The 5 Best Mowers For Mowing Pasture

Mowing Pasture? It may surprise you if you are a new pasture owner but it is done so to get high-quality forage for livestock. In order to mow the field, you may want to look for the best mowers for mowing pasture.

Mowing pasture is important for weed management, maintaining forage quality, and reducing grazing patterns. Therefore, a mower is necessary to mow pasture and we have picked up some of the best mowers available in the market.

Here’s a list of the best mowers for mowing pasture

Best Mowers For Mowing Pasture Reviews

1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is renowned for making advanced gardening equipment for 25+ years. This Zero Turn Riding Mower is made with the latest technology to elevate your comfort.

Engine – Made with 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine to perform heavy-duty work. The Endurance engine offers reliable startups and high ground speeds.

Cutting Deck – Crafted with a Fabricated 11-gauge steel cutting deck that offers precise 54″ cut. Designed with pedal-assisted cutting deck lift that does not just provide precise cutting height adjustment but fast and convenient adjustment from the operator’s seat.

Cutting Height – The mower has three razor-sharp blades and a maximum cutting height of 4.5″. Cutting heights steps in the MZ61 model are 12.

9 Bushel Triple Collection Bag – The addition of a 9 Bushel collection system adds to the productivity and versatility of the bag. It can be used to discharge, mulch, and bag the grass clippings. Ergonomic design ensures easy installation and removal.

Zero Degree Turn Radius – The Zero Turn Riding Mower has individual, hydraulic wheel-drive which assures easy and precise maneuvering. It also lets the mower rotate around its axis without turning the radius.

Ergonomic Controls – Ergonomic controls and comfortable steering will maximize comfort when mowing through large pasture fields. To make mowing less tiring, rubber isolators are used to separate the rider from the frame.

Comfortable steering will not hurt or put extra pressure on the back and support you during extended shifts.

Hour Meter – This is quite a helpful feature that reminds you when the mower needs servicing so that the rider can take timely action.


  • Easily reachable service points like oil and filter maintenance, hydraulic drive system components/adjustment, electrical system, and battery.
  • Remove foot pan to access deck belt pulleys and spindles
  • Easily accessible adjustable tracking
  • Comfortable operator’s seat with armrests and foam-padded hand grip
  • Equipped with vibration dampeners
  • Amazing ergonomics


  • The mower slide slightly on the downhill path
  • Rear wheels can tear a chunk of lawn upon spinning.

2. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series

This Zero Turn Mower from Ariens takes performance, power, and productivity to a whole new level. Mowing large pasture fields with the Ariens mower is a practical option for all the pasture maintenance needs. The commercial graded pasture mower will provide you comfortable rides time after time.

Engine – The Zero Turn Mower has a 23 HP, 726cc V-Twin Kawasaki FR series engine which features cast-iron cylinder liners for long service life. Automatic compression release ensures hassle-free starting. Better fuel management is promised by the internally vented carburetor.

Cutting Deck – The pasture mower is equipped with a 52″ 11-gauge steel fabricated deck and 3 blades for a precise cut. Dual-arm deck lift designed with a 4 point hanging system for durability and stability.

Cutting Height Adjustments – There is no need to figure out pins and levers for height adjustment as it has a dial-operated cutting height selector. It supports 13 cutting height positions ranging from 1.5-in to 4.5-in for a customized cut.

Comfortable Seat – Comfortable, ergonomic seat is a must for long hours of work. Ariens has prioritized the operator’s comfort with a high back seat and standard armrests. Vibration dampeners and padded controls reduce vibration while operating the mower.

Twin EZT hydrostatic Transaxles – The mower is designed with Twin EZT hydrostatic Transaxles for responsive, smooth, and effortless controls.


  • 3-years limited residential warranty
  • Fully welded tubular steel frame with 3″ by 1.5″ frame rails
  • One of the best zero turn lawn mowers in the industry
  • Cuts precisely
  • 13 cutting heights positions


  • Not suitable for mowing hills
  • No lights to support mowing during the dark hours

3. Nova Tractor 61″ Heavy Duty 3 pt Flail Mower, for Tractor 30 to 40 HP

This mower is a perfect attachment for 30 HP to 40 HP tractors to mow large fields of tractors. Nova Tractor is a reliable brand with many reliable machines and accessories. This would be a perfect companion for vineyards and pasture owners.

Forged Flail Hammer – The Flail mower has forged and galvanized high-performance hammer knives, each weighing 3.3 lbs. It perfectly mows grass, undergrowth, and bushes and tears branches up to 50mm/2inch diameter effectively.

Rotor Shaft – Nova Flail Mower has a durable, heavy-duty rotor shaft with SKF ball bearings and a CNC bearing seat.

Rear Tines – This helpful accessory can be inserted into the rear of the mower housing. These rear tines keep branches inside till they are shredded to a small size to pass through the gaps between the tines. These tines can be eliminated for regular mowing.

Heavy-Duty Roller – The desired cutting position is selected through the heavy, ball-bearing mounted self-cleaning rear roller which has a diameter of 5.3″. It helps with the excellent cut and prevents the mower from cutting into the ground.

Safety Flaps – Cleaning the mower can be a hassle also stones and dirt get stuck in the machine that may lead to some other mechanical faults. The mower has front safety flaps to protect it from debris and stones.

Electronically Balanced Knife Shaft – Nova Tractor mower is armed with an electronically balanced knife shaft which is driven by 3 or 4 wide belts. Before using the machine, it is important to fill up the transmission oil.


  • 0% Virtually belt slippage rate
  • 100% Power transfer rate
  • Counter knife can be replaced for a more efficient job
  • 61 inches cutting width
  • Comes packed in a wooden box for safe delivery


It is an attachment and the owner would require a tractor to mow.

4. Snapper 2691317 360z Mower, Riding, Zero Turn, Red

This riding mower from Snapper does not just have good looks but optimal functionality as well. Shining bright in red and black, the mower is hard to turn down taking into account all its amazing features.

Snapper’s tractors, riding mowers, and push lawn mowers, all have streamlined design and easy convertibility for easier mowing, dumping, and mulching.

Engine – Manufactured with 23 HP Briggs-Stratton twin-cylinder engine which delivers power equivalent to 23 HP. The 4 Stroke engine has a total capacity of 3 gallons and can reach a speed of 6 mph forward and up to 3 mph in reverse.

Mower Deck – Features a 42 inches fabricated steel mowing deck that ensures durability and non-stop mowing year after year. Comes with a commercial-style foot-operated mower deck lift which easily lifts and adjusts the cutting deck.

Cutting Position – The robust, high-performance engine offers cutting results within the range of 13 mowing height positions. The cutting height range goes in increment from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Accessories – To ensure clean cut and durability, in the long run, the mower is equipped with a fully-welded steel frame, thick-walled front axle, durable mower deck, and ball bearings in the caster spindles. Oil change, initial assembly, and all service and repair points are easily accessible.

Easily Convertible – Comes with an adjustable loading area, several accessories can be attached to convert the Snapper Zero Turn Riding Mower to
different tools.


  • Versatile lawnmower with high-grade steel frame and cutting deck
  • Offers 13 cutting positions
  • Easy to turn
  • Adjust plate’s height easily with the feet
  • Comfortable seat with backrest and armrests to reduce back fatigue
  • Superior hydraulic transmission with the integrated braking system
  • High-Performance engine with reliable zero turn power
  • Cost-effective as compared to other riding mowers
  • Comes with a limited warranty (check operator manual for details )


  • Limited lifting capacity of 50 lbs
  • A user may face carburetor problems making it difficult to start and use

5. Ventrac 4500 Tractor

Ventrac 4500 Tractor is a class of its own, just one test drive and you would want to buy right away. This power-packed tractor will help you mow pasture with ease in no time. Turn your Ventrac 4500 into a productivity powerhouse by choosing from any of the Ventrac mount attachments.

Mowing Slopes – Ordinary mowers lose control when mowing slopes but the Ventrac 4500 increases safety on slopes with dual wheels, flex frame, low center of gravity, and weight transfer.

Engine – Traditional tractors are just too big whereas sub-compact tractors just can not do the heavy-duty work. However, this tractor is not just a big box but built with a commercial engine for industrial use. Superior quality transaxles offer high-end performance for years.

FlexFrame – The tractor can articulate and oscillate with the Ventrac FlexFrame. This allows the machine to mow any terrain. The FlexFrame makes the tractor more stable on not so perfectly flat areas.

Controls & Steering – Driving and controlling a Ventrac is simple with the patented S.D.L.A controls. Quickly and easily steer this agile yet powerful machine with a hydraulically powered steering system.

Four Seasons – From spring to summer and fall to winter, Ventrac works all year long without asking for a break. It is used for multiple jobs throughout the year, from mowing lawns to removing snow.

Light Footprint – Instead of making the lawn beautiful, most mowers ruin the lawn with their rugged tires. Ventrac 4500 ensures minimum turf disturbance with large flotation tires on articulating and oscillating frames for light footprints.


  • Easily handles all snow conditions
  • Switch attachments within minutes without any additional tools.
  • The forward-thinking design promises better visibility
  • Integrated innovative weight transfer system for better traction and safety on slopes ,All-wheel hydrostatic drive for optimum performance


  • No cons yet

Things To Consider When Buying a Mower for Pasture

How to buy the right mower for mowing pasture? It is a troubling question for those who are trying to mow pasture for the first time. There are no right or wrong answers or tricks just a few factors to consider when buying a mower.

Riding or Walk-Behind Style

It is tough to choose between Riding or walk-behind mowers but analyze the situation wisely and the size of the pasture field. For large acres of land, choose a riding mower that does the job efficiently and quickly.

It would be foolish to buy a push mower and walking behind it while mowing acres of pasture. It would be next to impossible and extremely tiring to mow pasture with a push mower.

Power Source

Mowers are run by different power sources like gas, oil, battery, and electricity. For heavy-duty jobs and large fields where extension cords can not reach, prefer gas or a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine.

A powerful engine with 24, 27 HP, or more should be selected that delivers enough power and speed to do heavy-duty jobs efficiently.

Pasture Size

It is one of the biggest determining factors in purchasing a mower. Self-propelled riding mowers for large mowing areas whereas electric or battery-powered ones are perfect for smaller areas. Mowers also depend on pasture grass and weeds velocity in the pasture. Read a guide about Best Weed Killer For Horse Pasture in detail.


The Ride-on mowers should have a loading point where different accessories can be attached to convert them to several tools for different jobs.


A mower with the hydrostatic transmission is easy to start and operate and gives seamless adjustment while driving. Things can go a little out of hand with manual transmission where you have to stop it every time while changing gears.

3- in-1 Feature – We advise you to go for the Collection, side discharge, or mulch option or settle for any two of them. It makes the mowing job a lot easier while saving time to do other chores.

In brief, it can be daunting to choose a particular mower for the pasture field. However, if you know your priorities and requirements, you will be more clear and successfully find the right mower. Choose the mowers as per your requirements

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