4 Best Long Riding Boots For Short Legs

It’s quite common for short-legged or heightened horse riders to struggle with finding boots and other accessories to aid in riding.

The regular and habitual riders are always on their toes to find the best possible options.

In this brief post just like old times, we decided to help our short-legged horse rider with boots one more time. Here are our top picks for riding boots for short-legged riders;

Best Long Riding Boots For Short Legs

1. Tuffrider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

Tuffrider is one of the most known and trusted brands. It is known for manufacturing and selling the best riding breeches, shirts, socks, jackets, and shoes.

Whether it’s men, women, girls, or boys, Tuffrider has equestrian accessories for all. As this post is about riding shoes, we would prefer to discuss the most demanded Tuffrider riding boot.


This Tuffrider’s creation is just as durable and tough as the riding boots should be. To reward regular riders with the best riding boots and keep them a bit less expensive, these classic Tuffrider’s boots are made from 100% pure synthetic leather.

The premium synthetic leather makes this pair durable, lustrous, waterproof, and inexpensive.

Color and sizes

Color and correct sizing are just as important as everything else. These Tuffrider’s boots are made in two colors; mocha and black.

However, all possible sizes are available including 6, 6.5, 7 narrow, 7 wide, 7.5, 7.5 narrow, 7.5 wide, 8, 8 wide, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5 wide, 11, 11 wide, and 19.5. You are advised to order the usual size as the boots are made to true to size.

Promising additions

As this Tuffrider’s creation is an outcome of thoughtful construction, these boots are embellished with spur rests, punched toe caps, and elastic side gussets for comfortable riding and easy on-off.

Round-toe design

Round-toe design has recently made a comeback this year, so it would be a perfect pair to wear for comfortable regular and habitual riding.

These Tuffrider’s rounded-toe boots are being recommended here because they allow the feet to spread out with ease.

Variety of use

Other than for riding, these Tuffrider’s synthetic leather boots are equally suitable for dry summers, snowy winters, and wet monsoon.

These boots are usually made available online after a thorough quality check. The quality inspection team checks every major and minor detail to perfection.


  • Well-known brand
  • Give enough room to feet to spread out
  • Perfect for habitual and regular riding
  • Comfortable, durable, handy, and affordable
  • Embellished with spur rests, punched toe caps, and elastic side gussets
  • Passed through a quality check
  • Available in all possible sizes
  • Comes in Mocha and black colors
  • Lustrous and waterproof
  • Perfect for riding, dry summers, snowy winters, and wet monsoon


  • Synthetic leather, not genuine leather

2. Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Footwear

Harley Davidson is a well-known brand and an Amazon seller who got famous for it’s remarkable motorcycle accessories. The boots we are mentioning here are originally made for motorcyclists but the versatility allows them to be equally useful for horse riding as well.


These rough and tough Harley Davidson motorcyclist’s boots are made from leather. It is not clearly mentioned whether it’s genuine or synthetic leather.

Whatever it is, the boots are just as durable, skin-friendly, comfortable, handy, and tough as the genuine leather ones.

Even if the material can not be confirmed, one thing can be said with utmost surety that these boots are entirely made from leather, with no material blending.

Color and sizes

Fortunately, these Harley Davidson motorcyclist’s boots come in two regular horse riding boots colors; black and brown colors.

So, if the habitual or professional rider is not planning to go for a black color again he can choose to bring brown home. As far as the sizing is concerned, all Harley Davidson boots come in all possible grown-up 7 to 13 sizes.

Easy on-off design

These boots are specifically designed not to tax the rider with burden and to stay put. Despite the leg hugging structure, these Harley Davidson motorcyclist’s boots are made to limit the putting on and taking off time.

Superior protection

Soreness and discomfort are the two issues horse riders often have to deal with. The straps and the zip provide full coverage and offer superior protection to the most sensitive parts of the riders’ feet.


  • No material blending
  • Durable, comfortable, versatile, handy, affordable, and skin-friendly
  • Can be worn for other activities as well
  • Zip closure
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Comes in brown color as well
  • Offers full coverage and superior protection


  • Not mentioned if the leather is genuine or synthetic
  • Made for motorcyclists, not horse riding

3. Shires Moretta Clio Adult’s Paddock Boots

Shires have been ruling the hearts of horse enthusiasts for almost 50 years. It started as a small family-owned business and now it has become a part of a leading equestrian equipment brand.

This world-class brand has accessories not just for riders but for horses as well. The Shire’s creations can be found online and in almost all local stores throughout the UK.


These Shires Moretta Clio adult’s paddock boots are engineered from premium-grade faux leather.

Faux leather has got the reputation of lasting longer than any other synthetic leather out there. Other than being durable, faux leather is less likely to get wrinkles, scratches, and scraps.

So, if the horse rider does not want to get cracks, wrinkles, scratches, or scraps, these Shires Moretta Clio adult paddock boots are a fine option.

Shock-absorbing insoles and protective outsoles

The riding boots need to be comfortable so the rider can focus on the reins instead. The shock-absorbing insoles are placed for added comfort so the rider can be more active and alert to the challenges.

The outsoles are kept more strengthened and tougher to protect riders’ feet and prevent wrinkles and scratches, etc.

Easy to put on design

Most horse riders, whenever they have to get a new pair for horse riding, look for zip closure and a pull-up loop.

These two requirements are kept in consideration while bringing the boots to shape. The zip at the front makes it super easy for the horse rider to put on and take off the riding shoes.

Color and sizes

Like all riding boots out there, these unmatchable riding shoes do come in a variety of sizes. The colors available online are black and brown.


Easy to put on and take off
Equipped with pull up loop
Comfortable insoles protective outsoles
Comes in 6 to 11 sizes and black and brown colors
Unmatchable arch support
Superior grade faux leather
Super affordable and durable
Allows the rider to shift focus to reins
Provides exceptional support


  • Takes time to break down with feet

4. Ad Tec Australian Leather Brown Work Boots

Ad Tech is a famous Amazon seller who got recognized in a short period. This Well-trusted Amazon seller is most known for manufacturing and offering the best leather boots. This Ad Tech Australian leather brown work boot is just no exception.


As the title suggests, these Ad Tech Australian leather brown work boots are made from 100% pure leather. The pure leather construction makes this pair far more durable, comfortable, and handy than rubber and other synthetic materials.

The riding boots usually have to take in a lot of abuse so investing in a good leather pair would be a fine idea.

Non-irritating insoles and outsoles

These boots are specifically made to protect the feet from the harsh riding world, the outsoles are non-slip acid-resistant whereas, these boots are equipped with orthotic PU insoles.

The comfortable inner soles support the wearer’s feet, relieve foot pain, encourage healthy movement, and rewards the rider with the best riding experience. Moreover, the insoles are removable so the rider can adjust them according to the requirements. Read more about Best Cowboy Work Boots and consider the best option.

Variety to use

The boot manufacturing company calls this pair a work boot. The tough nature has got the recognition of best work, logger, safety, hiker, riding, and uniform shoes.

Color and size

Surprisingly, this boot is manufactured in almost all possible sizes. It has more size options than any other riding boot mentioned here. However, these boots should have been manufactured in more colors, what if the potential customer is looking for a black, not brown color.


  • Equally suitable for hunting, logger, safety, hiking, and riding
  • Non-slip soles
  • Comfortable, affordable, and skin-friendly
  • Encourages healthy foot movement
  • Relieves pain
  • Provide exceptional support
  • Far more durable than other synthetic leather boots


Least-known brand

If we have to suggest one option we would bring Shires Moretta Clio Adult’s Paddock Boots to the limelight. It must be noted that it may or may not work for you, try being the judge yourself.

The rider is advised to look for comfort, not style. Material, sizing, and color are equally important so while placing the order double check if it’s worth the money or not.

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