Best Horse Throw & Lumbar Pillows in 2024

Lumbar and Throw cushions are specifically designed to support systems to provide comfort to your back. It is an orthopaedic product scientifically designed for individuals with back pain. Usually, people who ride horses complain about lower back constrains. Lumber pillows will provide support and will help release stiffness in the back.

Why it is worth buying Horse Throw Pillow

            The best thing about this pillow is that it is portable. You can carry it wherever you go. It is made up of memory foam. This means it will naturally align itself according to your body curvature. It will unshackle your back from all muscle spasms and will give you relaxation. Best quality foam is used in its manufacturing. It is breathable which provides ample space for breathing at the same time being hygienic. A new addition is an elastic strap attached to it. It will help you to adjust pillow with your seat.

Why spend money on pillow

Maybe you are thinking why I should spend money on this when I can simply use an ordinary pillow. Well, the best answer to this question is some luxuries are necessities. With such a durable quality and firm support, it is worth spending the money.

  • It will provide comfort and musculoskeletal support at the same time .Say goodbye to all your back pains.
  • It is portable due to which you can carry it any were before riding.
  • Due to its best quality foam it will mold itself according to your body curvature.

Where to buy best Horse Throw pillow

It is very important to do a proper research before buying a pillow.

Seek expert advice

Best way is to ask a suggestion from your orthopedist. He can guide you about what shape is best for you by looking at your daily routine and your bone condition.

Cost effectiveness

 A healthy spine is naturally designed in a way that it will keep your back straight without support from the lower back. When we constantly hunch or slouch just as in the case of horse riding we put unnecessary strain on our back which will lead to health issues. These lumber pillows are very cost-effective. They are inexpensive and the best thing is you can buy them from your near bedding store. Or it can be delivered at your doorstep.

Physical therapy not an option

            People spend hefty money on physical therapies after horse riding. These therapies are quite expensive. So by comparing the cost of two lumbar pillows is a better option. Instead of spending so much time and money on physical therapies, they should buy lumber pillows.

Correct way to use Horse lumbar & Throw pillow

            It is very important to learn the correct way of using this pillow. With different steps we will explain how to use it correctly.

  • Place the pillow on the narrow side of a firm chair. See if it fits the space well.
  • It should maintain natural curvature similar to your spine. While resting on it place your feet on a stool. This will help elevating any muscle stiffness and will relieve pain.

While sleeping place the pillow under your back with knees raised. This will help your body to maintain natural curvature of spine.

Before shop

            It is very important to keep some things in your mind before going to your local bedding store.

  • Please check for durability of the foam. Is it available with a replacement..
  • It shouldn’t be too gentle. So put some pressure on it with your finger to check its stiffness.
  • Always look for washable covers.
  • Try out multiple brands before buying.
  • Look for a chair on the store and put pillow on it to see if it fits.
  • Compare cost of different brands.

Aesthetical Beauty

            One doesn’t mind a product which is pain-relieving but also appealing to the eyes. It is purely customer choice but many pillows are now available in the market with beautiful designs and textures. For instance, if you are buying a lumbar pillow for horse riding it would be pleasant to choose a pillow with horse pictures on it with beautiful colours. But in the end it is the customer’s choice.

Many companies now pay attention to physical appearance of the product in order to increase its market value.

Best Horse Throw & Lumbar pillows review

            Here we have gathered information about some best quality horse lumber pillows available in the market. Do have a look.

1. Manual 12.5 x 8.5-Inch Decorative Embroidered Word Pillow, Horses Leave Hoofprints

It is on top of our list. Its key features include.


Comes with Horse brand quote printed on Front

Lifetime guarantee:

This pillow comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Which means that you can replace it whenever suits you. It will increase customer satisfaction.


It has a thick firm outer coat. With the best quality of foam used in it. With these key features, it provides the best support balance and durability.

Adjustable straps:

            It comes with not one but two straps. It will help you adjust it between your upper back and lower back. It will hit the right spot where you feel the pain. And you can tighten straps according to your waist.

Replaceable cover:

It comes with a washable and replaceable cover. So this pillow will provide you best hygiene. You can simply remove the cover, wash it and cover it back.


Can be shipped from Amazon.


Price is quite high as compared to other brands that is 26 USD.

2. Carstens Framed Horse Throw Pillow, Brown

Top Notch Quality:

It contains an extra mesh fabric that surrounds all the dimensions. It increases its stiffness.Zip enclosure for easy cleaning also included.

Flexible shape:

This cushion is best for chairs with a small body. Due to its shorter straps, it fits best for small chairs and sofas.


Shorter Strap:

It has a little shorter strap then memory pillow. It is less adjustable.


You can only get replacement within 60 days of purchase.

3. Amazon Basics Memory Foam Lumber Back Support Pillow

This pillow is reedy, less costly and a soft alternative. It would cost you only 14 USD.

The Cushiest:

When this product was tested. We found it the cushiest of them all. It is very soft which makes it suitable for young children with back problems or old age people whose bones are soft and cannot bear stiffness.


Some people complaint about it being too thin. Due to its small size and being too soft it was rejected by many users.

4. Turquoise Horse Pillow with Rope Trim

It is made up of 100% premium quality foam.

Professional look:

It is composed of a non-allergenic type of pure cotton. All the outer rims are complimented with grey colour piping. It is thin and small in shape it will best fit in any house chair.

Cooling Effect:

It contains removable cover. Evenly meshed and breathable. It means it will allow air to pass and will keep your back cool.


Its straps can’t be removed.

5. DMI Relax A-Bac

Wooden Pad:

This pillow contains a wooden pad inserted in it. It is placed in the center surrounded by pure cotton. It is best for people who prefers some extra support and desires of firmness.

Resilient form:

Designed in such a way that it will minimize all the tension in your muscles and will keep your back bone in proper alignment. It will not lose its shape no matter how much pressure you apply. This is the best thing about this pillow.

Sliding back:

Its strap comes with an adjustable buckle which means it will not slide back every time you change your position. It will stick to the chair on which you are resting.

Zipped cover:

It comes with a zipped cover so that you can remove it easily and wash it.

An additional feature is that you can choose from different colors.


This pillow is quite expensive as compared to others you can buy it at 25 USD from amazon.

6. OPTP the Original McKenzie

Its unique feature is its shape, which is different from all other pillows. Instead of having a broad rectangle shape it is in the form a wooden log. Due to its cylindrical shape it locks itself according to the curvature of your back bone.

Moisture soaking property:

Its fabric is moisture soaking due to which it keeps your back dry and cool all the time.

Apart from this its cover is washable and its strap s adjustable. Strap can also be used to transport it anywhere. Its price is 22 USD and you can buy it from amazon.

Comfi life comfort support:

It has 3 dimensional ventilating system. It helps decreasing temperature of your body.

One good feature in this pillow is that it will increase firmness according to body temperature.t contains 100 % high-density memory foam. Its cover is washable. It wilds just itself according to curvature of your body. It is also heat-responsive which means it will adjust stiffness with your weight.

Looking for more Gear?

So if you are looking for horse head, horse lumber or horse throw pillows, follow above Guide for best selection.

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