121+ Irish Horse Names with Meanings

Whether you have an Irish horse breed or are searching for Irish names for any breed, these names all have special meanings attached to them.

Studies show that the most popular name for horses is a classic Gaelic one: “Seamus.” A horse with this moniker will be blessed by luck and fortune on his journey through life.

Those looking for an alternative spelling should consider Sean or Sheamus; however, these names may not have quite as much of a traditional charm about them!

Famous Irish Horse Names

The Irish have a long tradition of naming horses. Here are some names to get you started:

  • Finley – Brave and Fighter
  • Kevin – Smart and Cute
  • Bailey – Cream-based
  • Dow – Best for Dark
  • Finbar – Hair in Irish
  • Donegal – Name of Town
  • Niall – Muscular name
  • Maher – Stands for generous
  • Lam – Woods or Forest
  • Austin – Majestic
  • Farry – Manly
  • Each – Horseman
  • Caith – Battlefield
  • Grady – Noble
  • Nora – Famous
  • Brody – Muddy place
  • Aghy – Friend of horse
  • Wenda – A friend
  • Prionsa – Prince
  • Jed – Green gem
  • Daithi – Swift
  • Cathmore – Great fighter
  • Claire – Dark Hair
  • Shamrock – Clover
  • Roison – Little Rose
  • Fiona – Beautiful
  • Forba – owns the field
  • Jasmine – Beautiful flower
  • Orla – Princess

Male Irish horse names

Horse names should reflect the quality of strength that a male horse has. There are so many wonderful, strong-sounding words in our language like “hero,” and “steed.” If you are going to name your new best friend, it is important to choose a name stallion that will make him feel empowered by these associations.

Goldie – Goldie is a nickname that means someone has blonde or gold-colored hair, which can often be quite beautiful and eye-catching to look at.

Beacon – Beacon is an Irish word that translates to “little one.” When used in reference to someone, it may be a sign of endearment.

Cliodhna – Cliodhna, the shapely goddess of love and beauty is often represented as a gracious woman with long hair.

Eachan – The word “eachan” originated from Gaelic which means horseman but it also has another meaning which refers to one who commands or governs many people.

The term was used mainly during wartime because being a commander meant you had control over your men’s movements while riding on horseback- not only could you control their movements, but you could also easily communicate any orders you gave them.

Ualtar – The Irish word for a fighter, Ualtar is often used in an ironic way to illustrate the idea of a warrior who fights but does not necessarily win.

Rian – In Irish mythology, the character Rian is described as a little king who has control over animals.

Eamon – Eamon is a word of Irish origin meaning guardian. This name has been in use for centuries and means protector or defender.

Finbar – Finbar is an Irish word that stands for handsome. If you’re looking for a good-looking fella, this is the name to pick.

Molly – For some people, the name Molly is a combination of two words. Whatever label this star-shaped creature takes, there are many images you can associate with it.

one being an angel who guards over our waters; another is how their light radiates outward like a star twinkling in the nighttime.

Mairead – Mairead is a word that could be used to describe the beauty of pearls.


Female Irish Horse Names

Your horse deserves a cute name that suits its personality. Here are some unique ideas for mares.

Patrick An Irish given name with a variety of meanings. One meaning is “nobleman”. Paddy emerged as a result of an Anglicization process to distinguish it from Patricius (a Latinized form), and eventually became popular in America as well.

Among other possible definitions are “father”, or simply just a shortened version of Patrick’s surname O’Peady which means ‘son’.

Shandy – Shandy – Shandy is a refreshing drink that combines the taste of beer with fizzy, fruity soft drinks.

Kane – “Kane” is a word for tribute, and it’s also the name of one of history’s most well-known mythological figures.

Keegan – Keegan is an Irish word for little fire, meaning that the name has origins in Gaelic. The prefix “kea-” means small and the suffix “-ghen” denotes a person or thing related to something else with classifiers like ‘een’ which translates to

Ennis – Ennis is a name that means extraordinary. It’s an old Irish word with numerous meanings, one of which refers to having the power and ability to do things like no other person can.

Sage – Sage means that someone is wise and knowledgeable. The term sage can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece, where it was used by Pythagoras in reference to people who have reached a state of enlightenment.

Flannery – Flannery is a red-haired pet with the most interesting markings. She has blue eyes and white paws, which make her look like she was born from snowflakes!

Irish Names for Horses Inspired from Places

Ireland is a small country, but it’s packed with well-known cities and sites. All of this makes for some great inspiration when you’re trying to find the perfect Irish name for your horse.

Dublin – Dublin is a bustling metropolis like no other with its historical roots and modern charm.

Galway – Galway is an ancient city full of wonder and myths. With a rich history, the people who live there enjoy old-world charm in their everyday life while still participating with modern society as anyone else would.

Blarney – Blarney is a magical village with many enchanting qualities. Probably the most important site in town, not just for the folklore but for the historical information it contains

Moher – The Cliffs of Moher are a natural attraction with amazing views. They rise up out the water in an imposing and beautiful manner, creating what is known as one of Ireland’s seven wonders.

Killarney – Killarney’s magnificent national park is home to a wide variety of wildlife including bears, wolves, and bison. The best way for visitors to experience the natural beauty Killarney has to offer is by getting out of town as quickly as possible!

How to Choose a Perfect Name for your Horse?

You’ll want to find a fitting name for your new horse, but it’s not always easy. Thankfully, there are plenty of factors you can take into consideration before settling on one.

For example, consider the physical characteristics and personality of both yourself and this animal you’re about to start bonding with while also considering their coat type – because every coat color brings a new name.

Naming any pet is very difficult; naming an equine friend even tougher so be sure to do some research first if possible including talking with other owners as well as checking out appearance to see what names might suit best based on appearance.

One of the best ways to name your horse is by naming it after its breed. If you want an Irish-sounding name for example, then make sure that all breeds in Ireland are accounted for when looking at their appearances.

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