70+ Horse Names Starting with E

There can be a lot of ideas for your horse name but very less which are catchy to pick. It is difficult to find the best name for your horse. When we know everything about our horse like horse breed, size and behavior, we are more curious about a good name. It is harder to find the exact alphabet. If your horse breed is Arabian you will choose a name with A.

E is a very popular alphabet. Some ideas come in our minds when we choose names with E like Eagle or Embrown. There should be specificity in the name between females and males.Here are some best ideas for you.

horse names beginning with e

1. Ember

2. Erica

3. Eva

4. Elis

5. Earth

6. Einstien

7. Echo

8. Eddie

9. Egga

10. Eikie

11. Eldo


13. Emelda

14. Erolla

15. Elgo

16. Elger

17. Eleza

18. Ellea

19. Elley

20. Eliza

21. Eins

22. Elva

23. Erulus

24. Eastman

25. Ema

26. Emiko

27. Ebi

28. Ebert

29. Emy

30. Elsie

31. Easo

32. Eb

33. Eaton

34. Eaborhart

35. Endo

36. Elbo

37. Ellie

38. Elea

39. Easthoob

40. Eastwood

41. Eldorado

42. Edelweiss

43. Empire

44. Epona

45. Elvis

46. Equinox

47. Eros

48. Euphoria

49. Esprit

50. Esperanza

51. Erika

52. Erina

53. Easter

54. Eclipse

55. Eric

56. Evelyn

57. Esperanza

58. Enigma

59. Elegance

60. Edna

61. Epic

62. Elusive

63. Emanon

64. Emarald

65. Elvis

66. Edgy

67. Eagle moon

69. Easter hunt

70. Elessar

Naming Tips

Years ago people love to choose an animal name for their horse, now trends are changing. People give human names to their pets. If you are looking for a pet name that’s mean you have a new pet. Here are our two tips while choosing a name for your pet.

Choose a famous name

You can give a name your horse after a famous movie character or pet name. Some famous character names are Rover, Back Racer. Avoid long character names. Batman and spiderman are also good ones.

Choose a character trait

If you know breed or trait of your horse, it is plus points to choose a good name. My horse breed is American so I will go for Black Indiana. It will the whole trait-like ” American native Indian horse”.

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