Best Horse Hay Steamer – Reviews & Guide 2024

Horse Hay steamer was manufactured in Europe as an alternative of soaking hay to protect animals from lung diseases. The sickness of farm animals due to microparticles present in hay resulted in designing one of the best horse hay steamers.

Benefits of Horse Hay Steamer

Many horses got sick of respiratory diseases caused by dust particles. The problem originated from dust particles arising from feeding on hay and reaching the lungs. Horses inhaled the bacteria and fungal spores after inhaling dust particles only because of low-quality hay for feeding.

Soaking method

Before making the best horse hay steamers, people used to soak hay on the water to clear it from dust and fungal spores. Soaking was an old and cheap practice but offered no greater good for horses. Soaking doesn’t remove all of the bacterial and fungal spores, but it does clean hay from dust particles. The major disadvantage of soaking hay was removing valuable minerals from grass that would ultimately deprive the horse with beneficial ingredients necessary for his health.

Steaming hay for horse

Steaming hay is an efficient method of providing nutrient-rich grass to horses. Steaming is usually done at 100 degrees that would successfully kill all bacteria and fungal spores in the hay. Steaming also retains the most of mineral content in horse hay feed.

Steaming damp down the dust particles and clear the hay from unwanted particles.

Lets list down key benefits of  using horse hay steamers:

  • Easy to use: Hay steamers don’t require specialized personals for steaming hay. Instead, it’s quite simple. Even a layperson can process it like a pro.
  • Kills off most of the germs present in the hay, thus wiping of fungal spores effectively.
  • Improves palatability of hay by retaining the goodness of minerals, and vitamins
  • No need to carry heavy haynets, especially wet hay. Steamed hay is lightweight and easy to carry to equine.
  • The best property of steamer is protecting the lungs of horses from deadly diseases.
  • Hay steamers are not extraordinarily expensive. They come at affordable prices.

Best Horse Hay Steamer Reviews

1. Hay Steamer HG 2000

If you raise many horses and steam bulk of hay daily, then haygain hay steamers are the most popular choice. It can hold a large capacity up to 40 kg of loose hay, haylage or hay nets. Perfectly steams two bales of hay, or it can easily fit one strung bale of hay.

Product Features

  • The unique design is proven to be effective in killings bacteria and fungal spores, clearing dust, and removing molds and mites.
  • The end product from HG 2000 is not scattered hay; instead, you get evenly and thoroughly steamed hay. The look of hay is delicious for your equine to get attracted to food.
  • Effortless and easy to set up, even a non-specialist can process hay in it in one go.
  • Feeds multiple horses at a time, but it also depends upon the size of the bale, number of steams per day, portion size, and compaction.


  • Can accommodate 8 liters quantity with safety features
  • 2.7-kilowatt steam generator
  • Can hold 35 to 40 kg of hay or one full strung bale
  • Weights 75 kg
  • Takes one hour for a complete steaming cycle
  • Built-in wheels for easy transportation

What’s not desirable?


Haygain hay steamer HG2000 model can accommodate hay for a minimum of four horses. Carry HG2000 around the field easily thanks to wheeler transportation. So, these patented products will serve you massive savings of time, energy, and effort of daily hassle.

2. Haygain HG 600 Hay Steamer

If you own a small number of horses i.e., from two to four, then HG 600 is an ideal choice. It’s a medium-capacity hay steamer that will prepare 15 kg of forage or a half bale wedge, loose hay, or hay nets. Let’s look at product features and their benefits.

Haygain HG600 Features

  • Just like other Haygain steamers, HG 600 is a patented model that thoroughly steams hay from middle to edges evenly.
  • Its efficient mechanism process food into something fresh your equine will love. Moreover, hay stays fresh up to 24 hours without losing its benefits.
  • Does not expel toxic environmental pollutants.
  • Effective in killing bacteria, fungal spores, germs, dust, and molds. So, it serves the purpose of steaming rightly.
  • Steamer includes an efficient heating element with safety in check.  The high-quality heating element also allows dry steaming.
  • Unique to it is doomed top for maximum heating efficiency.

Product Specifications

  • Comprises of 41 kg weight ( including the weight of hay container and steam generator).
  • Dimensions: L 720 x D 690 x H 700 mm.
  • Capacity to hold 15 kg forage or half bale of hay.
  • Feeds a minimum of 3 horses at one time.
  • Include robust handle and wheels for easy transportation
  • Comfortable in handling for people with back pain
  • The steaming cycle takes 60 minutes.
  • Powerful 2.75 kW steaming generator
  • 8 liters water holding capacity

What not desirable:


Haygain HG600 is an ideal steamer for a small number of horses. The robust steamer fits well with a small horse farm and people who have back pains as they feel an extra burden on their spine while working with HG 600.

3. Hay Steamer HG One

When you go on a journey along with your horse, you might need a handy, lightweight, and easy to carry hay steamer—presenting youHay steamer HG One for your next adventure. Its capacity allows to steam hay for 1 to 2 horses at a time. Surprisingly, it can work in repeating cycles, so your horse won’t be getting hungry on long trails. There are many more properties of fit-well HG one hay steamer. Let’s have a look.

Product Features

  • Hay gain steamers are all patented with great thermal penetration power, and HG One is the no different case regardless of its small size.
  • Very lightweight in general and as compared to other steamers.
  • Ensures quality of hay while steaming and hay retains its mineral and protein content at high values.
  • Just like heavy models, kills bacteria, fungal spores, and dust mites efficiently and professionally.
  • Steamed hay quality is proven to reduce symptoms of horse hay cough known as RAO (current airway obstruction)
  • Produces hydrated, easily digestible, and palatable food.
  • Product Specifications:
  • Too light in weight with 23 kg (weight of hay container and steam generator)
  • Dimensions: D 565 x H 737.
  • Able to feed one horse at a time with a capacity of 7 kg forage.
  • 1.5 KW steam generator. 3.5 liters capacity.
  • Require only 60 minutes from one steaming cycle from cold.
  • One year warranty

What’s not Desirable?

It may not be enough for repeated hay requirements of horses. But, you can always run another steaming cycle.


Haygain Hg One steamer is ideal for taking to shows, trails, and everyday use. You will feel extremely comfortable in handling this steamer. A massive budget saver and environmentally friendly steamer is an ideal choice.

4. Hay Steamer HG 2002

The robust steaming equipment that will cook maximum forage to accommodate food for multiple horses at a time. Hay steamer HG 2002 is a big one with 50 kg steaming capacity. HG 2002 is an advanced version of the HG 2000 model with additional features of two boilers for efficient forage processing mechanism.

HG 2002 has more benefits and features for its users. Let’s have a look.

Product Features

  • Specially build patented quality that’s the same for all haygain steamers that heat every straw of forage from the middle towards the outer chest.
  • The unique design is proven to be effective in killings bacteria and fungal spores, clearing dust, and removing molds and mites.
  • Its efficient mechanism process food into something fresh your equine will love. Moreover, hay stays fresh, up to 24 hours without losing its benefits.
  • Innovative design as compared to HG 2000 models 
  • Does not cause any environmental pollutants.
  • The water-efficient mechanism that utilizes much less water as compared to the soaking method. i.e., 3 to 4 liters Vs. 60 to 100 liters
  • Reduce ROI symptoms in horses 
  • You can use fresh grass from pasture

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 84 Kg (hay container and two steam generators combined weight).
  • Dimensions: L 1449 x D 815 x H 750 mm
  • Capacity to steam 50 kg bale or 45 kg of hay or haylage
  • Can work great with compressed hay bales
  • Comes with two generators
  • Have wheels to carry around easily
  • Takes only 60 minutes for a steaming cycle
  • 8 liters water holding capacity with safety features
  • One year warranty

What’s not desirable?

Comparatively expensive steamer but getting an enormous quantity of hay at one time is quite a plus.

Have look on more gears


Haygain HG 2002 can steam heavy load up to 50 kg of forage or hay bales. Feed your multiple horses at one time with HG 2002, and you rest the remaining day. It will retain food quality and nutrient content regardless of a large quantity of forage. This should be your priority for heavy horse feeding.

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