The 9 Best Automatic Waterer for Horses – 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

A horse is popular and most demanding domestic animals, and so are their needs. A high level of maintenance and management is required for the best of health and youthfulness of horses. Along with a power diet, the horses require adequate water intake daily. As a fully-grown horse drinks between 5 to 10 gallons of water regularly and horse owners should make this supply available at any cost.

Keeping horse hydrated is not a piece of cake for his owner’s sake. But some cool accessories will diminish your stress level, and that accomplishes the task through auto watering. In the market, some of the best auto waterer for horses are available to assist you in horse keeping hobby.

Buying Guide

Size of The Waterer Bowl

Horses require a significant amount of water at a time. So, the waterer bowl should be large enough that it holds a large volume of water. If the container is too small, then your horse will stay dehydrated, and it will negatively impact his health.

Is Bowl Easy to Clean?

The importance of auto waterers for horses is its time saving and smooth workflow for equestrian lovers. But if the waterer is challenging to clean, then it will lose its purpose and effectivity.

Because you will end up wasting your time and peace for cleaning the bowl. An ideal container should take not more than one minute for cleaning. Otherwise, it will lose its purpose.

Why Should It Be a Rounded Edge?

Make sure the auto waterer bowl is rounded edge because it is safe to use for horses. While on the other hand, an edgy, pointed, or square-shaped container is dangerous for a horse.

Which Material Is Most Suitable for An Auto Waterer?

Metal waterers are best if you have enough budget to purchase it. While plastic waterers are not that bad and serve the purpose for the short term. That’s why plastic bowls are cheap. But metal auto waterers are long-lasting and present a better water delivery system.

Should I Buy Heated or Non-Heated Auto Waterer for Horses?

There are two varieties under the term for auto waters and these are either heated or not heated waterers. 

There is a simple formula to choose and that it depends upon weather conditions. If the outside temperature is cold, then heated waterer will serve the purpose. Keep cool your horse stall with stall fans and water with automatic waterer.

As an insulated automatic waterer will not allow surface freezing of water. It heats water at a level comfortable for drinking. While in summers noon heated waterer will work efficiently.

Reviews: Best Automatic waterer for Horses

An equine lover takes great care of his friend and his needs. Other than fixed meal times, horses require an adequate supply of fresh water. So, keeping your horse hydrated is of prime importance.

No more stressing out to fill buckets because you are using one of the best automatic waterers for your horses. As we know, the market is full of choices but we have shortlisted five products for your ease.

1. Little Giant Duramate Auto Waterer

An amazing automatic waterer that keep horses well hydrated with clean and freshwater throughout the day. It’s built on float system so that it refills water tanks once the water level reduces to a certain point.


  • Hold Enough Water:

It has the capacity of four gallons so to quench horse’s thirst in one go. Then it refills again with fresh water.

  • Simple Attachments to Stable or Fence:

Little Giant waterer is easy to attach with the fence. Its simple accessories require no experts to operate it.

  • Better Durability:

This auto waterer is strong enough to withstand abuse and harsh environments. Some horses like to play with waterer bowls and sometimes throw them off. Little giant’s built material is good enough to handle knocks and nibbles.

  • Stays Cleaner for a Long Time:

There are fewer chances of bacterial invasion in the container as it fills up quickly once water level reduces to a specific limit. So fewer opportunities of bugs to pollute remaining standing water.


  • No Drain Valve:

It’s a bit tricky to clean as there is no drain valve for removal of water at once after washing it. But it’s not a game-changer as you can easily scoop out water and wipe out the remaining one with a cloth.

2. Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer

If you are looking for a waterer that’s not just suitable for horses but other cattle, then you got that here. Its build quality is imposing to handle any variety of livestock with smooth working for a long time.


  • Made of Stainless Steel:

The major plus it provides is its durability and exceptional quality over others. Stainless steel does not rust nor it breaks easily. So, your horse’s chewing exercise will not damage it so simply.

  • Install at Any Height:

Automatic farm grade waterer gives you the advantage to install it at any desired height. Weather install it at a lower level for miniatures or way up high for heavy animals.

  • Come with Warranty to Save Your Money:

A product comes with warranty gets happy customers because its develops trust and it’s comforting. Farm grade waterer comes with 30 days warranty, so you get the time to confirm its problem-free functioning.

  • Moveable Water Inlet:

Its water inlet can be shifted to either right or left depending upon where you want to hang the waterer.


  • Package doesn’t Contain Fittings:

The only little drawback is that it doesn’t come with fittings and accessories for installing. But these small fittings are generally available at nearby stores. So, you may end up spending some extra money.

3. Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer

The top-notch feature of animal hydration flow waterer is its capacity of water holding. And not just that, it’s quite strong in its build quality.


  • Attach it to Any Hose Easily:

No need to purchase extra fittings for its attachment to hoses of varying alignments. That’s why it’s easy to use and easier to install.

  • High Water Holding Capacity:

Animal hydration is the enormous water holding bowl for one of its kind. It can serve nearly 5 gallons capacity that is adequate to quench the thirst of many horses at a time.

  • Removable Bowl:

The detachable bowl gives it another advantage over other waterers. You can easily detach it for deep cleaning to clear gunk build-up of salt accumulations.

  • Float Valve Keeps Checking Water Level:

Its mechanical float valve functions to check water levels and either stops incoming flow to refills the tank when needed.


  • Waterer gets hot in Summer:

The only flaw we have seen is water becomes hot during summers and your horse stays thirsty. But this problem has a simple solution to install the auto waterer in a shady place.

4. Ritchie Omni Function Fount 2 Automatic Heated Waterer

Highly insulated American Ritchie Omni function is the first insulated waterer in the list. It is highly recommended in winters for maintaining water temperature at drinkable levels.


  • Well Insulated Body:

Its entire body is covered in polyurethane foam for total insulation. The highly efficient insulation protects water from freezing in a cold atmosphere.

  • Effective Drainage:

It comes with a simple and quick drainage system to immediately clear water out of the bowl. So, its maintenance and cleaning will not stress you in winters.

  • Electric Power Heating of Water:

 Ritchie Omni’s electric water heating mechanism prevents water frosting in water troughs.

  • Varying Sizes of Water Troughs:

Both horses and cows can gulp water down from this auto waterer because its channel comes in varying sizes. Watering troughs comes in size range of 4-5″ * 3/8″.

  • Weather Proof Built Material:

It’s made of quality stainless steel material with a thermostat and weatherproof access panel. Its high durability all year round makes it worth every penny.


  • Sometimes Loose Fittings of Parts:

Its built structure is not fitted well and sometimes the closes the opening for incoming flow of water. You can get it fixed in no time.

5. Little Giant Black Automatic Stock Horse Waterer

if you are looking to reduce your workload and constant check and balance then this large black automatic stock horse waterer will suit your needs. 


  • Protected from Rust:

It’s covered with heavy-duty Nylon that ensures UV protection and no rusting. Therefore, it’s durability will keep you satisfied for a more extended period.

  • Higher Water Holding Capacity:

Unlike many other automatic waterers, it can save up to 4 gallons of water at a time. It’s enough to hydrate thirsty horse or horses in one go.

  • Suitable for Variety of Animals:

You don’t have to purchase separate auto waters for other cattle because it’s designed to fit them all.

  • Super Easy Cleaning:

As it has a large water bowl so you can easily clean every inch of dirt and clogged material.


  • Not a Sturdy Material:

It’s not made of stainless steel that’s why it’s less durable compared to others to bear any jolts. It works well for tamed, calm animals.

6. Homend Automatic Waterer

They are made with stainless steel so no deformation or rust tension. It provides ease in sanitary. Smooth edges of the product are polished which prevents traumatic infection caused by scratching.

There is a drainage hole in it which will speed up the cleaning process. Homend waterer is best to mount in the wall according to a height of the horse.

It is very easy to install and beneficial for dogs,horses or other cattle.

7. Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder

It is made with stainless steel and durable body parts. Like Homend waterer, it is also polished from edgest to prevent any infection. It provides ease in cleaning and sanitary. Float water level principle maintains water quality and keeps it fresh.

It is rustproof and damage-free. Luck farm automatic waterer is very easy to install according to recommendations.

8. Behlen Country AHW80 Insulated Horse Waterer with Heat

Behlen Country keeps frost line below the feeder. It is famous for insulation supply. Behlen provides 4-time insulation in competitor models. It will reduce the possibility of stray voltage.

It provides easy to access doors and drain plugs. It is fully assembled in the box and easy to install as compared to another waterer.

9. Brower MK32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Livestock Waterer

If you are looking for super-insulated electric waterer then Brower’s Super-insulated waterer should be your choice. It is multi-purpose and best for ponies, calves, horses or cattle. It provides extra thick insulation.

Super-insulated material also repels rodents. It contains no formaldehyde. That is a different and shiny feature which is not available in another waterer.

The Verdict

Benefits of automatic horse waters are many and major ones is it cuts off your hourly responsibilities of filling up tanks. Make sure to choose automatic waterers wisely, so you don’t end up wasting your penny on purchase and instalments.

Auto Waterer_Recalling History

When we look back to the history of auto waterers, it seems these gadgets came from the early 1920s. A lot of work has been done in the evolution and designing of nearly perfect auto waterers just like other technologies i.e., automobiles, machines.

Benefits of Having an Auto Waterer for Horse

If you have a little doubt about installing auto waterer for horses, then there are chances that you did not get the right opinion. It can relieve much stress off your shoulders. You no longer must replace and fill tanks and buckets again and again. Let’s jump to its benefits.

  • It will save plenty of your time and can invest that time into other productive activities. If nothing else, get rest.
  • No more headache of filling buckets, lifting them to another spot, or dragging.
  • No need to fill the large tanks to the top to ensure adequate water flow. Auto waterer fills automatically when the water level reduces to a certain point.
  • Auto waterers have heating and non-heating capacity to adjust water temperature according to weather. It will provide colder water in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Water stays cleaner in the bowl of auto waterers.
  • You are saving water resources because the container contains only quantity for drinking at a time. While large water tanks result in water evaporation and loss.
  • Heated auto waterers will keep you in winters to go outside and break the surface ice.

When you have realized the importance of auto waterers for water feeding your horse, then you must be looking for options. We all get confused in a market where no big difference feels among all of them. Let’s understand some excellent points before purchasing one for your horse.

Concerns to Consider

There are always some technical or mechanical defaults associated with gadgets. You should keep in mind essential points while purchasing the best auto waterer for horses.

Check Warranty:

There are many things that can go wrong in a gadget. Always check the warranty card, so you get some help from manufacturers during that period.

Daily check Auto Waterers:

If you have saved yourself enough time after using auto waterers but don’t lose sight of regularly checking it. “Automatic waterers tend to be out-of-sight, out-of-mind,” says Kevin Kline, extension horse specialist with the University of Illinois in Urbana.

Pay close attention to horse drinking water from waterer. If he is looking at the sea and not drinking, then mind it, there is something wrong with the waterer.

Attach A Meter to Calculate Water Intake:

Experts says that water intake of horse could tell a lot about his health condition. A sick horse will drink less or more water than usual depending upon his health condition.

Auto waterers are permanent fix:

There is a limitation associated with auto waterers as these are permanent fixtures. So, it may not suit all needs as in rotational grazing situations.

Little Bit Expensive to Set Up:

Auto waterers require a professional to install them on the desired place. It involves digging a trench, setting up power lines and water lines, pipes and pads etc. So, purchasing the best auto waterer for horses and then a skilled person for installation consumes a lot of budgets.

Always Follow the Manufacturer’s Direction:

People usually don’t follow instructions given by manufacturers, and then the installation of waterer creates problems. Equestrian experts say 95% of issues take place due to not following the instructions.


What is an automatic waterer?

The automatic waterer is advanced equipment for comfort and efficiency. They consist of insulated and other durable material. It consists of heat bowl and automatically filled with water.

Can you put bleach in horse water?

Some horse owners add bleach in horse water which prevents algae in the waterer. It will keep your water fresh and free from algae. It will sanitize the water.

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An equestrian lover is the one that paces up with current technologies and use them to enhance the efficiency of his horse farm. Although some cons are associated with auto waterers, these are negligible for its benefits. Maintain a smart horse farm by installing one of the best auto waterers for horses.

Iqra Maryam is a passionate equestrian who has spent her life researching and writing about equine. She remembers playing with her pony more than toys and friends! With time, she managed to train her Pony and did all research related to the well being of her friend. She trains young equestrian and writes thoughtful articles on them. She believes each horse is a new learning experience and it sparks up her equine passion.

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