199+ Black and White Horse Names [Crazy Ideas]

Having a black and white horse is amazing to feel. A horse with two colour patches is a beautiful creation. Naming your black and white horse is easy and make sure you can find a catchy name. Here are some naming ideas.

Famous Black and White Horse Names

There are a lot of black and white famous characters from history, mythology and movies. If you are looking for famous ideas. This list is perfect for you, make sure to remember the history behind every name.

  • Pongo – From fiction movie 101 Dalmatians. Pongo was basically a pup with black and white marks on his body.
  • Goofy – A famous character from Mickey mouse which is the companion of the mouse. Goofy has black in colour with white hands so we can consider black and white.
  • Blackfoot – It is a perfect name for a horse with black legs. Blackfoot represents only foot or legs, attractive for male horses.
  • Snoopy – Charlie brown’s pet
  • Crossword – It is a type of game with black and white dots and board. These are basically intercrossed words with clues.
  • Puffin – A cute bird with black and white body,and famous bird from Arctic sea.
  • Zebra – Zebra has white and black stripes, naming zebra to your horse is also a creative idea.
  • Zorilla – Skunk like Animal lives in Africa. If you want to choose a badass horse name, Zorilla is the best to name.

Black and White Horse Names from Nature

Nature is not the name of trees, sky or food. Look around you and find black and things from nature. Make their list and pick your favourite name. Hope you can not do easily and look for suggestions. Here are some names from nature.

  • Almond Joy – About chocolate which is dark from outside and white inside
  • Chester – Name from most popular game ”Chess” .Chess has a black and whiteboard so it makes cool idea for naming your black and white mare or stallion.
  • Cookie – Cookie is a combination of black and white. Chocolate chip or oreo cookies, you are aware of this baked food.
  • Oreo – You are aware with Oreo ( Cookie with black and white combination)
  • Choccy – Same name like Cookie and Oreo , Choccy also from chocolate
  • Badgy – From word badger , a uni sexual name
  • Charlie – A famous television actor Charlie Chaplin who became famous in Black and white era. Giving Charlie to your horse show historical background.
  • Cruella – Black and white haired villain from movie.It is similar movie 101 Dimension
  • Aurora – From black and white sky
  • Barcode – Black and white color symbol
  • Bear – Have you seen two tone bear? Bear can be a catchy name for your horse
  • Chanel – A logo with white and black appearance
  • Jeeves – Name inspired by fictional character Buttler who always wear black and white Tuxedo
  • Cloudy – From different colors of cloud
  • Minnie – Minnie is a fictional cartoon character with white and black dots. If you have mare Minnie can be the best fit name for her.
  • Sushi – A famous Japanese dish that appear black and white
  • Dice – A black and white playing square type
  • Patches – Cute name like patched together
  • Inky – A horse with white coat color and ink like spots on body
  • Tuxedo – Most have whitish and black appearance
  • Junior Mint – A cute little candy with great taste
black and white paint horse name

Black and White Ideas from other languages

Giving simple names like dot, dice and patch are bit old fashioned. That is a pro tip to find your favourite name in another language. Like Punt is a cute name that stands for DOT in the Dutch language. Naming in foreign language brings great ideas.

  • Punkt – Word for Dot in German
  • Dotto – Word for Dot in Japanese
  • Saikoro – Word for Dice in Japanese
  • Toppa – Meaning Patches in Italian Language
  • Punto – Word for Dot in Italian language
  • Dado – Dice in Italian
  • Mancha – Spot in Spanish
  • Punt – Word for Dot in Dutch
  • Dachs – Badge in German
  • Tocka – Dot in Russian language
  • Namash – Freckle in Arabic
  • Nuqta – Dot in Urdu
  • Chakka – Dice in Bangla language

Black and White Horse Names from other Animals

If you look around and see Panda, Zebra is also a creature with patchy appearance. Naming from other animals is also a great idea. Most of the animals with white and black markings are cute and catchy in Names.

  • Minnie – Like Micky , also Minnie Mouse.Cute name for both mare and stallion
  • Panda – Best for your black and white horse
  • Skunk – They are mammals with black and white body
  • Soccer – From soccer ball and best for male horse
  • Zebra – A fellow from equine family with patches
  • Orca – A killer whale with white and black spots on his body
  • Penguin – Penguin is cute name.If i have a patched foal , this name is perfect.
black and white horse

How to Name Black and White Horse Show

Nex, some horse lovers love to pick show names for their horse. If you have a patchy horse, it is confirmed that you are going to the show. Naming for the show is easy but make sure it is different from the actual name. An extension in the actual name will bring show name.


  • Dotty Love
  • Dot Show
  • Dot Spot


  • Mask of Zorro
  • Zorro Point


  • Freckles boys
  • Freckles show
  • Freckles life


  • Oreo Moj
  • Yummy life
  • Oreo Eater
  • Oreo Dream


  • Lacey Tuxedo
  • Past Tuxedo
  • Dotty Tuxedo
famous black and white horse names

Naming your Black and White Horse

Go with a clear and straightforward name that best fit his personality. It will be easy to call these names as compared to shouting a tough and difficult name. If you love a long name then pick a name that is long, Makes sure it can be easily pronounced.

You can call the name easily. Make sure everyone in the family likes this name. One thing is also important which is the evergreen name. Some names become oldfashioned after some time and you can not change it even.

Some horse breeds have a black and white colour pattern, their exact name can also be used as a name. Here are some white and black horses.

White and black horse names can also be picked from nature, food and another fellow animal. Drop your favourite name in comments.

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