How to Heal a Horse in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular game that has hooked several horse admirers to their phones. It came out in July 2013 and still in 2021 it is winning the hearts of millions of players. 

Minecraft is an addiction and its players are often seen discussing and questioning how they have tamed their horse and how they can heal their horse etc. The game lands the player into a blocky world where they have a look after a horse.

You probably got here because you have been researching and finding ways to please your horse in Minecraft. Youtube and several gaming websites are full of answers but not all the suggested moves work. 

I have recently started playing this game and the most frequently asked question I have found yet is “how can you heal your horse in Minecraft?” Frankly, a few days back, I was researching the same as my horse needed speedy healing to get back on track. 

If you are in the same boat then this article will surely help you in healing your horse as we are about to discuss this matter in detail. Without further ado, let’s move ahead.

Can you heal a horse in Minecraft?

Aren’t games made to land their players into a fancy world where they are in charge and everything works the same as they do in real life? So, how can a horse that got injured not be healed?

Yes, the horse that has been tamed with a lot of effort can be healed and brought back on the track. If the horse that got injured or sick can not be healed then what’s the point of this game anyway? 

How can you heal your horse in Minecraft?

The horses that got hurt in any way will take time and test your patience to heal. The horses usually get healed by feeding hay bales.

Feeding golden apples and golden carrots do not heal the horse

Some naive players think that golden apples and golden carrots do assist in healing the horse but in reality, they are of no help for healing. The golden apples and carrots can help in temporary health regeneration but they don’t “really” speed up or aid in healing. So, for the record, golden apples and carrots have a “totally” different use.

Wheat can also be fed to heal the horse

Thousands of advanced Minecraft addicts either suggest hay bales or wheat speed up the healing process. Wheat is considered the second-best option after hay bales for the said purpose.

can you Heal a Horse in Minecraft

Apples and hay bales can also be combined to heal the horse in Minecraft

Hay bales are the secret of horse healing but when the hay bales and apples are combined it heals the horse faster.

Wheat and hay bales do not just have healing properties, they can be used for taming as well.

Wheat and hay bales have not just given importance in the game to heal the injured horse but their rewarding nature can be used to tame the horse as well. Moreover, these items can be fed to immature horses to help them grow.

In short, Food items, whether they are made for healing or not, help horses in regaining health.

Once the horse is injured nothing can help them restore the health they have lost but food items. All food items are made to serve different purposes, whatever the purposes are, they help in regaining health.

My recommendation to heal horse?

Like most of you, my horse does get injured from time to time, I offer hay bales or wheat to heal it because I strongly believe and have seen horses recovering quickly with the help of hay bales and wheat. I, as an experienced player, suggest using the wheat and hay bales to heal the horse immediately from minor to deadliest injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a horse be healed in Minecraft?

Yes, it’s possible to heal the horse even from the deadliest injuries. This game lands the horse admirers in all possible situations that horse keepers go through in normal life. The horse getting injured and you trying to heal it from the injury is a realistic situation that this game is admired for.

What does it take to heal the tamed horse in Minecraft?

Trust me, healing a horse in Minecraft is not a hard nut to crack but as this question is frequently asked we have started believing that healing a horse in Minecraft is not an easy task. You can feed the apples, wheat or hay bales to help the horse regain the strength they have lost in any way.

Can Golden Apples heal the horse in Minecraft?

Unfortunately no, the golden apples aren’t made for this purpose. They can be used to tame the horse or fed the baby horse to grow better and faster. It has nothing to do with healing.

Can Golden carrots heal the horse?

No, the horse can only be healed with hay bales or wheat(in some cases) golden carrots, golden apples, or a combination of both just don’t assist in healing.

What is the base color of horses in Minecraft?

To give this game a more realistic look and feel, the horse can be any of the following base colors, white, flaxen, buckskin, chestnut, dapple grey, black, and dark bay.

What actions horses are capable of performing in Minecraft?

The horses are capable of performing several actions, like transporting goods and people to places, jumping fences, climbing Mountains, and giving playful rides, etc.

In brief, the horse in Minecraft can be healed by feeding hay bales and wheat. Golden apples and carrots are believed to have healing properties but they do not aid in healing. Golden apples and carrots can be used to tame or grow the horse. 

In the end, I hope you have found the answer you are looking for. I’m honored if this article has helped you in any way. Go ahead and heal that little fellow right away.

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