Akhal-Teke Horse Price – How Much Does it Cost?

Horses are renowned for their beauty, grace, strength, dependence and stoic nature. Each horse breed possesses unique characteristics that make them distinctive from the other. One such breed is Akhal-Teke and you want to know Akhal Teke Horse Price.

Hailing from Karakum desert of Turkmenistan, Akhal Teke horses do look like they come from a mythical fairytale. They are also named “Golden Horses” because of their shimmering metallic coat.

Akhal-Teke horses are called “supermodel” equines because of thin skin, long neck, sloping shoulders and lightly muscled. Akhal-Teke horses are believed to be the descendants of the Turkomen horse. The Akhal-Teke is the oldest and purest of horse breeds with a history dating back thousands of years.

Fun Fact: The national emblem of Turkmenistan includes a depiction of an Akhal-Teke stallion, Yanardag, owned by the former president Saparmurat Niyazov. Stamps and 50 manat banknotes feature the majestic Akhal-Teke horse.

Akhal-Teke Horse Price

 A question asked by many is that what is the price of an Akhal-Teke horse? It depends on various factors. If an equestrian is looking for a well-trained, healthy, young and purebred Akhal-Teke, he would certainly have to pay higher.

On average, an Akhal-Teke price varies between $5000 to $35000. Prices differ on the basis of the following factors.


Colour matters when it comes to pricing an Akhal-Teke. Gold, Palomino and Black are market sensitive colours. Horses of these colours are expensive in this breed.


An Akhal-Teke is priced at a premium between the ages of 4 to 5 years and 10 to 14 years.Here are Price range according to Age.

Foals: 7,000 EUR

1 to 2 year old horses: from 12,000 to 25,000 EUR

3 year old horses: from 18,000 to 35,000 EUR

4 to 5 year old horses: from 25,000 to 120,000 EUR

Well-Trained Horses

Horses are evaluated on the training. Horses trained by the professional trainers offer more market than the unbacked horses.

Metallic Coat

The more shimmering the metallic coat is the more prices it will fetch.


If the horse is in poor health or injured can be bought as a pet at a lower price. Buyers will pay a higher price only if the horse is the fittest.


Akhal-Teke horses are 14 to 16 hands tall. Bigger horses attract buyers to offer higher prices. Magic height qualifies for premium pricing.


Winner horses command higher prices. Buyers are more likely to pay higher for horses that have won big at competitions.

Jumping Power

Akhal-Teke horses are famous for their Athletic abilities. Akhal-Teke with a good bascule command higher prices.

Appearance and Movements

Exotic appearance with beautiful gaits for the show market add significant value to the horse.


Fillies fetch premium pricing.

Akhal-Teke-Horse cost

There are some other factors which increased the price of Akhal-Teke. It is the rarest breed from thousand of years and considered as a threatened breed on Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List. Here are some perks and disadvantages associated with Akhal-Teke.


  • Athletic and loyal.Very rare and unique breed.
  • Intelligent and Intuitive


  • Akhal Teke is not for beginners and can be excitable to handle.
  • The breed is Prone to Genetic issues.

Where to find them?

Now Akhal-Teke can be found in the whole world but Turkamanistan is the homeland. Many visitors enjoy the ride of Akhal Teke in Turkmenistan. Here are some other countries with the highest number of Akhal Teke.

Find here


Akhal-Teke Championship winner sold for EUR 120,000 and his 6 descendants for  500,000.It is hard to find this breed in Europe as Professional breeders sell few horses.

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What does Akhal-Teke meaning?

Akhal means “pure”. Akhal is also the name of the oasis located near Teke Tribes. The name of the horse is the reflection of its place of origin.

How many Akhal-Teke are there?

Akhal-Teke horses are currently found in Russia, Europe and North America. There are 6600 Akhal-Teke horses left.

Are Akhal-Tekes good jumpers?

Renowned for athleticism, Akhal-Teke horses excel at jumping, unlike other desert horses.

How fast can Akhal-Teke run?

Originally bred for speed and endurance, an Akhal-Teke can run up to 88.5 kilometers per hour.

What are Akhal-Teke horses used for?

They are used to perform in dressage, jumping, racing and eventing.


The price of an Akhal-Teke is affordable in comparison with other breeds. Akhal-Teke horse Price fluctuations reflect market demands. A unique horse with metallic sheen does not let down the buyer with its athletic powers.

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