Miniature Horse Price – How Much Do They Cost?

Keeping Miniature Horse cost is as compared to big horses. They are really cute creatures. A pet who needs small space and best for your kids. Here is a guide about Miniature horse price and how much they cost to keep?

As the old adage goes “A horse is worth more than riches.” Owning a horse may cost an arm and a leg for an equine lover.  Buying a horse is a mild headache but keeping a horse is the crux of the matter. The cost of buying a horse varies depending on numerous factors.

Miniature horses, as the name implies, are small in height. The height of a miniature horse is 8.5 hands (34cm- 38cm) and weighs around 150 and 350 pounds, on average. The cost of keeping a miniature horse is fifty per cent than that of a bigger horse. 

Minis are found mainly in Europe and America and make a perfect companion. Riding is not their cup of tea as they are too small to carry the rider’s weight. 

Miniature Horse Price

Smaller stature doesn’t promise a smaller purchase cost. A miniature horse cost ranges around $1000 to $200,000 depending upon the class, pedigree and shows experience. Geldings are sold at a higher rate because of their docile nature. Mares come second in terms of pricing. Stallions are modestly priced as they are not easier to tame.

A buyer can get a miniature gelding with little training and no show records under a price range of $5000.  Elderly, injured, or horses with behavioural issues are sold at a lower price. 

What factors determine the Horse’s price?

Many factors come into play when deciding a horse’s price in the last few years. Other than Size, pedigree, colour, age, economy has also contributed its role in either amplifying or decreasing the prices. During an economic crisis, prices go down and vice versa. Following factors play their part in calculating horse’s price

  • Age & Height: Taller horses in their prime age years between 7 to 14 years will fetch steeper prices. Not as much as a young horse, but an older horse in perfect health also attract the market.
  • Colour and Breed: Black, Pinto, Buckskin, and rare breed colour are more price-sensitive.  Purebreds often lead the market to hybrids.
  • Training & Show Experience:  Buyers fancy well-trained horses. Unbroken and Green broke horses are moderately priced. Horses with show experience and winning streaks are priced over the odds.

What is the cost of keeping a miniature horse?

The upkeep cost of a miniature horse is less than the bigger breeds. In addition, to purchase cost, there are added costs associated with keeping a horse. A buyer has to bear following keeping expenses.

Purchase Cost$1,000 to $200,000
Training CostsUpto 300$
Farrier Cost$10 to $18
Veterinary Care95$ to 100$
Feed CostAround 25 to 55$

Feed Expense

 Feeding or hay expenses may cost up to $35-S50 a month per horse. A horse feed includes hay, grass, grains, supplements, and more. Here is more idea about feeding cost of a miniature horse.

Feeding Mini horses is inexpensive. They eat nearly 2 cups of sweet feed in a day. A bag of sweet feed costs for 15$ and it is enough for 50 days. When no grazing pasture available, you need to feed grass in morning and evening. A bale of hay will costs you for 17$ and 0.30$ for the day.

One acre of pasture is enough to feed 5 mini horses depending on climate conditions.Give salt to your horses and plenty of water is also a basic need.

According to research mini horses needs 2% of their body weight in food. So make these calculations for understanding.

1000 Pound Horse : 20 Pound Hay , Grass and Feed

750 Pound Horse : 15 Pounds Hay , Grass and feed

400 Pounds Mini Horse : 8 Pounds Hay , Grass and seed

These prices can be less or more in your area. Other expenses like grains, supplements, salt blocks and other minerals can add 60 to 80$ per month. Source thehorse


Living Cost

Like other horses, mini needs proper space and bedding for comfort. A proper living place has the same impact as humans living in an open and comfortable space. A proper place with hygiene conditions and comfort should be the first step.

Mini horses can adjust in small space as compared to horses. They do not need a proper farm place or full-fledged stable. Your home backyard or small space in front of your home is enough. Space cost can be around 50$ to 150$ per month. Bedding can cost you 65$ to 150$. If you hire labour for maintenance and other things like cart will cost you around 700$.

1/4 acre of land is best for mini horses. Fence your 1/4 acre land into two parts. One is a dry lot and another for green grass. Allow him to graze for 2 to 3 hours of the green lot but that is optional you can try another method. That is a suggestion by a horse owner.

  Minis can be kept in your backyard because of small stature. If kept in a stable, a miniature’s living cost may go up to $150 per month.

Horse shaving cost can be around 30 to 40$ per month. Make sure about the type and quality of shavings. Some shavings are harmful to mini horses. It is good to purchase in bulk from local sawmills. If you have more than two mini horses, purchase shaving bags in bulk.


 Training Cost

Training your miniature horse is easy. Family involvement and even children can help to train. Sometimes training cost depends on breed if you are going to hire any trainer.

If the buyer wants the miniature for performance-oriented competitions then a monthly payment of $300 or more is required for training.

Farrier/Trimming Cost

A hoof trimming session may cost about $30to $48 per horse. It depends on the area. In the USA for the horse, a farrier charges 130$ and part-time farrier charge 90$. Cost for mini horses is less as compared to horses.

Medical Expenses

Regular visits to the vet are another essential upkeep cost. Vaccination for different equine diseases may cost up to $100 a year. If the horse is born or gets injured, the amount is added to the expense.

If your mini horse born with any medical issue or gets injured later, it can add in the medical cost. Make sure to keep proper vaccination and regular tests to prevent serious injuries cost.

Things you should Know befoe Buying Miniature

Miniature horses need proper care like big horses. They eat less as compared to big horses but farrier, veteran and Coggins testing cost is almost similar.

Miniature horses also need training. They can be pets but not like you will leave them without training. If you do not train mini horses, they can be dangerous like big horses.

Fencing for mini horses is different. They can escape from improper fencing. In case of feeding, keep an eye on their green grass feed. This can make them fat and lazy.

Do not keep miniature and big horses in the same place. One kick from big horses can kill the mini horse. Make sure to monitor miniature horses activity.



How much does it cost to keep a miniature horse?

It distributed in different categories, like feeding cost, living cost and medical cost. Make an average of 50$ each for keeping a miniature horse. This can vary in different location and breed. Medical or veterinary charges can increase.

Do Miniature Horses make good pets?

Yes, miniature horses can be good friends. Children under 10 years make friendship with them. They will become lovely companions and lead around walks. Their friendly behaviour makes them ideal pets.


Many people are fond of keeping Mini as a pet. Other than being a loyal friend, the upkeep of a miniature is also easy on the pocket. A garden area of 1/3 or 1/4 acre is enough for a miniature to roam around which saves the buyer a hefty stable cost. If a buyer is looking for riding or heavy-duty workhorses then Minis are not for him. Miniature horses are a cost-effective alternative to bigger horses.

Iqra Maryam is a passionate equestrian who has spent her life researching and writing about equine. She remembers playing with her pony more than toys and friends! With time, she managed to train her Pony and did all research related to the well being of her friend. She trains young equestrian and writes thoughtful articles on them. She believes each horse is a new learning experience and it sparks up her equine passion.

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