Choose Best Horse Manure Spreader in 2024

When you have more than one horse it gets mandatory to build a horse farm that can fulfil the pasture needs. Building a horse farm is not an easy task, as it requires careful watering and manuring schedule.  Manure spreaders are used to manure the horse farms evenly.

There are several manure spreaders available online but not all are great for this purpose. Since it’s going to take a lot from your pocket so it becomes even more important that you make the right decision.

In this article today, we are about to reveal our absolute favourite horse manure spreaders to help you in gaining a clear idea of the equipment. We have planned to keep the discussion short so we are about to share the important details only.

Without further ado, let’s discuss our top favourite Newer Manure Spreaders model no. 225, 125, and basic 100 and 200.

Best Horse Manure Spreader Reviews

1. Newer Manure Spreader Model No. 225

Newer manure spreader model no. 225 is lightweight and easy to drive. The manure spreader is manufactured using aluminium to give the horse owners a long-lasting solution.

It is most suitable for farms that are spread over several acres. This manure spreader is made under strict instructions to give a lasting solution to the horse keeper problems. However, it’s a bit pricey. 

  • Made to cater to the larger requirement
  • Pricey
  • Comes with a one year warranty 

2. Newer Manure Spreader Model No. 125

Newer Manure spreader model no. 125 is manufactured to serve the medium and small farm needs. It can be used to spread the manure with the help of garden tractors, ATV, and Golf Cart.

The innovative ball hitch attachment gives useful towing options. The adjustment panel can be used to adjust the spreader according to your requirements.

  • Made to fulfill the requirements of small and medium horse farms
  • Can be used with Garden Tractor, ATV, or Golf Cart
  • The ball hitch and adjustment panel are the most promising features of this model.
  • Comes with a one year warranty 

3. Newer Manure Spreader Model No. 100 (Basic)

Newer manure spreader basic model no. 100 is made for those who have low storage space and don’t need an industrial strength model. It might have the basic features but it does its job quite well.

This, the most basic manure spreader, takes about seven to eight cubic feet to rest when the job is done. Easy to handle, store, and low maintenance nature makes it an ideal solution for horse keepers who are looking to maintain a farm for three to four horses.

  • Not an industrial model
  • Take only eight cubic feet to store
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes with warranty 

4. Newer Manure Spreader Model No. 200 (Basic)

This is the most advanced manure spreader of the Newer Manure Spreader Basic series. It has been and still is many horse farm caretakers’ favourite for several reasons.

The most promising feature of the basic manure spreader is that it is the quietest one. You can use it to feed your horse farm without annoying others.

  • Disperses load smoothly over 300 feet
  • Comes with warranty
  • Does not make noise
  • Low maintenance 
  • One year warranty 

The reason why the Newer manure spreader got all the positions on my recommendation list is that it doesn’t complex the manure spreading procedure with belts or chains. 

How does the manure spreaders work?

These manure spreaders are not just easy-to-use but easier to maintain as well. You can manure the farm using the Newer Manure Spreader by following these bullet points.

  • Bring out the spreader from the store
  • Fill it up with manure and bedding
  • Arrange a garden tractor/ ATV/ Golf Cart to pull the spreader
  • Gently kick the engagement lever installed on the wheels
  • There, your job is done.

You don’t have to do anything extra as the drum will automatically turn as the wheels start rotating, rewarding the soil with the crumbled manure.

Pro Tip:  Crumbled manure decomposes quickly.

What should you look for in a Manure spreader- Buyer’s guide

Our general behaviour towards almost everything is that whatever is expensive, is good, but in reality, all that glitters is not gold. To get the manure spreader of your dreams to consider asking yourself these questions,

How much area do you need to cover?

Manure spreaders come in different sizes so you need to make sure how much area the horse farm holds. Carefully look if the manure spreader can cover the area or not.

What’s more suitable to you ground-driven or PTO-driven manure spreader?

There are two types of manure spreaders ground and PTO-driven. The Power take-off manure spreaders run off the tractor power take-off whereas the ground-driven version works off the speed of a tractor.

Is it easier to move?

Some manure spreaders feature-heavy wheels that make it difficult to shift them to other places without a tractor or any pulling machine. Make sure the tires aren’t that heavy.


When you have more than one horse it becomes obligatory to have a horse farm. Horse farms need a good watering schedule and manure to turn into a grassy healthy pasture. The manure spreaders are used to spread the manure evenly. Newer manure spreaders are recognized for their lightweight, durability, and easy-to-apply design.

The most promising addition to their manure spreaders range is Newer manure spreader model no. 225, 125, 200, and 100. All these manure spreaders are great for the purpose as they do not have belts or chains that make the spreading procedure complex.

All you need to do is to fill the manure spreader with manure, attach it to the tractor, kick the engagement lever on both wheels, and admire how easily and evenly it works.

In the end, I would like to confess that the information presented here is solely based on my knowledge and experience. Suggesting only one manufacturer doesn’t mean that the rest of the manure spreader manufacturing companies are faulty. It’s just that I do not recommend anything I have never tried. I have a horse farm that is spread on an acre and I have been using Newer manure spreaders for years and they have worked for me quite well.

Iqra Maryam is a passionate equestrian who has spent her life researching and writing about equine. She remembers playing with her pony more than toys and friends! With time, she managed to train her Pony and did all research related to the well being of her friend. She trains young equestrian and writes thoughtful articles on them. She believes each horse is a new learning experience and it sparks up her equine passion.

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