Can You Put a Horse in a Boat in Minecraft?

Minecraft has been around since 2013 but still, it is quite new to a lot of game admirers. Starting an adventurous life in a blocky world is a bit overwhelming and lots of players give up on this game because they find it hard to understand.

The players that are halfway into it are often seen discussing and questioning each other how do they do this and how do they do that, etc. A lot of my readers are probably here for the same reason, I bet they are finding a clue to play it like a pro. 

Several forums are specifically made to discuss the moves that make the game easy to play. In our last article, we tried to cover the most widely asked question about Minecraft. In today’s discussion, we are going to discuss the most struggling part of this game.

Enough beating about the bush, the most frequently asked question we are about to discuss below is,

Can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft?

Of course, you can put a horse in a boat. Boats can be used to transport the horse from one place to another. So, if you have to reach somewhere faster without any bumps or obstacles that slow down the speed you have an option to put a horse in a boat (only if there is a sea or river in the way).

Boats can also be used to tow the horse behind 

If you want your horse in Minecraft to try out new things or you find taking a horse in the boat boring, congratulations! You can tow the horse behind the boat as well.

But you have to take the lead and ride the boat

The horse can enjoy riding the boat but they can not drive it. If you want to use this super fun way of transportation then you must have to take the lead and ride the boat as well.

All horse breeds can enjoy riding a boat

All horse breeds are welcomed to enjoy boat riding in  Minecraft. Even the baby horses and slowest breeds can use this means of transportation to get to new places. The baby horses, however, need extra care to reach the place safely but it’s not hard either.

How to take baby horses to boat riding?

As I have mentioned above baby horses can also enjoy boat riding but putting them in a boat is slightly different from taking a fully mature horse with you in a boat. You can take these steps for the baby horse’s safety;

  • Get them near the boat
  • Push or walk them in the boat
  • Offer them apples to grow
  • Tame them
  • Put a saddle on their back
  • Enjoy riding

It’s now clear that all horse breeds can enjoy boat riding

Now that it’s clear that horses can accompany their masters in the boat the question arises what do you need to do to put them on the boat? 

Well, the easiest way to get them familiar with boat riding is that you take a lead and guide them in. You can also put them on the boat by walking the horse to the boat and pushing them in.

Tame the horse first then take them with you in the boat

It is necessary to tame the horse first as the unfamiliar horses invite trouble. Offer them golden apples and carrots as both these food items are used for taming a horse. Once the horse is tamed, you can take it on a ride with you.

What do I do? How do I put my horse in the boat?

I can not do anything except the suggested move to put my horse in the boat. I walk my horse to the boat then push them to move in or sometimes I like to lead and guide them in the boat. 

Put a Horse in a Boat

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when my horse and I have to cross a river in Minecraft? 

It’s a simple situation but for newbies, it can be overwhelming. All you have to do is lead and guide the horse to the boat, put it in, and move ahead. 

Can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft?

Yes, you can put a horse in the boat. In fact, the player usually takes their horses from place to place via this means of transportation.

Can baby horses be taken on boat rides?

Yes, they can be taken on boat rides but as soon as they get in you have to help them grow. Offer golden apples, carrots, or hay bales to tame and grow then into a fine bigger horse. 

What’s the purpose of Minecraft? 

The purpose of Minecraft is to explore and craft a blocky world full of surprises and thrills.  It is a 3D sandbox game that has no real mission or goal, the player is given the freedom to play as he wants.

Does Minecraft help in any way?

Minecraft is not a waste of time like most online and offline games. It helps kids in boosting their creativity, collaboration, and several other life skills. It also increases the player’s knowledge about history and maths.

How does the Minecraft game end?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has no true ending. However, some players take ” killing the ender dragon” as the end of the game. It’s tricky to kill an ender dragon but luckily there are several tutorials on youtube that help you in finding and killing the ender dragon with ease.

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Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that lands the players in a blocky world where they explore and build a small world according to their choice. The most frequently asked question about this game is can you put a horse in a boat in Minecraft? The answer is yes, you can put a horse in a boat by either taking the lead and guiding them in or walking them near the boat and pushing them in it. All horse breeds and baby horses can also enjoy riding a boat. 

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