakehner
  • Senner
  • Holsteiner
female german horse names

These are not bred names but also German names if you want to choose for any other breed. Like Black forest is the best to name for any black breed. Names from other languages like Japanese horse names, Mexican horse names, French horse names can also be a great choice.


The appearance of the breed also plays an important role in the selection of a name. Like if your horse has a wide appearance, the badass name will be perfect. For ponies, cute horse names are perfect. Other things like your personal choice and colour also matter. Drop your favourite German horse name in comments.

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